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Oxycodone is an opioid medication that can work wonders for you if you are having mild, moderate or severe pain. This medicine is supposed to be used in its extended release form for around the clock treatment of pain, which means you cannot use it on as needed basis. But there are certain important facts that you should know before you buy oxycodone online for use.

Prescription Details

This drug can be habit forming and its misuse can cause drug addiction, overdose and even death in some cases. Health conditions like acute asthma, breathing disorders like COPD, bronchitis, lung infections, head injuries, brain tumor, tracts in stomach or intestines, epilepsy, seizures, liver & kidney disease, urination problems, diseases related to gall bladder, pancreas or thyroid can interact really bad with the contents of this drug.

Effects and Precautions

Common side effects of using this medicine are mild headache, dizziness, drowsiness, itching, loss of appetite, constipation, dry mouth, etc. These symptoms can be controlled with regularized use when you buy 5mg oxycodone online. One should also maintain a healthy diet plan with fiber rich food & plenty of water intake to fight off stomach issues.

Serious side effects include shallow or noisy breathing, weaker pulse rate, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts, loss of coordination, fever, heavy sweating and chest pain that indicates a development of Serotonin syndrome in the patients using this drug. Low cortisol levels can show significant loss of appetite with worsening weakness or tiredness.

Dosage Info

Be sure to follow all guidelines given in the prescription leaflet when you buy 10mg Oxycodone online & use it for the treatment of your conditions, so as to ensure a healthy & safe recovery.

Why people prefer to buy Oxycodone?

People prefer to buy Oxycodone online because the medication of Oxycodone is very effective. The medication of Oxycodone acts as the natural substances of the brain that we call endorphins which reduce pain. Because of such natural remedies that the medication of Oxycodone brings for a person, people find this medicine a lot helpful for treating their pain.

Does Oxycodone decrease the breathing rate in a person?

Yes, Oxycodone is an opioid that helps a person to calm down and decreases the breathing rate of a person. In this condition, people who are of elderly age may have problems with decreased breathing rate. So, it is an advice for those who are of elderly age to avoid the medication of Oxycodone if they would have problems with breathing rate decrease. Also, you might want to discuss with your doctor if you are taking any other medicines that also decrease the breathing rate. This is to make sure that two medicines do not decrease your breathing rate at the same time or that may be troublesome for you.

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