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League of Legends, known as LoL, is a game that demands a lot of your time and sometimes even your money. Some LoL players are looking for shortcuts, like buying a level 30 account to skip the initial grind. On the other side, some players want to cash in on their well-stocked accounts, full of skins. But is any of this actually allowed by the game's creators?

You might be wondering if it's okay to buy or sell LoL Unranked Accounts. Some players consider quitting the game, but have you ever truly quit? Or is the idea to make some money from your old LoL account? Then there are new players who want to bypass the grind to level 30 and jump straight into ranked matches.

So, what does Riot, the company behind League of Legends, say about all this account trading stuff? Can you really buy or sell accounts? And what's the best way for regular players to get the LoL account they want?

Is Buying or Selling LoL Accounts Legal?

When it comes to dealing with accounts in the popular game created by Riot Games, there are two sides of the story: people who want to sell their accounts and those who are interested in buying existing ones.

You might have asked yourself: What's the value of my LoL account? There are players who've been around for ages, collecting a bunch of cool skins. And these skins are a big reason why people want to sell their LoL accounts.

Do you have any rare skins from special events or that aren't available in the store anymore? Those can make your account worth a lot more. But what's Riot's take on this whole buying and selling accounts business?

Riot Games has made it pretty clear

Trading accounts is a no-no. It's against the rules and it's bad news for both the person buying and the one selling. The deal is, because it messes with the way we want our game to be played and messes with the community, we're gonna have to suspend accounts caught in the act.

So, to put it straight, the whole trading thing — whether it's buying or selling — is off-limits. The company points to their terms of use for their games as the rulebook.

Creating a Riot Games account comes with three important things to remember:

Don't share your account info or login stuff with anyone.

Don't sell or give your account away, and don't let anyone else use it for selling.

Keep your login info a secret. You can't trade accounts, but swapping posters with friends is totally fine!

How Can You Get Your Dream LoL Account?

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