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Xanax (Alprazolam)

Xanax is the brand name that is marketed under the Generic name “Alprazolam”. Alprazolam is the active ingredient present in this medication, which is used for treating anxiety and panic disorders. Xanax comes under the family of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which function on the patient’s brain and nerves for producing a calming effect.

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What are Xanax bars used for?

As mentioned above, Xanax is the popular name of the drug Alprazolam and is prescribed to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders, specifically generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The drug is a part of a group of medicines called benzodiazepines, which work as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. The drug works by increasing the efficiency of a natural chemical in the brain called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). Let us tell you that you should buy the drug from an online pharmacy that can provide the medicine with a prescription.

Indications of Xanax:

Anxiety Disorders:

The usual dosage of Xanax  immediate-release tablets for treating patients with anxiety is 0.25mg to 0.5mg taken orally three times a day. The maximum recommended dose of this medication is 4 mg per day, which should be known by people before they order Xanax online. The dosage could be gradually increased after every 3 to 4 days with an increment of not more than 1mg/day.

Panic Disorder:

The usual adult dosage of the immediate-release tablets of Xanax for treating panic disorder is 0.5 mg administered orally three times throughout the day where the maximum recommended dose is 10mg/day. The patients prescribed Xanax XR before they buy Xanax online should understand the extended-release tablets are prescribed to be taken only once a day. The initial dosage of this form of medication is 0.5 to 1 mg taken orally, and it should not go beyond 10mg/day. The maintenance dose of Xanax XR tablets is 3 to 6 mg, preferably taken in the morning.

Side Effects of Xanax:

Now that we know the reason for using Xanax and the types being available in the market let us get to know the side effects practising it could have before people buy Xanax online. The common side effects include:

  • Stuffy nose

  • Upset stomach

  • Irritability

  • Slurred speech

  • Blurred vision

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Nausea

  • Muscle weakness

  • Drowsiness

  • Increased production of saliva

  • Lightheadedness

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth

  • Loss of interest in sex

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Swelling in the hands or feet

However, this is not all, and the patients abusing Xanax might witness certain serious side effects like:

  • Yellowing of the eyes or skin

  • Hallucinations

  • Unpleasant breath odor

  • Shaking

  • Swollen joints

  • Nasal congestion

  • Loss of coordination

  • Suicidal thoughts or tendency

  • Clay-colored stool

  • The decrease in the volume of urine

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Loss of coordination

  • Slurred speech

  • Seizures

  • Trouble walking

  • Change in behavior

  • Dark urine

  • Dry mouth

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