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In true RPG tradition, Elden Ring even offers several endings. Attaining them may be a litmus test for patience or curiosity, two virtues that Elden Ring Runes wants by reviewing the players. Those who oblige such demands will probably be rewarded with something more colorful something like that entirely different, but they all have something in common: players could have no idea just what the endings mean.

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At least, which is the case for many individuals who didn't look at the guides or lore explanations, however, after a dozen playthroughs, one sets out to understand the nuances between these endings. By then, it's much easier to evaluate which endings work best. Most of them just give players a crusty old throne, one too is a psychotic breakdown, and something grants a waifu. Here's where they all rank up.

Blessing Of Despair

The Blessing of Despair is virtually the true "bad" ending to elden ring runes. That's because the summarized consequence of picking a very ending is that everyone in the Lands Between turns into a free and mandatory curse, from the Dung Eater and the benefactor, presumably the Formless Mother.

The Formless Mother, whom Mohg, Lord of Blood also serves, is undoubtedly an Outer God who seeks to wrestle control over the Lands Between through the Greater Will's grasp. She was usually the one responsible for the curse in the Omens, a mutation of sorts that grows horns within the afflicted individual's body; it's worth noting that both Mohg and Morgott share this curse.

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Granted, the true nature of the Blessing of Despair's curse is unspecified. This curse only means that souls don't be able to come back to the Erdtree, rendering every one of the denizens with the Lands Between suffering from the loathsome curse — one which presumably turns them into Omens or something more wicked and horrid such as Dung Eater. Either way, it's really a psychotic approach to end Elden Ring, and it is not really rewarding since it is a re-skinned version with the default.

Players won't also be fully aware of the implications and repercussions of products they did given it plays out of the same cinematic since the default ending. In reality, they'll become an Elden Lord of cursed and suffering individuals.

Yet players won't be shackled to an alternative ending of bittersweet servitude with a deity. Instead, they'll continue a thousand-year journey with Ranni on the unknown as well as the great beyond, leaving the wretched Lands Between rolling around in its own boiling stew of discord.

Of course, there exists a special cinematic that's vastly different compared to your default ending. It's mysterious and cryptic still, but it's really a lot less ominous and much more satisfactory versus the other endings.

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