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The Path of Exile Necropolis expansion is brimming with an abundance of upgrades and enhancements, promising a refreshing experience for players as the PoE 3.24 league builds upon the success of its predecessor, Affliction.

Following the extraordinary generosity of the Affliction league, which introduced unprecedented wealth and crafting opportunities, players eagerly anticipate the upcoming Necropolis league. In anticipation of the launch, PCGamesN had the opportunity to speak with Mark ‘Neon’ Roberts and Jonathan Rogers from Grinding Gear Games about the forthcoming league. Their insights shed light on the exciting features awaiting players in Path of Exile 2.

POE Currency serving as the linchpin for acquiring powerful equipment, upgrading skills, and crafting items. This significance is particularly pronounced in leagues like Affliction and Necropolis. Affliction brought unprecedented wealth and abundant crafting currency, offering players generous rewards and ample opportunities for advancement. In the Necropolis league, with the introduction of new mechanics, the importance of currency is further emphasized, as players can utilize corpses to craft items, thereby obtaining formidable gear. Consequently, accumulating and managing currency becomes a pivotal factor for players to achieve success in the game.

At the heart of any loot-driven RPG like PoE lies the pursuit of powerful items and upgrades. With the Affliction league setting a new standard for generous loot drops and crafting materials, there's a concern about whether players can revert to the previous pace of progression.

Rogers expresses his apprehension, acknowledging the inevitable adjustment period. Roberts echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the shift towards a crafting-centric approach in the new league. The introduction of the Necropolis mechanic introduces a novel way to obtain powerful gear by gathering corpses and utilizing them for crafting.

The Necropolis league also introduces the Undertaker's Lantern of Arimor, offering a fresh twist to the game's core campaign progression. By customizing the challenges in each area through modified enemy encounters and special buffs, players can tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

Moreover, the Necropolis league brings significant quality-of-life improvements and streamlines various game systems to alleviate common frustrations. Changes to Uber bosses and adjustments to endgame content aim to enhance player experience across all levels of play.

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In anticipation of the Necropolis release on March 29th, players can expect a seamless transition from the Affliction league, with characters seamlessly transferred to the standard league. As the community braces for this new chapter in Path of Exile, the developers reassure players that while adjustments may be needed, the diverse array of new features and changes will ensure an engaging and rewarding experience.

Navigating the treacherous terrain of the Island of Terror within Throne and Liberty poses a daunting challenge, demanding a blend of precision, strategy, and camaraderie from adventurers daring to delve into its depths. With each encounter, the layers of complexity unfold, putting the resilience and coordination of every party member to the test. Let's embark on a comprehensive exploration of the island's mechanics, unraveling its intricacies and offering strategies for triumph against all odds. Arm yourselves with your trusty Throne And Liberty Lucent as we embark on this epic journey.

Mechanic 1: The Tank's Burden

The journey through the Island of Terror begins with the tank drawing the attention of the fearsome boss. However, it's essential to recognize that the boss wields formidable power, inflicting significantly more damage than the standard dungeon adversaries. As the battle commences, the boss unleashes a barrage of fireballs, culminating in a stunning blow to the tank. Quick reflexes are imperative here, but should the tank possess a cleansing ability such as Purify, their allies can come to their aid, freeing them from the debilitating stun and ensuring their readiness for the ensuing challenges. Without such support, survival hangs by a thread, particularly for tanks whose health pools fall short of 15,000 HP.

Mechanic 2: A Dance of Defense

As the battle intensifies, the boss launches a pulsating heavy attack, signaling the need for swift defensive maneuvers. Observing these pulsations carefully, adventurers must choose between executing a stationary block or a moving block. The distinction between the two is crucial, with a stationary block involving remaining static while blocking and a moving block requiring the pressing of directional keys while blocking. Timing is of the essence here, as a delay in initiating the block could prove catastrophic. Personally, I adopt a strategy of counting to three before executing my block, ensuring synchronization with the boss's assault.

Mechanic 3: Evading the Onslaught

Amidst the chaos of battle, adventurers must contend with the boss's diamond or square-shaped purple heavy attack, necessitating swift evasive action to avoid being struck. Following a successful evasion, it's imperative to retaliate promptly with a counterattack, maintaining pressure on the boss and preventing it from gaining the upper hand. However, should the tank lose aggro, the boss's onslaught intensifies, necessitating a relentless cycle of blocking and evading. In such dire circumstances, failure to execute the counter move swiftly could result in devastating damage, particularly for adventurers with health pools below 10,000 HP.

Mechanic 4: Harnessing Elemental Forces

As the battle rages on, adventurers must contend with the boss's relentless assault while navigating the elemental hazards of the environment. During the fireball phase, three fireballs rain down randomly, threatening to engulf unwary adventurers in their fiery embrace. To influence the trajectory of these fireballs, adventurers must position themselves strategically near vents, preparing to evade swiftly upon their descent. This strategy, while effective, demands precise timing and coordination, particularly for adventurers grappling with unreliable internet connections or limited dodging abilities.

Alternatively, adventurers facing challenges with luck or health may opt to exploit the fireballs to their advantage, intentionally triggering a burn debuff to clear the vents. This debuff, while fleeting, serves a crucial purpose, clearing the vents and enabling the use of the geyser in the subsequent phase. However, adventurers must exercise caution when traversing the flames, lest they fall victim to the debuff's effects. Despite the inherent risks, this approach offers a viable alternative for adventurers seeking to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Mechanic 5: Harnessing Elemental Forces

With the vents cleared and the fireball phase concluded, adventurers must now confront the elemental forces unleashed by the boss in the geyser phase. As geysers erupt around the battlefield, adventurers must identify the designated geyser emitting bubbles, signaling its readiness for cleansing. Failure to cleanse the chosen geyser promptly could spell disaster, rendering the vent inoperable and leaving adventurers vulnerable to the boss's relentless assault.

As adventurers rally to cleanse the designated geyser, they must remain vigilant, prepared to repel the boss's onslaught and maintain their defensive posture. Once the geyser is cleansed, adventurers must brace themselves for the ensuing onslaught, as the boss unleashes a barrage of attacks in a desperate bid to regain the upper hand.

Mechanic 6: Confronting the Final Challenge

The final phase of the battle unfolds with the emergence of the rat phase, presenting adventurers with their most formidable challenge yet. As the boss unleashes a horde of rats upon the battlefield, adventurers must navigate the perilous terrain with precision and coordination, avoiding the devastating shockwave attacks while fending off the relentless onslaught of the rats.

For players in North America, latency issues may exacerbate the difficulty of this phase, requiring impeccable timing and strategic positioning to emerge victorious. As the boss targets individual adventurers with its devastating attacks, adventurers must maintain constant vigilance, ensuring their survival amidst the chaos of battle. With perseverance and determination, adventurers can overcome the challenges of the rat phase, emerging victorious and claiming victory over the Island of Terror.

A Triumph Against Adversity

As the battle draws to a close, adventurers stand united, their bonds forged in the crucible of combat. Through unwavering determination and indomitable spirit, they have conquered the challenges of the Island of Terror, emerging triumphant against all odds. Though the journey may have been fraught with peril and uncertainty, the rewards of victory far outweigh the trials endured. As they emerge from the depths of the island, adventurers carry with them the memories of their triumphs, a testament to their strength, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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Enhance your Smithing levels in Runescape with the best strategies available, brought to you by RPGStash, a trusted online store with over a decade of experience in providing Runescape game guides, updates, news, and more.

Smithing, a vital skill in Runescape, demands a considerable time investment to master. RPGStash recognizes the value of efficient leveling, making it worthwhile for players seeking Runescape Gold. With a well-devised strategy, leveling Smithing becomes a rewarding and profitable endeavor.

Effective Smithing Strategies Across Skill LevelsLevels 1-29

Commence your Smithing journey by crafting bronze items from copper and tin ores, focusing on bronze platebody armor for optimal experience points. This resource-intensive process is recommended until Level 10. Transition to iron bars and crafting iron platebody armor until Level 20, then advance to steel bars for crafting steel platebody armor, reaching Level 30.

An alternative method is completing The Knight’s Sword quest, requiring a minimum Mining level of 10. The quest rewards you with a Smithing EXP Lamp, instantly boosting your skill to Level 29.

Level 30-55

At Level 30, craft mithril bars and create mithril platebody armor until Level 40. Progress to adamant bars and adamant platebody armor until Level 50. Opt for crafting rune burial sets to efficiently reach Level 55.

Platebody Armor for Optimal Smithing

Crafting platebody armor remains the most efficient choice for leveling Smithing. While progressing through different ores is necessary, it proves more time-effective than crafting alternative armor pieces. RPGStash recommends this approach for players aspiring to achieve mastery in Smithing.

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