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In the world of Diablo 4, The Grandfather sword is renowned as one of the six rarest items in Blizzard's latest installment. With its immense power and versatility, it is highly sought after by players who rely on devastating damage output to conquer Sanctuary. However, obtaining The Grandfather sword is no easy task, as it belongs to the highest rarity level in the game. In this guide, we will reveal the location and requirements to acquire this legendary weapon.

Location of The Grandfather Sword

To find The Grandfather sword, you must reach level 85 or above and be playing on World Tier four. It can drop randomly from defeated enemies or be found in chests, but your chances of obtaining it can be increased by engaging in endgame activities such as Helltide events and Nightmare dungeons.

Adam Jackson, the lead class designer for Diablo 4, confirmed this information through a tweet, where he listed The Grandfather as one of the six rarest Diablo 4 Items For Sale in the game. Consequently, these swords will always drop with a power level of 820.

Farming for The Grandfather sword may require several hours of dedicated gameplay, but the reward is undoubtedly worth the effort. If you are new to endgame content, we recommend consulting our guides on unlocking World Tier four and developing effective strategies for surviving and dominating Helltide events.

Stats of The Grandfather Sword

Here are the impressive stats of The Grandfather sword:

820 Item power

2,484 damage per second

[1,987-2,981] damage per hit

1 attack per second

+35.0% Critical Strike damage

+30.0% Damage

+2,269 Maximum life

+44 All stats

Ignores durability loss

Increases your Critical Strike damage by 76%

In addition to these formidable properties, The Grandfather sword possesses other bonuses that exceed the norm. Equipping this unique weapon will provide a monumental boost to all your stats, making you nearly invincible.

Important Details

The Grandfather sword is account bound, meaning it cannot be traded or sold to other players. It will consistently drop at an item power level of 820, firmly establishing its position as one of the six rarest items in Diablo 4. The item's description aptly describes its significance: "An unbroken lineage of unwavering strength."

Once you have located and equipped The Grandfather, why stop there? We also have guides available for finding the Harlequin Crest and Andariel's Visage, two ultra-powerful helms that can further enhance your dominance throughout Sanctuary.


Obtaining The Grandfather sword in Diablo 4 is a challenging endeavor that requires dedication and perseverance. By engaging in endgame activities and raising your character's level and World Tier, you increase your chances of obtaining this legendary weapon. Once in your possession, The Grandfather sword will become an invaluable asset in your quest for power and victory. Good luck, adventurer! There are many ways to get Items. Players can buy D4 Items with D4 Gold, or buy Diablo 4 Items directly from reliable suppliers, 100% safe and fast delivery.

New World, developed by Amazon Games, has released update 1.8.3, bringing exciting changes and improvements to the game. This update kicks off the limited-time Legacy of Crassus event, featuring the invasion of the southern lands by the level 66 Cyclops captains led by the Roman general Crassus. Alongside the event, players can expect various fixes, enhancements, and quality-of-life improvements that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Legacy of Crassus Event: Unleash Chaos

In the latest update, New World welcomes the Legacy of Crassus event, where the formidable Cyclops captains wreak havoc upon the land. Portals can be found in Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove, providing players the opportunity to challenge Lucanus and Decimus for unique rewards once per day. Defeating these bosses eight times guarantees players all possible rewards before the event concludes on March 7. Some rewards remain available regardless of daily boss defeats.

Improvements and Fixes: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

As with any New World update, several bug fixes, quality-of-life enhancements, and balance adjustments accompany the Legacy of Crassus event. Non-interactable resources that were previously inaccessible have been rectified, ensuring smooth resource harvesting. Additionally, certain expedition mutations have been adjusted to be less common, addressing community concerns. Moreover, Dryad Soldiers who previously had issues damaging players have been fixed, providing a more engaging combat experience.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for New World

With 2023 underway, New World enthusiasts have much to anticipate. The roadmap for the year promises exciting additions, including a highly-requested transmog system. Raid groups, quest improvements, and cross-world outpost rush are set to arrive later this spring and summer, further enriching the gameplay experience for all adventurers.

Full Patch Notes for New World Update 1.8.3: World Experience

General: Harvestable resources are now interactable, resolving previous issues.

Expeditions: Adjusted Mutated Expeditions to offer elemental Mutations less frequently.

Quests: Fixed an issue with Tamra Ayad in the "Dishonorable Daughter" quest, ensuring proper appearance and location.

AI Updates:

World AI: Resolved the problem of Dryad Soldiers' attacks not damaging or interacting with players.

Miscellaneous: Removed cat bobbleheads from the game to improve their behavior during combat.

Game Modes:

Outpost Rush: Increased personal scoring for capturing and contesting points, and using resources. Added brief invulnerability for players spawning in their home fort to prevent spawn camping.

PvP Arenas: Fixed the issue that allowed equipment changes while in the Spectator Box.

Economy, Progression, & Gear:

Trade Skills: Corrected the Luck values displayed for Basic and Major Fishing Trophies.

UX/UI/Social: Faction Swaps now prevent players from joining the Faction controlling the most territories. Leaderboards now correctly filter friends and Company members, and unranked players are listed at the end. Affected players who missed rewards will receive them in a future update.

Quality of Life Improvements:

Locked items can no longer be dropped.

The "Transfer All" button no longer transfers locked items when moving inventory items to storage.

Fixed various issues, including incorrect default storage selection and icon errors.


New World's update 1.8.3 sets the stage for the thrilling Legacy of Crassus event, where players can challenge Cyclops captains and earn unique rewards. With bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and a roadmap promising exciting future additions, Amazon Games continues to continuously improve the New World gaming experience. Players can look forward to upcoming features such as a transmog system, raid groups, quest enhancements, and cross-world outpost rush. With the Legacy of Crassus event and the ongoing dedication of the development team, New World offers a dynamic and engaging MMO experience for players to explore and enjoy.

New World is available on PC, and players can download the latest update to join the Legacy of Crassus event and experience the various improvements and fixes introduced in update 1.8.3. If you can't afford to invest too much time in the game, then you can go to RPGStash to buy Cheap New World Gold, which is a professional supplier that can help people who love New World so much but don't have time to play to get a good gaming experience.



World of Warcraft, a captivating MMORPG, offers immersive gameplay, challenging PvE scenarios, and unpredictable PvP experiences. In the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Classic expansion, players can delve into a rich storyline, unleash their creativity, and enjoy the diverse class specializations. One notable feature introduced in WotLK Classic is the dual spec system, which plays a significant role in saving WOW WotLK Classic Gold and facilitating easy specialization switching. This guide will provide insights into the dual spec system, its benefits, and how to unlock it.

Understanding Dual Spec

Dual specialization, or dual spec, allows players to have two simultaneous specializations for their character. While you can freely choose between two pre-defined specializations, only one can be active at a time. Switching specializations takes five seconds and resets all resources, including mana, Holy Power, Rune Power, and Rage. To optimize gameplay, it is recommended to swap specializations before engaging in raids, dungeons, or exploring the world.

Importance of Dual Spec

Dual spec offers players a valuable quality-of-life feature by enabling them to switch between specializations without any cost. Hybrid classes like Shamans and Warriors can easily transition between DPS and healing/tanking roles. Additionally, players can switch between open-world and dungeon/raid builds. PvP enthusiasts benefit from selecting PvP-oriented talents specifically designed for battlegrounds and arenas.

Unlocking Dual Spec

To unlock dual spec, players must be at least level 40. Once this requirement is met, a fee of 1000 gold is necessary to unlock the feature. Visit any class trainer and purchase the dual spec. Next, set up your primary and secondary specializations, ensuring they align with your desired playstyles. Afterward, lock your chosen specializations. While locked, you can still respec within each specialization, but the usual respec cost will apply, starting at one gold.


The dual spec system in WoW Classic's Wrath of the Lich King expansion provides players with a cost-free and convenient way to switch between specializations. By unlocking dual spec, players can easily adapt to various PvE and PvP scenarios, optimizing their gameplay experience. Remember, reaching level 40 and saving 1000 gold are the prerequisites to unlock this valuable feature. Embrace the flexibility and strategic advantages offered by dual spec as you venture through the world of WotLK Classic.

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