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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold is bringing back the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event in the future. The PVP-focused event enables you to earn Alliance Point and XP and vanish with new and returning rewards.

The event begins next Thursday, May 11th at 10:00 AM EDT. If you’re a novice to the event, you must do grabbing the presentation quest, “Details within the Whitestrake’s Mayhem" from your Crown Store. If you've already complied quest previously, you are able to skip right to cash bonuses.


Those bonuses come across the way from the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and Pelinal’s Boon Box, and also by using that scroll, you start two hours of special bonuses. They are 100% buffs to Alliance Point gains and XP for PvP player kills from the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. There’s a 100% bonus to Tel Var Stones in the full event.

The scroll may provide a timed bonus, but there are additional bonuses and event loot to earn. Event-specific loot will drop, and also this year the Gloamsedge Armor Style will be the new armor drop. Challenge Imperial City sweepers and bosses for any shot on the new pieces. There’s also the difficulty of the Pelinal’s Boon Box.

You'll get that first one, but because you compete throughout Tamriel, you may have the opportunity to earn additional boxes beyond the regular rewards and PVP daily quest rewards. Participating in stuff like Scouting, Warfront, Conquest missions, town quests in a number of places, daily quests in Imperial City, and even more could all drop boxes.

These boxes can grant many items, including Alchemy ingredients, style items, a Daedric Siege weapon, a milestone-themed book furnishing, a transmute geode, or even a fragment in the Alliance Breton Terrier pet, together with the chance to drop two fragments. In addition to the PVP bonuses as well as other abundance in the presentation, harvesting nodes may also loot extra resources.

For the wedding, you'll be able to trade in event tickets you earn using the Impresario For rewards. You can also offer Alliance Points to Aba-daro. She’ll relax from masks for the presentation period but not take gold.

“Cyrodiil merchant Adhazabi, “The Golden” Aba-daro will update her shop’s stock to contain jewelry from Cyrodiil’s item sets, in CP160 Legendary quality. Aba-daro’s Bazaar can provide valuable necklaces in the first weekend of the presentation and rare rings in the second.”

For particulars on this year’s event and all of the potential drops and bonuses, browse Whitestrake’s Mayhem announcement at The elder scrolls online gold.

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