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 Xanax belongs to the drug family called benzodiazepines. It affects the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system and calms down the individual. Apart from other drugs, it works effectively and fast. the central Nervous system regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing-like functions in an individual's body. Taking Xanax slows down these functions and the individual feels calm and relaxed. 

How Does Xanax Work?

Excessive Stress leads to an increase in some brain signals that cause feelings of anxiety. During this time the brain loses the ability to calm the mind due to an increase in an unbalanced amount of chemical signals.

Xanax stimulates the CNS bringing GABA and Serotonin to their balanced state which reduces anxiety. As Xanax shows results immediately hence it is the most effective anti-anxiety drug.

How Long Does Xanax Last?

The oral pill starts working immediately and after a few seconds, it starts showing results. The Intravenous form of Xanax results after some minutes. Xanax lasts up to 6 hours in an individual's body. It means Xanax should be taken at the interval of 6 hours. This medication is not recommended for long-term use cause it can cause addiction. Hence it should be used after consulting doctors.

What are the Side effects of misuse of Xanax?

Always take Xanax only after a doctor's consultation. Excess use of this tablet can lead to kidney failure and death. Xanax has some mild and serious side effects.

Mild side effects include Memory loss, Dry mouth, drowsiness, Constipation, Weight loss, and Imbalance in hormones.

Serious side effects includeAbdominal pain, Sleepiness, Reduced alertness, Jaundice, Confusion, and Severe allergic reactions.

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