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Here, we will introduce the basic usage of each type of VAPE in detail.

Cartridge type

The body of a cartridge-type vape consists of a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge is pre-filled with various flavors of liquid, which must be replaced when the vape is finished. Although there are not as many flavors to choose from compared to liquid vapes, as long as the cartridge is compatible with the battery, you can choose any flavor you like. The battery part can be recharged and reused.

Cartridge vapes are more compact than liquid vapes, making them easier to carry. Also, the mouthpiece is disposable, so people who are concerned about hygiene can use a vape without worry. Another advantage is that the initial cost is lower than that of liquid-type vapes, and they are also sold at convenience stores, making it easy to start vaping. In addition, there is no need to fill the battery with liquid yourself. However, the durability of the battery is lower than that of the liquid-type vape, and there is a demerit that it is prone to breakdowns.

Liquid type

The body of a liquid vape consists of a battery and an atomizer, and the atomizer contains a tank and a coil. The liquid in the tank is heated by the coil to generate vapor, which is then inhaled. To use a liquid vape, first disassemble the main unit and fill the atomizer with liquid. Then, the battery and atomizer are joined and assembled, and a button on the battery is pressed to heat the liquid as it is inhaled. Disassembling and assembling the atomizer is not so difficult, but you may find it a little tedious until you get used to pressing the button while inhaling. If you have time to finish a vape before the next use, disassemble the main unit and wash it with water.

Liquid-type vapes are the mainstream of vapes, with a wide variety of liquids and a high degree of customizability in adjusting the vapor volume and smoking comfort to your liking. If you are a serious vape user, you may end up choosing a liquid type sooner or later. Although the high initial cost and the time and effort required for maintenance are demerits compared to cartridge and disposable vape types, this type of vape is a great way to experience the joys of vaping.

Disposable Vape

Disposable vape is the most convenient type of vape, and is suitable for people who want to try vaping or for vape beginners. Since the body and liquid are in one piece, you can enjoy a vape simply by sucking it in and inhaling. The advantage is that there is no need for maintenance such as recharging the battery or purchasing and refilling liquid separately. They can also be easily purchased at convenience stores and discount stores.

While disposable vapes are hygienic with a low initial cost, the disadvantage is that they are not as cost-effective as liquid or cartridge vapes if you want to continue using a vape for a long time. Also, the complete lack of customizability may seem insufficient once you become accustomed to vaping.

What are the useful functions of a vape?

The startup speed of the vape, the amount of vapor inhaled, and the flavor of the liquid can be adjusted by controlling the temperature of the coil that heats the liquid. Temperature control is also important to prevent problems such as liquid bounce and burned coils. Here we introduce two temperature control functions that are useful to know in order to use a vape comfortably and how to use each of them.

Curve Mode

Curve mode is a function that allows you to set the amount of power (watts/watt) supplied to the vape in detail, and is also called "pseudo temperature control. It is possible to set a different wattage every 0.5 seconds on the settings screen of a vape unit equipped with Curve mode. For example, for the first 0.5 seconds after turning on the switch, you can set a higher wattage of 30 watts, and for the next 0.5 seconds, you can set a slightly lower wattage of 20 watts.

The advantage of the Curve Mode setting is that it can speed up the startup process when using slow-starting coils such as Clapton coils. Also, even if you are using coils that do not support temperature control (e.g., Kanthal wire), setting the Curve mode has the advantage that you can control the temperature.

Temperature control function

The temperature control function is a function to set the upper limit of the coil temperature in advance. The setting method differs slightly depending on the vape devices. Generally, the upper temperature limit and the upper wattage are set by pressing the puff button on the vape body to display the temperature control setting screen, and then using the "+-" button or the left/right buttons, etc. When the temperature reaches the set temperature while vaping, the current output is automatically reduced, and when the temperature drops, it returns to the set wattage output. When the temperature drops, the output returns to the set wattage output, allowing you to continue to vape comfortably.

Overheating can cause burning of the coil and cotton, which is called a "dry hit" and causes irritation in the throat. To avoid this, it is recommended to make good use of the temperature control function on the vape itself. In addition, coils that are compatible with the temperature control function have a low resistance value, which means that you must use the vape with the temperature control function or risk it getting too hot.

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