Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Sales from David Warner's blog

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Sales


Looking for the best Thanksgiving ideas for the year?


November is the harvesting month of the year for retail businesses to boost sales. It’s common for brands and marketers to roll their sleeves to create the best Thanksgiving marketing campaigns for the weekend. Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Sales.

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Considering the fierce competition that you may face, we’ve put together a set of Thanksgiving marketing ideas that can help you make the most of this massive sale to clear out your inventory and make great profits.


But why is Thanksgiving a boon for retailers?


It’s because Thanksgiving is among the largest sales of the year in the United States. There are several shoppers’ checkpoints over the weekend, including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales.


And the numbers speak for themselves.


In 2022, nearly 180 million Americans shopped (both in-store and online) during the five-day holiday shopping period starting from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday. About 49% of them even shopped during early holiday sales. 

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Gift a free guide

Nothing makes people happier than getting something for free. Thank clients for keeping your business alive with a free holiday guide. You can customize this idea with any topic or theme that makes sense for your customers.

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Do you sell food or financial services? Teach readers how to stretch holiday resources or feed a lot of guests on a budget. Run a pet-oriented business? Give customers advice on how to house or care for pets when traveling for the holidays. Are you a pro handyman? Offer some expert advice on sprucing up a home before entertaining. The possibilities are endless.

Update your social media accounts.

Affordable photo-editing sites like Canva and PicMonkey make it easy to update your social media accounts according to holidays, special events, and seasons.


You can update your profile pictures with seasonal items like leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, etc., or just incorporate a few fall colors.

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If your followers are used to seeing your same logo or photo in their streams, updating these items seasonally can be what catches their eye and reminds them to check out your products.

Host a shopping event/live demo.

If you have a physical location, hold a Thanksgiving-themed event for customers. Get a few pumpkin pies or a couple dozen cookies for shoppers to munch on while they browse, offer free gift wrapping and pre-Black Friday and Small Business Saturday discounts to entice people to shop early, or hold a demonstration in-store.


Show customers how to make a Thanksgiving-themed craft for their home or how to make a tasty dessert. Get creative and you’ll get customers into your store!

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Host a shopping event/live demo.

If you have a physical location, hold a Thanksgiving-themed event for customers. Get a few pumpkin pies or a couple dozen cookies for shoppers to munch on while they browse, offer free gift wrapping and pre-Black Friday and Small Business Saturday discounts to entice people to shop early, or hold a demonstration in-store.


Show customers how to make a Thanksgiving-themed craft for their home or how to make a tasty dessert. Get creative and you’ll get customers into your store!

Look for local events.

Fall is a lovely time to get involved in local events like craft festivals, art fairs, farmers markets, and more.


Do a quick search online to look for upcoming events in your area and grab some booth space. You’ll help spread the word about your business locally and boost your November sales.

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Use Thanksgiving keywords.

If you’re selling things like Thanksgiving decor and pumpkin-pie scented lotion, you’ll want to target keywords that your customers would use to search for these products in your product titles and description.

Try Facebook Advertising.

If you haven’t tried Facebook advertising before, you’ll want to get familiar with it before the holidays hit. It can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your online store or e-commerce site and get more sales.


Try targeting specific interests within your ads. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, you might want to target the followers of a popular mommy blog that has a huge following on Facebook.


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Q1. How do you market on Thanksgiving?


Here are some of the best Thanksgiving marketing ideas for 2022:


  • Prepone deals to October
  • Give your email newsletter a Thanksgiving twist
  • Show appreciation to your customers and employees
  • Sprinkle some Thanksgiving charm on your website
  • Use Instagram Story polls and CTAs to understand customer wants and needs
  • Run a festive challenge or giveaway


Q2. How can I promote my holiday marketing?


You can try these Thanksgiving marketing ideas in 2022 for holiday marketing:


  • Use social media to promote your offers and deals
  • Collaborate with influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Host contests and giveaways
  • Prepone your marketing campaign
  • Get your online store ready to handle loads of traffic
  • Use email marketing
  • Leverage branded hashtags
  • Use Google and social media ads


Q3. How do you do a Thanksgiving giveaway?


Here is how you can do a Thanksgiving giveaway:


  • Offer weekend getaways
  • Give out free electronics
  • Host an Instagram photo contest
  • Gift basket giveaway
  • Giveaway decorating items
  • Turkey dinner giveaway


Q4. What should I post on social media for Thanksgiving?


Among all the possible options, the following are the most meaningful Thanksgiving marketing ideas for social media posts:


  • Thank your customers and employees
  • Advertise your festive season deals
  • Share recipes, innovative products, and tips
  • Create hype with Black Friday sale previews
  • Use a Thanksgiving quote that relates to your ideology
  • Share turkey recipes


Q5. What do you put in a Thanksgiving gift basket?


Here are some of the popular things people often put into their Thanksgiving basket:


  • Candies: Caramels, chocolates, apple candies
  • Drinks: Apple cider, tea, coffee, beer, wine
  • Decorations: Fall-inspired decorative pieces for the Thanksgiving dinner table or living area
  • Candles and gift cards


Q6. What are some of the best Thanksgiving marketing slogans?


Here are some of the best Thanksgiving marketing slogans:


  • This is HUGE. Loot our Thanksgiving sale.
  • 30% OFF – Early bird gets the offer!
  • Your Thanksgiving begins here.
  • Everything you need in your Thanksgiving gift basket.
  • No need to thank us for these unprecedented deals.


Q7. How can I increase sales during the holiday season?


Try these Thanksgiving marketing ideas:


  • Collect the required inventory
  • Promote via the right marketing channels
  • Create separate landing pages for the season
  • Start your sale early and end later, if you can afford to
  • Make sure you can increase supply when needed
  • Help customers by creating Thanksgiving gift basket guides
  • Offer referral discounts
  • Run ads on Google and social media


Q8. What are your best Thanksgiving marketing ideas for ecommerce businesses?


Try these Thanksgiving marketing ideas for your e-commerce business:


  • Start your marketing campaign early
  • Improve your website navigation
  • Incentivize your customers with steep discounts
  • Create a product catalog for Thanksgiving
  • Leverage email marketing
  • Put shopping ads on Google and Instagram
  • Use remarketing tactics to convert your visitors into customers
  • Create product videos
  • Collaborate with micro-influencers

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