The greater players play the extra they may accumulate blueprints from dakunlee's blog

The greater players play the extra they may accumulate blueprints. Over time, players will increase a hearty supply of Buy Rocket League Credits blueprints, the majority of which they might not redeem. Players may even acquire a couple of of the identical blueprint rendering them useless because it wouldn't make sense to redeem more than one. 

However, Rocket League has put a machine in region to assist players relieve a number of the burdens of storing so many blueprints. Players can trade in 5 of the identical rarity blueprint in trade for one random blueprint of the next tier rarity. The transaction rate seems something like this.

The trade-in menu can be accessed from the blueprint garage display screen by way of right-clicking on a blueprint the participant wants to alternate-in. The maximum rarity (and coolest cosmetics) are Black Market Blueprints. However, those also are the most highly-priced blueprints to redeem. A unmarried Black Market Blueprint prices 2,000 credit to redeem. Credits can be amassed at no cost over time as part of the war bypass, but it is a lot faster and less difficult to buy them with real money. Regardless, gamers now have a use for the handfuls of uncommon blueprints they'll accumulate every play session.

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