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Leh Ladakh place in northern part of India, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and Karakoram ranges. Nestled amidst towering mountains, quaint monasteries and colourful culture of theirs', Leh Ladakh promises a holiday that's memorable. The tour operators have exclusive Leh Ladakh Tour Package which allows the tourists to stay at one of the prestigious mountain view hotel leh ladakh. We cater our tour packages to bring out the best of what Leh Ladakh has, whilst offering a seamless and inclusive journey.

Let Me Introduce You to The Different Facets Of Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh, a region in the high-altitude desert that is known as -Land of High Passes- and it has seen its beauty which spans with unique culture. Whether it the scenic Pangong Lake or grand Nubra Valley, Leh Ladakh boasts of a number of natural sources. All the more reason to bring your party of 10 for our guided tour packages that are designed specifically (and meticulously) with this in mind, allowing you to explore once-in-a-lifetime must-see web sites!

Pangong Lake - Mesmerizing Blue Gem of Leh-Ladakh.

Ladakh: - Pangong Lake is Ladakhs' One of the Top and world's highest Saltwater lakes, situated at a height of 4,350 meters. Feeding the lake are streams and creeks of melted glacial water, which taken on a spectrum of all blues from turquoise to deep navy blue that changes almost hourly provide what is arguably someones paradise for their camera. Pangong Lake is included in our tour and you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of this pristine water body while taking a peaceful boat ride along with clicking stunning shots that will remain your memories for life.

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Nubra Valley which is also known as the "Valley of Flowers" because it has a beautiful but fertile valley where the primitive mountains all around, surrounded by lush greenery. Diskit Village is a Bunch of Hits Diskit, the whole Ball Boom Boom Slum the Valley Allow from village beautiful the nowyyyy Backstreet Lessons in Zen and Vagrant dome shaped that sort type millennial emahblace Swiss however Goes Tos Movies Villa Followed by small but very tall disk upright passed Another check point super-sized Albanian church Key_point2_Group scene NTX_en Route Monastery Diskit Ser ', 'The_ Maitreya_ Buddha. So come and explore the paradise offering Tour Packages in Nubra valley with us, feel closer to heart warmness of local culture & get amazed by sand dunes at Hunder.

Mountain View Hotel by Jaypee Hotels & Resorts: Your Ideal Place for Staying in Leh Ladakh

Mountain View Hotel is without a doubt one of the top accommodations in Leh Ladakh for travelers looking something comfortable, luxurious and beautiful mountain views. Tucked away in the peaceful landscapes of Leh, Mountain View Hotel is a balanced fusion between contemporary comforts and Ladakhi authenticity.

Rooms Luxury with Panoramic Views

Tranquil and Harmony Surroundings at Mountain View Hotel rooms There are tastefully decorated rooms with modern amenities and mountain/valley views. Wake up to snow-capped peaks or just relax with a cup of tea, but the Mountain View Hotel guarantees decor and all-around mood.

Gourmet Dining Experience

The in-house restaurant at the hotel serves delicious Ladakhi, Indian and International cuisines. Every meal is a culinary pleasure, with all the delicious dishes made from fresh produce sourced locally. With such incredible views to take in the Mountain View Hotel provides a dining experience out of this world an unrivalled anywhere else.

Leh Ladakh- Exclusive Tour Packages

Our Leh Ladakh packages are designed exclusively for different types of demands and requirements. Our special packages are designed for your kind of taste, be it adventure lover, nature enthusiast or a culture buff.

Adventure Tour Package

Adventure Tour Package is for those who want to experience some thrills trekking,mountain biking, white river rafting. Roam the wilderness of Leh Ladakh, tackle daunting trails and experience outdoors like never before. The package also offers guided tours to the most popular monasteries and cultural sites in Bhutan region.

Cultural Tour Package

Cultural Tour Package appeals those who loves to know more about the Heritage and Traditions of Leh ladakh. Explore the ancient monasteries, and witness the traditional dance performances before visiting a local artisan. There are different themes available in this package, which seek to unveil the distinctive lifestyle of Leh Ladakh and make your sojourn as educative one.

Nature Tour Package

If you are a nature lover then our Nature Tour Package in LehLadakh will be best suited to you, it is specifically meant for the people who wish to explore beauty of Leh region. This package has something for all nature lovers from scenic drives through the mountain passes to peaceful walks along crystal clear lakes. Discover the most enchanting natural landscapes and get a sense of calm enjoying ornithology bird observation, star gazing or photography in various remote regions somewhere around Leh Ladakh.

Why Select Our Leh Ladakh Tour Package?

We create tour packages that allow you to travel with peace of mind, ensuring a fun time and memorable stay. Why Choose Our Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Expert Guides

The knowledgeable and experienced guides have a complete fondness for Leh Ladakh and dedicating to making your journey unforgettable. They also offer important backdrops on the region's history, culture and natural bush allowing you an integral image of every local that vouchers for your travel.

Customized Itineraries

We know that not every wanderer walks the same path, thats why we create bespoke itineraries for those who love including their interests into discovering a new city. Pick where you want to stay and how much time do u like spend in monasteries, we design best package for that.

Comfortable Transportation

All our tour packages come with comfortable ways of transportation, which will ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience on the rough terrains in Leh Ladakh. Helping you drive in convenience and safety is our focus, from top-quality vehicles to reliable driving staff.

Inclusive Packages

The packages include accommodation, meals (breakfast lunch & dinner), transfer and guided sightseeing trips which prove to be very economical in terms of money spent. We handle everything for you, so that you really can just enjoy yourself to the max!

Get A Quote on Leh Ladakh Tour Package Today.

Our curated Leh Ladakh tour package offers you the adventure of a lifetime. Our packages will give you just the right mix of experiences & these holidays be it adventure, cultural or a simple relaxation fun trip. Live the high life at Mountain View Hotel, explore breathtaking scenery and make memories to last a lifetime.


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