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The major difference between conventional cigarettes and vape will be in the eliquids. There are many types of eliquids, and you can enjoy variations by changing them. In addition, you can combine several eliquids. The ability to create your own original eliquid with your own taste is the best part of vaping. However, if you want to enjoy eliquids, you must have at least a minimum level of knowledge. From here, we will discuss the flavors and ingredients of liquids in detail.

Finding your favorite flavor

Depending on the flavors in the nicotine salt eliquid, the vape will be completely different. Popular flavors are menthol, fruit, sweets, and drinks. All of these flavors have a refreshing and sweet taste when smoked, making it easy to start vaping even if you don't like cigarettes. Unique flavors are also being introduced to help create a buzz. Flavors such as pizza and stir-fried meat and vegetables may not be to everyone's taste, but the ability to play around with flavors is a unique appeal of vaping. However, some users want nicotine because they inhale gases. Nicotine-containing liquids are commonly distributed overseas. It is possible to order nicotine-containing liquids through private importation.

It is important to note that counterfeits of major manufacturers' liquids are also available. Fake products are not only of poor quality, but their safety is also not guaranteed, so it is dangerous to buy them carelessly. You can avoid major risks by choosing genuine products made by well-known manufacturers, regardless of whether they are made in Japan or overseas.

Safe ingredients, the same as food

For those who have a smoking habit, the ingredients of vape are also a concern. Although vape flavors vary widely, there are two main ingredients. Both of these ingredients are harmless, so there is no need to be concerned. The first ingredient, VG (vegetable glycerin), is found in pharmaceutical bases and food additives. It is highly viscous and moisturizing enough. It is used as a sweetener in flavors and helps create vapor through absorption.

The second ingredient, propylene glycol (PG), is found in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food additives; unlike VG, it is tasteless and odorless, and is well known as a preservative and fungicide. They are important for the clean taste of flavors.

Vape is a good value for the running cost.

When you start to indulge in your taste for vaping, the daily expense is also a point of concern. First of all, the cost of a vape is approximately 10 for 15 ml. Incidentally, the amount of vape used is probably about 1ml per day. In that case, the monthly cost is about 20. And the cost of a vape coil is about 2-7 per piece. If a 50 coil is replaced twice, the monthly expense would be 10. In other words, a total of 30 is the monthly cost of a vape. Although it varies depending on the quality and quantity you are looking for, it is not a large burden.

On the other hand, heated cigarettes and paper cigarettes both cost around 500 yen per pack as of 2019, and at the pace of smoking one pack a day, that would be 15,000 yen per month. If you are a heavy smoker, you can spend more than 30,000 yen on cigarettes. In many cases, cigarettes put pressure on people's lives. If you choose a vape purely on the basis of economics, then vaping is a more economical choice.

Points to keep in mind when purchasing a vape for beginners

There are "vape starter kits" available for beginners. If you start vaping with little or no experience, it is safe to buy a starter kit. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying the body and atomizer separately. The first is how to choose an atomizer. The flavor and vapor output will vary depending on the atomizer. It is also crucial that it is suitable for your usage; it is not uncommon for you to be moving unconsciously when vaping. If the controls are too complicated, you will not be able to relax and smoke.

And if you are not careful about compatibility with the mod, you could have serious problems after you buy it. Carefully check the the user manual from vape factory and the standards for both to avoid malfunctions and leaks. By the way, the mouthpiece of most atomizers is 510 standard, with a diameter of 22 mm. For safety, choose a glass tank with replaceable coils and top-fill type.

Vape Starter Kit

Some people may feel that vaping is a complicated combination of parts just by listening to the description; if you think you have a hurdle to overcome when starting to vape, try a starter kit. There are a variety of starter kits, from those that are easy to operate even if your knowledge is limited, to those that allow you to enjoy explosive smoking and multiple functions. Finding a starter kit that suits your preferences will make getting started with vaping less of a hassle.

Even if you are a heavy vape user, starter kits have a lot to offer. This is because products released as starter kits have an excellent overall balance and the compatibility of batteries and other components has been well thought out. They are trouble-free and less expensive than individual parts. Starter kits also come in a wide variety of designs. You will get your favorite product if you look for it.

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