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Trying to call Cuba from the United States can seem complicated, with rules and regulations that make it difficult to connect. However, it is possible for US residents to call Cuba, as long as they follow some guidelines. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know aboutCalls to Cubafrom the US in 2023.

Overview of Calling Cuba from the US

After the United States severed diplomatic ties with Cuba in 1961, direct communication between the two countries was essentially cut off. For many decades, Americans were not allowed to make calls directly to Call Cuba.

However, regulations have loosened over the years, making it easier for US residents to connect with friends and family in Cuba. Here's a quick overview of what you need to know:

  • Direct telephone connections between the US and Cuba are now possible. US providers can route calls directly to Cuba rather than having to go through a third country.

  • Special international calling cards or plans are required. You can't simply dial a Cuban number from your cell phone or landline.

  • Calls can only be made to certain approved numbers provided by the Cuban government. Not every number in Cuba can be called from the US.

  • Prices for calls to Cuba from the US range from $0.50-$3.00/minute on average. Rates vary by provider.

  • Technical and political issues can still disrupt connections. The lines between the US and Cuba are not always reliable.

While calling Cuba is easier now than in decades past, it still requires using special services and being aware of the rules. The good news is with the right provider and plan, you can absolutely call Cuba from the States in 2023.

Cuba Country Code

The first thing you'll need when Dialing Cubafrom the United States is the proper country code. Each country around the world is assigned a unique country code by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Cuba's country code is 53.

This code is always required when making international calls. It lets the telephony network know that the number you are dialing is located in Cuba rather than the US or elsewhere.

So for example, to call a Cuban phone number such as 2345678, you would dial:

011 53 2345678

The 011 part signals an international call. The 53 then connects you to Cuba, and the remaining digits reach the actual Cuban phone number you wish to reach.

It's essential to always include 53 when placing calls to Cuban phone numbers from the United States. Leaving it off will result in errors in completing your call.

US Providers That Can Connect Calls to Cuba

To call Cuba from the United States, you will need to use a telephone provider that offers service to Cuba. Not all providers are set up to route calls directly to Cuba.

Here are some of the main options for US-based companies that can connect you with Cuban numbers :


AT&T operates direct service to Cuba from the US. To call Cuba on AT&T, you need to use their International long-distance services, which require an international calling plan starting at $5/month on top of your regular monthly bill.

AT&T also offers Cuban-American Direct and Cubacall prepaid calling cards that provide discounted rates for calls to Cuba. The cards let you make calls for as low as $0.51/minute.


Verizon is another major US cell phone and landline carrier that offers calling to Cuba. Like AT&T, you'll need an international calling plan or prepaid calling card for discounted rates. Verizon calling cards start at around $2.00 per minute for calls to Cuban landlines and mobiles.


Sprint likewise allows calls to Cuba through their international long-distance and calling card services. Under their Unlimited Plus international plan, calls to Cuba are $0.25 per minute. They also sell Cuba-specific calling cards with rates starting at $0.59/minute.


T-Mobile is set up for direct calls to Cuba as part of their Simple Global international plan. This allows you to call Cuban numbers for $0.25 per minute deducted from your monthly international calling balance.

Google Voice

Google Voice is another option for calling Cuban numbers from the US. You can use their domestic calling rates to call Cuba by adding "+" before the Cuban number. This routes your call as a domestic US number. Rates start at $0.01 per minute this way.

Calling Cards and Pinless Dialing Codes

Prepaid Best calling card for Cubaare very popular for their cheap per-minute rates to Cuba. In addition to the major carrier cards mentioned above, there are many other calling card brands that service Cuba:

  • Lucky Minutes offers pinless dialing for calls to Cuba as low as $0.39/minute.

  • NobelCom has per minute calling cards starting at $0.59 to connect with Cuba.

  • The PennyTalk Cuban calling card rates start at just $0.45 per minute.

These types of prepaid cards allow you to make calls internationally without a cell phone or landline contract. You just dial a local access number, enter your PIN or ID code, and then dial the Cuban number. It's an easy pay-as-you-go method for cheap calls to Cuba from the US.

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