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Chai tea is a warming mix of black tea, milk, fragrant spices, together with ginger, and a sweetener, usually honey or sugar, commonly known as masala chai. It originated in India but has turned out to be broadly popular around the world, notably in cafes, as an alternative to coffee - chai powder mix. Real chai tea is extremely delicious and perfect for iced tea. I love this chai recipe, as it is so simple - you first make the spiced tea focus and then store it in the fridge to make a chai latte on the go (it's even excellent for iced tea).

We design lovely natural tea and infusions for you to take pleasure in life. Those that require somewhat extra time or cooking ability are rated medium or advanced. Sign up for our e-newsletter & receive the most recent news, recipes presents.Each pack of chai powder mix contains the perfect combination of cloves, green cardamom seeds, basil, ajwain, cardamom, fennel seeds, ginger powder, cinnamon, oregano, and licorice plant. All these ingredients entail just the right amount to create the perfect recipe which is why we have decided to do all the hard parts of the brewing process so all you need to do is mix and enjoy - chai mix.

Today, we share the authentic family recipe of masala chai to spread the feeling of comfort, great taste, and all its benefits worldwide. A combination of premium and all-natural ingredients are now easily accessible to anyone who wants a taste of one of the most popular tea combinations in the world instantly without losing out on quality.We shall be the leading chai masala tea blend product in the market and promise our customers only the highest quality of ingredients. Our passion will not only translate to our products but also to our engagement and dedication to the people they serve.

Their premise is quite similar and the chai tea lattes you’re used to ordering essentially have a similar ingredients list to masala chai. If you check the ingredients of a chai tea latte from Starbucks, the famous coffee house, it lists cinnamon and cloves along with other “warming” spices as main ingredients along with black tea, your choice of milk, and sweeteners.  The main difference between big coffee houses that offer chai tea lattes and authentic masala chai is that they usually use chai concentrates. Authentic masala chai uses natural ingredients and spices that are ground before use. A chai concentrate is a thick liquid made of tea, spices, and sweeteners so only the milk is added before being served. In order to fulfill the demand, these chai concentrates are also loaded with preservatives so they can last longer in storage. For more information, please visit our site

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