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A Step Away from Randomness:

Multiple reliable sources confirmed that TL will not feature any "probability items," encompassing both lootboxes and gacha mechanics. These mechanics, often criticized for their resemblance to gambling, present players with randomized rewards, fueled by a desire for Throne and Liberty Lucent the "lute" item or a rare prize. This inherent randomness often fuels frustration and concerns about fairness, particularly when real-world money is involved.

Embracing Subscriptions and Battle Passes:

NCSoft's alternative monetization strategy for TL revolves around subscriptions and battle passes. These systems, deemed more transparent and predictable, allow players to progressively unlock rewards through consistent gameplay or a one-time purchase. This removes the element of randomness and ensures that players know exactly what they are paying for, fostering a sense of trust and encouraging long-term engagement.

Player Feedback Drives Positive Change:

The decision to abandon lootboxes and gacha mechanics wasn't made in a vacuum. It was directly influenced by the valuable feedback gathered during the Throne and Liberty closed beta test. Recognizing player concerns, the developers removed random draws from the playtest and gauged player reactions. Subsequently, they presented testers with a purely cosmetic battle pass, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.

A Global Shift?

While the official confirmation of this change pertains to the Korean version of the game, it paints a promising picture for the global release. This is further bolstered by the fact that Asian audiences, traditionally considered more accepting of gacha mechanics compared to buying throne and liberty lucent Western players, responded favorably to the new system. This suggests that NCSoft is likely to implement the same monetization approach across all regions, demonstrating a commendable commitment to consistency and player satisfaction.

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