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Make positive tents are spaced out. When you have eventually reached your Nook Miles Tickets island, regardless of what it's known as, Tom Nook will come up with a tent and fundamental elements, and you need to discover a suitable plot of land on which to region it. It is well worth noting at this factor that your tent will subsequently become your house and lawn, so that you need to make sure you'll have masses of room to increase. You will then be asked to locate plots of land for more than one neighbours to decide. And... more
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All of these changes, while exciting, can be a little overwhelming for newer players who are just getting their bearings in the game. This is especially true for those who are just starting out.This list includes items for players who have been with the game since its inception as well as those who have only recently discovered the tranquil island lifestyle. Here are some things to put on your To-Do list in preparation for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' final free update. Provide Access to Switching Space Animal Crossing New Hori... more
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