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Ruby Ho
     In a global race against climate change and the imperative to cut carbon emissions, European governments are proactively promoting the uptake of eco-friendly heating solutions. Among the most favored and efficient choices are heat pumps, renowned for their capacity to deliver both effective heating and cooling while notably diminishing a household's carbon footprint. To encourage this shift towards greener heating systems, European governments have earmarked a range of grants and subsidies for 2023. In this extens... more
Simply put, the efficiency of an air to water heat pump manufacturer is in a class of its own. A condensing boiler uses a liquid like oil to boil water and creates steam which is then used to heat the air. Air to water heat exchanger on the other hand uses the force of air to move the boiling fluid through the system and produces heat. The end result is that the water stays hot while the air stays cool. Not only does this type of heating system save you money by reducing your heating costs but also it reduces the amount of carbon dio... more