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Some good keywords to use in blog posts are: "how-to", "steps" or maybe even a list of things. A great way for people who write blogs is by using plugins like Yoast SEO because it automatically generates keyword suggestions based on your content and language!

What keywords should a blog post have? Here are some good ones to use: 

 1. Unique content 2) Targeted audience 3a) Long-tail phrases (i e , keyword variations such as “online blogging” rather than just 'blogging') 3b). Broad, normal phrase searches ("search engine optimization") 4A relevant industry/topic 5 Time sensitive

Keywords are words or phrases that help people find your blog. Sometimes they're called SEO keywords because they get ranked higher in search engine results for certain searches (i.e., "keyword" "online learning"). 

Here's some of our favorite ways to use them as per suggested by the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh.

What are some good keywords to use in blog posts? 

What type of content will you be publishing and what is the goal for each piece on your site, or via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. You also need to decide if it's a long-form article (à la "Blue Ocean Strategy" by Wannabe CEO) that would take up most of an A4 page from cover -

This is a question that you should ask yourself any time your blog posts are not performing as well. The first step to improving the SEO for your website, and therefore getting more visitors from Google or Bing search engines who will then be able see what all great content there actually is on offer at no cost whatsoever just by typing those three little letters into their browser --Pound Sign Off!

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