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Xanax and everything we know about it

Xanax is a medication produced by the pharmaceutical company . According to the pharmacological classification, it belongs to anxiolytics. The name of this group of medicines comes from the English word “anxiety”. 

This indirectly indicates the range of application of such drugs — phobic, depressive, panic disorders, etc. But at the same time, Xanax is “famous” for its ability to quickly cause addiction, which, on the one hand, requires an increase in the dose to achieve the desired effect, and on the other, causes withdrawal symptoms when you try to give up the drug. 

Besides, narcologists are increasingly facing the problem of dependence on this drug – it is sold quite legally (only on prescription, but it never stopped anyone), but its storage and use is not prosecuted by law. Can Xanax be considered a drug?How to recognize the signs of abuse and addiction in your loved ones? And how to deal with such a kind of drug addiction?

  • elevated intraocular pressure;

  • respiratory disorders;

  • severe liver and kidney damage;

  • pregnancy and lactation period;

  • allergic reaction to alprazolam or auxiliary ingredients of the drug;

  • children and teenagers (under the age of 18). 

How addiction develops

The duration of addiction formation depends on the reason why the person is taking the pills. If Xanax was prescribed by the doctor, disappearance of symptoms of depression and improvement of mood and general well-being are considered as normal — that was actually the goal of treatment. In such cases (naturally, as long as the doctor’s recommendations regarding the dosage and prohibition of alcohol are followed), addiction is developing slowly and takes about a year. 

However, if this anxiolytic is used to achieve emotional satisfaction and euphoria, addiction is forming much faster — a couple of months is enough. 

  • Xanax is a strong drug, so it can’t be used solely based on subjective symptoms. The drug can be prescribed only by the subject matter expert (neurologist) after the collection of anamnesis and general examination of the patient to determine the functional activity of the liver and kidneys and to exclude other contraindications. 

  • The drug must be taken in the prescribed amount and mode. At the same time, the pills must be swallowed whole, without chewing or breaking. It was found that for the development of stable physical addiction, Xanax must be taken in a dose that is five times higher than the therapeutically recommended one. 

Can I Be Arrested for Buying Xanax Online?

Technically, yes. Though there are no internationally coordinated efforts to take down illegal online pharmacies or the people who patronize them, the only way that the United States drug enforcement agencies have to infiltrate the groups that run them is through the end-user.

By identifying repeat or large order buyers from one or more online pharmacies, law enforcement has a starting place to begin tracking the drug back to the source and potentially identifying drug rings selling drugs here in the U.S.

Your choice to purchase a legitimate prescription that you are filling for a true medical need at a legal online pharmacy is not illegal and will not get you arrested.

Is There A Safe Online Option?

Yes. You can purchase Xanax with your prescriptionthrough an online pharmacy that is recommended by your doctor or that your doctor’s office routinely works with, without any of the concerns for safety that you might have should you venture online to track down a legitimate source on your own. If your doctor has no recommendation, or there is no option to go online with your prescription through your doctor’s office, it’s best to choose a traditional pharmacy.

You can test the medications you buy online.

Purchase a test kit for alprazolam and one for fentanyl, a highly potent and dangerous opioid drug often used in counterfeit pills.

A very small amount of fentanyl can be deadly. Depending on the other substances you are taking, or why you are taking Xanax, any odd mix of chemicals could damage your health. Take extreme caution with the use of any medication you purchase online. It’s best just not to take it altogether.

The dangers of Xanax misuse and addiction

Xanax is a brand name for alprazolam. It is a tranquiliser designed to calm or relieve tension that can be prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety caused by depression. Xanax is a controlled drug, meaning that it is illegal to take without a prescription from a medical doctor.

A growing number of people are making the decision to buy Xanax online and through street dealers in order to relieve stress, reduce their inhibitions, 'get high' and self-medicate their anxiety, often resulting in a Xanax addiction. It is important for people to be aware of the dangers of Xanax abuse, and understand the short and long term repercussions that misusing the drug can have.

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