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Together with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta units and your weapons at maximum, now is the time for you. Affixing is almost an art, so attempt to consult with guides like the [Selphea's Affixing 101], and also try to use tools like the [Affixing Simulator] along with the [Affixing Assistant]. Bear in mind that these are not tools and the only guides: there are more, but you have to look for them. And at this stage, you will probably have the ability to complete the Episode 3 of this narrative, and also do two and Episodes 1 in challenging mode. Don't forget to keep maintaining your names. Keep enjoying Phantasy Star Online 2, improving your weapons, rings and units, raising your classes to level 75, and waiting for another episode in the narrative!

I've a question about narrative mode and it's whether easy has benefits? Also I have several +30 weapons(and at least +20 for many courses but caster and ranged oddly enough) buut my armors really bad(I believe +3) so should I start upgradibg that profoundly (level 48 or 49 in my main course and 40 or so on my currejt sub class..with many ofther as approximately 20) and how significant are rings and any good ones you suggest(my c7rrent rings are +1-2 as I have not really been gathering much as a result of inventory being near restricted or cap so often)? Oh I am a hunter bouncer btw if this helps out.

I'm usually not very good with attempting to translate my ideas into words. I hope with PSO2 coming to NA that they are surprised by participant population but with revenue. It took them 8 years to deliver Phantasy Star Online 2 to NA therefore that I dont believe monetary gain was a number 1 priority to them and so far as I'm aware the only in game items for purchase are decorative. With PSO2 being f2p I expect we crush SEGA's expectations as a community and storm that match in the masses (and throw wallets at them).

I watched some guide videos on PSO2 plus they mentioned stuff just like a premium account that was paid. Paying monthly for a match with game breaking bugs which were left unchecked for many years at a time. Maybe if they do not leave us hanging and give updates to us. Otherwise micro transactions are favored for me.This is an entirely different situation than PSU though. It's an 8 year old game that had success overseas, such as patches, cross-series occasions, additional classes along with cheap meseta pso2 other content. I have no reason to believe that the variation would be poor to the stage a subscription could be a total throwaway of money.