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Dark and Darker's fourth alpha playtest happens to be running (since the time of offering this). It's currently planned to perform from February 6th, 2023 to February 13th, giving players the whole week to fool around with the new changes, map, and general updates.

Dark and Darker Gold

In Dark and Darker Gold, the intended 'goal' of the game is always to dive into your dungeon, grab just as much loot as you can, and have out. And, where loot goes, there's tremendous. Everything a new player picks up inside the dungeon could be sold to the Merchants whenever they get out, with general gold and silver coins antiquity/pottery/dishware selling for. But, why don't you consider one of the rarer items players are stumbling across, the Ancient Scroll? What exactly performs this item do, and when sold, just how much is it sold for?

What Does The Ancient Scroll 'Do'?

Sadly, the Ancient Scroll currently doesn't have a purpose in dark and darker gold for sale. It's unclear whether this may change in future alphas or full release, but right this moment it serves no actual function. Despite trying out a whole 6 inventory slots and sounding like some kind of 'rare' item, this thing does nothing which is not even the worst from it.

Short answer? No, the Ancient Scroll just isn't nearly definitely worth the gold it costs, at the least not in comparison to the valuable items players could devote its place. Ancient Scrolls use up six squares on the player's relatively limited 50-slot bag space, plus it only costs about 3 Gold with the Collector if a farmer manages to extract from it in hand. So, it's considerably more worthwhile for players to fill those four slots with random jewelry or tableware. And, quick tip for newbies, random weaponry (unless of any very high rarity) can be not worth keeping for its sell price, a minimum of over the single-slot valuables like jewelry and the like.

Now, you'll find higher rarities of Ancient Scrolls, as some players have reported seeing green, blue, as well as purple variants. Sadly, these ones may also be pretty much worthless, also it's unclear as long as they sell for much more than the basic 'flawed' version does.

To cap things off, let's execute a bit of theory crafting. The Ancient Scroll is one of the only components of the game to possess such a unique appearance but without having a function, so it is clear how the developers in the game probably intend to give this item some function eventually. With that in mind, what purpose could this item eventually serve?

Again, it's unknown what the actual plans because of this item are, but you'll find plenty of routes the developers at Ironmace may go down.

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