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Elongated Emeraldsusually have 57 facets and an elongated rectangular shape with a cut corner. Elongated Emerald Diamondis very much liked for rings because of its elongated shape. Elongated Emerald Diamonds are very beautiful and attractive to look at. Visit our online store to buy Elongated emerald diamonds.

If you are looking for diamond engagement rings then you are at the right place. ShivShambucomes with a collection of Diamond engagement rings for womenwhich are very beautiful and attractive to look at. ShivShambu gives you diamond engagement rings in pear, emerald, cushion, round, and all other diamond shapes. Visit our online storeto buy diamond engagement rings.

It is known from the name of Canadian Diamondthat these diamonds are extracted from the mines of Canada. Canadian Diamonds are used in proposal rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Canadian Diamonds have long been a people's choice. These diamonds are completely conflict-free. Canadian diamonds are more expensive than diamonds found in other countries. Shiv Shambu brings to you GIA Certified Canadian Diamondsat a reasonable price as compared to the diamond market. Visit our online storefor more information and to buy Canadian Diamonds.

If you are looking to buy Diamonds then you have come to the right place as Shiv Shambugives you flat 60% Off Diamonds. Shiv Shambu gives you complete knowledge of 4Cs with Diamonds and also provides GIA-certified Diamonds. Visit our online storeto buy diamonds.

If you are searching for diamond wedding ringsthen you are at the right place as ShivShambu brings you an exclusive collection of wedding rings. Shop the wide assortment of Wedding bandsat ShivShambu. Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and love for both men and women. ShivShambuis the leader in jewelry with top-quality, conflict-free diamonds to make your wedding ring special. Buy wedding rings from our online storeto make your wedding day special.

Shop ShivShambu's unique selection of Oval-cut engagement rings . Oval-cut engagement rings are a popular ring. Oval-cut engagement rings look bigger on the finger. Oval-cut engagement rings are less expensive than round-cut engagement rings. For more information on oval-cut engagement rings visits our online store.

Elongated Cushion Diamond are longer and more rectangular than regular cushion diamonds. Elongated Cushion Cut diamonds are highly preferred for rings. Elongated cushions are cut to a length and width ratio that is greater than a traditional classic cushion cut. To purchase and learn more about the Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond, visit our online store.

Elongated Ovalare longer and thinner in appearance than regular oval diamonds. Elongated oval-cut diamonds are very popular for rings, these diamonds also maximize carat weight due to their elongated shape. The elongated oval-cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement ringsand wedding rings. To make the Elongated Oval Diamond your own, visit our online store.

Brown Diamond as the name suggests, these diamonds are brown in color. These diamonds are incredible to look at. Brown diamonds are cheaper than other diamonds, so the buyer has the option of choosing the size of these diamonds. Brown Diamond is a great option for those who want to enhance their diamond collection and That's why Shiv Shambu brings you a special collection of Brown Diamonds which are very attractive to look at. Visit our online store for more information and to buy brown diamonds.

If you want to buy diamonds, you have come to the right place. Shiv Shambuoffers you a wide selection of Diamonds within your budget. One is Medium Blue Discounted Diamondswhich are very beautiful and attractive to look at. These Diamonds are GIA Certifiedand Graded by GIA Lab. To buy Medium Blue Discounted Diamonds visit our Online Storefor more information.

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