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The organization of a children's party poses many tasks for loving parents. And one of the main questions is where to hold a family event ? At home, there is not always enough space for a large and cheerful company of restless children, who, of course, will not sit at the table all evening and decide to play. All ages love playing, whether they know about howmany days old I am i today, But you have to take them to a holiday in an interesting place. It is very popular to spend birthdays, school graduations and other events in a children's cafe or picnic in a picturesque place. Let's try to figure out which of these options is right for your family.



Now there are many cafes where you can have a children's party. Festive decoration of the premises, an abundance of entertainment, a children's menu - the cafe is very convenient for organizing a memorable celebration. Among the advantages of a holiday in a cafe, we highlight:

  •  a varied table, the ability to choose dishes for children, a beautiful birthday cake;

  •  your celebration will not depend on the whims of nature and other people, the cafe is completely comfortable, and the celebration hall is closed from other visitors during the event;

  •  the cafe can be decorated for every taste, decorated with thematic decorations;

  •  a minimum of trouble for parents, they do not have to worry about food and drinks, cleaning, noise, disturbing neighbors, and other household trifles that darken the holiday;

  •  in the cafe it is easy to organize the work of animators, a disco and any other show for children;

  •  there is enough space for guests, you can choose a cafe with any capacity.

There are few obvious disadvantages of celebrating in a cafe. Among them, we note the high costs of organizing and the inability to conduct certain types of activity, for example, sports games, which are more convenient to play in an open space.


What could be better than relaxing in the fresh air away from the dust of the city? Children love picnics, and the proposal to spend a birthday or other holiday in nature will be greeted with a bang. Pros of a children's party outdoors:

  •  picturesque landscape and good weather create a great mood for the participants of the event;

  •  there is enough space for any games and a large company, you can not be afraid that someone will not fit at the table;

  •  the opportunity to cook a delicious barbecue and make a barbecue, bring with you products appropriate for a picnic;

  •  it is easy to keep children busy by hiring animators who have special programs for spending a holiday in nature;

  •  wonderful outdoor activities for the family, new interesting places and a change of scenery.

However, a children's holiday in nature can be overshadowed by “non-flying” weather and other circumstances beyond our control. For example, there is no guarantee that other people will not occupy your favorite picnic spot. In addition, nature is usually not as easy to get to as a café. For a picnic, you need to accurately calculate the amount of products so that the holiday treats are enough for everyone, and after the feast you need to clean up everything after yourself, this will take timeand effort.


The choice of the venue for the children's celebration depends entirely on preferences. If your little princess wants a fluffy beautiful dress and a ball, and you are not averse to surprise guests with a luxurious table, then it is better to find a suitable children's cafe. This option will be more convenient for organizing a holiday at a time of year when you don't want to get out into nature at all.

The picnic is more suitable for summer holidays and an active entertainment program. Does your family prefer badminton and bicycles to small talk at the table? Then feel free to go with a cheerful company to the forest or to the reservoir. And do not forget - it is not a place that paints a person, but a person a place. If you have thought through the program of your event, armed yourself with a good mood and gathered a warm circle of friends, your children's holiday will be a plus!

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