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How has the state of Android App Development company changed in the last 10 years? Here are the top trends that will continue to shape Android app development in 2022 and beyond.

The Rise of High-Quality, Full Stack Mobile Developers : It’s predicted that high-quality full stack mobile developers will become a hot commodity. Full stack development refers to skills that encompass both front-end and back-end development. This is crucial for mobile app creators because they will be able to create much more sophisticated apps.

In-app messaging for mobile apps. In-app messaging is a staple of Android App Development services, but it’s likely to be even more important as apps start to take over notifications on mobile devices. The fact that apps can now send notifications directly through a user’s lock screen means that they’ll have their own channel to communicate with users beyond just pushing content within their own app screens.

Wearable Technology. Wearables will continue to become less of a gimmick and more of an everyday tool. I predict that by 2022, at least 20% of U.S. consumers will have a wearable on them every day. Like smartphones and tablets before them, wearables will become so ingrained in our lives that it will seem weird if someone doesn’t have one on them!

Android Apps Will Be Bigger and Richer Than Ever Before by James St. John: The best Android apps of today are bigger and more complex than ever before.

App Market Penetration Growth – In 2014, there were 1.4 million apps available on Google Play and 810,000 apps available on Apple’s App Store. As of 2018, these numbers have ballooned to over two million apps each! The number of mobile app downloads are growing as well – 22 billion per year with an average annual increase of 16%. What does that mean for Android developers?

Design over Functionality. One of top Android App Development trends that will take place in 2022 is design over functionality. The current trend among developers is to create apps that are both simple and functional, but now we are beginning to see a new trend where visuals play an even bigger role. Soon, it will be all about creating an attractive and appealing design no matter how simple or limited your app’s functionality may be.

Gender-Neutral: Many phones are gender neutral and it’s no secret that girls love pink. However, everyone is different, so create a phone design that can appeal to everyone. When designing your product or app, keep in mind that people want a phone that fits their personality and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you're male or female; what matters is how comfortable they feel with it when they see it or use it.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps : While it might have started out as a technology for rich developers, companies like Xamarin have made cross-platform mobile development accessible to anyone with an Android or iOS developer account. They’ve also made it possible to develop apps on any platform and then quickly and easily port them across operating systems—something that wasn’t quite feasible just a few years ago. If you want your app on more than one platform, consider using one of these tools.

The Rise of Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps: The combination of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies is going to provide developers with a wealth of new possibilities. With these tools, app designers will be able to create truly immersive apps that let users experience sights and sounds in new ways. VR apps will also give users more freedom when interacting with mobile devices; they’ll be able to interact with a device that doesn’t actually exist through their phone screen.

#10. Augmented Reality Grows on Android
Augmented reality (AR) is a branch of technology that overlays digital information on top of real-world imagery. It’s similar to virtual reality (VR), but instead of creating an entirely virtual world, AR uses your surroundings as a backdrop. For example, rather than putting you into a completely digital environment, you could use an app to display cooking instructions on your countertop while you prepare dinner. Apps can also be used to add images or information to real-world objects.

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