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How do new players play World of Warcraft? How to choose a professional identity, skill control, and combat points are all courses that need to be learned. It describes the background world of this game and reveals some important skills, which can help players get started quickly and prepare for the journey. Let's go.

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how to choose race

When choosing a race, you should combine the different abilities of different races and your preferences, and choose the role you want to play. For example, you can try healing, tank absorption, and output damage and choose a suitable racial character. Briefly introduce the roles that can be played in the game, priests, mastery of buffs, and governance abilities, fighters are good at using large combat weapons to crush enemy shields in melee to absorb damage and protect teammates. A paladin is a combination of a priest and a warrior. You can do melee damage and tank healing. This role is more versatile and stronger.

Dealer Druids have mastered natural magic to change themselves into Tank A or Healer A and use pets for long-range or melee attacks to protect themselves. Monks use wind power melee attacks to deal damage, rogues use fire magic spells to sneak up and kill enemies, shamans can summon elementals to destroy enemies, and Avoca can deal a level of damage and turn back time, healing allies.

Each character has their abilities, and you can make your choice by carefully thinking about what role you want to play and finding out the play style that suits you. After choosing a character, give your character a name, adjust its appearance, and you can officially start the game. After a new player enters the game, the system will guide you to start your initial task line, and after completion, you will be sent to the alliance city to challenge.

After passing the previous Azeroth expansion training, your NPC guide will teach you more thrilling and intense combat training. In the Storm and the Keep or the Okuma storyline, you will embark on the battle for Azeroth, which is an extraordinary journey full of thrills and excitement. If you're ready, just move on.

What to do after upgrading

Upgrading requires continuous fighting to improve your game experience. After upgrading to level 60, buy the Dragon Flight expansion pack, and you will automatically get the title mission, and you can be ready to compete with the dragon. Of course, reaching level 60 is very difficult for novice players, so please stick to it. After reaching level 70, players can enter the dungeon, and adjust their game settings, such as turning on auto loot and pressing escape to jump to edit mode Let you have a better gaming experience.

If you want to keep improving and become stronger, doing world missions is also a good choice. You just need to go to the city of Val Draken, where the Dragon Legion lives, and upgrade your equipment here. Do different weekly missions and storyline missions, world missions, and PVP player confrontations. These missions provide a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold to upgrade equipment, and you can also get equipment from suppliers. After completing missions, the reward mechanism will give you extra Rewards that continuously improve your abilities.

You are about to start the World Dragon Legion, a highly passionate and adventurous journey. You will accept the most difficult and severe test, and feel the joy and loss brought by failure and victory. All this has just begun. The game is constantly improving, and you can download various add-ons to improve the use of the game and make the game more exciting. You can also do different game tasks every week, fight against different players or get combat items or experience to upgrade your equipment. Continuous fighting can make you grow quickly.

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