I'm not gonna get into the playground that is recycled much from Nanlina's blog

I'm not gonna get into the playground that is recycled much, 2k only must stop being lazy, simple as that. It's just getting a little sad at this time. Every player moves sluggish ash like they're built like Mark Henry. If you take a look at the past 2ks such as 17 and 16 I mean there is 2K21 MT a difference in speed and motion. Another thing. I took a leap of  faith fell $60 or $100 on a NBA 2K21 match which I'm not even convinced is gon na na be good, the least you can do is give my vc straight back as opposed to making me spend even more to create another build. Greed is the origin of evil, bruh, remember that.

Patch displays. heavily. Make those ahh that is feeble playmaking shot founders actually play with some ability instead of basing their offense from running screens around. That is toxic and there's no skill involved in that. BAD AND REWARD GOOD DEFENSE OFFENSE. Bad crime is people zig zagging right and left. Make it more easy for us to stick to a participant if they do this. Bad offense is standing still rather than utilizing dribble combos. Rather than making my matchup is tackled by me, let me get an easy slip, especially if I have a high rating. When I have interceptor on gold then my participant should react quicker and I should easily have the ability to lock down passing lanes and pick off passes. When I have a high competition rating and HOF intimidator make it almost impossible for somebody to even strike a softly contested shot.

When I go for a steal Quit go through my body. When I poke at the ball from someone's hands stop placing me in that animation where both or our players are dance, trying to scramble to find the ball, I snapped it out, obviously it is more probable that I'm going to respond first. I didn't even recognize my rant was gonna be this long but it is what it is. I'm just praying 21 is good, 4 trash 2k's in a row would be a pretty lousy look. If the devs don't enhance NBA 2K21 for us, hopefully they do it for Kobe (R.I.P.).

I really don't know how people do agree with you. This sport is indeed trash there isn't any skill level this season. I'm tired of seeing builds that have no business shooting moving 4/4 from both and before people start saying I am crap I've a 80 win percent and it's only that low now since I play randoms when I am really bored. A 70 3 pointer shouldn't be able to shoot consistently! People today need to quit justifying it! A 70 3 should be like Westbrook emphasise you will hit a 3 here and there but that should not be your move to for crime. I am hoping 2k does a much better job with the assembles because I am tired of watching things such as that and stop bailing people out when I play great D just the other day that this dude really hit a 100% Nominal 3 in my face like what's that! Anyways this game is crap but just like every year that they got me since there is not any other baseball games.

I appreciate that. Everybody's entitled to their opinion ig. This shooting large man item. It's gotta go. There is NO WAY a center should be shooting. No way. The entire bail out thing l happens so often, to the point where it has become regular, and there is no way to warrant that. And a 80 win% is not low I got 70%. I mean u have a point. But there is Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins guys like brook Lopez and men like Ryan Anderson who see over everyone.

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