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Trust is the most prominent of all the virtues and sought by everybody in all the spheres of life but it is hard to find in the present times where people are self-centered and immigration industry is not different from others in this aspect, rather this sector is full of agents who thrive by misusing innocent people and break their trust for short term gains. Therefore, if you are thinking of consulting an immigration consultant in Chandigarh for going abroad for any purpose then be very careful while making this choice.

You can check the testimonials of the clients of any firm and the online reviews to know how trustworthy any consultant is. Although it does not give a confirmed answer to your question but you can still shortlist some of the good ones like that. However, the best part is to meet and judge it yourself using your intelligence and instincts. Do seek for references of the known people who have utilized their services.

Signs of the most trusted immigration consultants in Chandigarh:

·      It must have the approval from authorities to provide consultation for visa, so that is the first thing you should check. You can find such information from their website.

·     When you contact them they will not shy away from inviting you to their office as there is nothing to hide.

·   Do ask about the charges for counseling with their visa counsellors over the phone, the genuine ones will not charge you anything for counselling, be it initial or multiple after that.

·        They will have an organized way of doing things as it is beneficial for the clients. Thus, in the first counseling session, they will ask for the relevant details from you and analyze your profile well before making any suggestions. Also, they do not take a lot of time to do that as they are well versed with the policies, rules and other aspects due to their huge experience and vast knowledge.

·      Post that, they will suggest the best options for you depending upon the type of visa you are seeking, like student visa, PR visa, tourist visa, visitor visa etcetera.

·    You will be told about the whole process, step by step so that you have clarity about it and you are not in dark about anything including the amount you need to pay to the respective authorities to get the desired visa. This is dependent on the country where you wish to go and the type of visa you are applying for so it will vary.

·      You should ask questions about the things you are not clear about and they will not hesitate to give prompt and clear answers with complete confidence. This shows that they are very honest and have great knowledge about their field. If you see that any consultant is not giving you straight answers and trying to beat around the bush then that’s not trustworthy and you should get alert, you must not proceed further with this and look elsewhere.

·    The best and trusted immigration consultants will be very resourceful and will be able to make things possible for you through the legal channels so that you do not face any issues and they do provide their services post receiving the visa too because for them the happiness of a client has great significance.

·         The honest immigration consultants ensure that you are informed about every step of the process once they start working on your profile. Everything will be transparent and proactive from their end.

·         The organization will offer you its complete assistance and will go an extra mile to help you achieve your goal. Thus you will find other crucial services as well like preparing clients for the English test if needed, getting the documents ready in the acceptable format, loan assistance, planning travel, making foreign currency available and much more. The team will make sure that you do not have to do any running around; they will do that for you.

All of the above written factors are vital in finalizing the immigration consultant for you, either you go through the whole process or you can just cut the chase and reach Abroad Gateway in sector 42 Chandigarh which has everything mentioned above and has a proven record to justify that. It is the most trustedimmigration consultants in Chandigarh and that is the reason it has a lot of repeat customers. It had been able to get the visas for almost all the family members of many families for various reasons as whoever comes once, never thinks of going anywhere after that for visa.


Best Canada Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

The most preferred country for study in India is Canada because it provides a lot of opportunities to study and work after that. Anyone who is eligible as per the rules and policies of Canada can apply for it. One can do it themselves over the official website of the Canadian embassy or hire an agent to do that on your behalf. However, the best way forward is to choose a good Canada study visa consultant for this because the visa application process is very complex and full of terms and conditions in regards to the strict immigration laws of Canada. You can contact a visa consultant in your country or if you are in or around the city Chandigarh then you must reach out to the best Canada Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.

Following are some of the good Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh:

·         Abroad Gateway

·         SWIS Immigration 

·         IBT

·         Flytouch

·         Western Overseas


Abroad Gateway

It is the best one among the whole bunch of study visa consultants in Chandigarhfor Canada and all the other popular countries that people go to for education and employment. It has been going great in this sector for approximately 10 years and aims to excel in the same in the upcoming years as well. It has been able to perform like that due to their Unique Service Points (USP) which are as follows:

All the services under one roof:The biggest challenge that students face while working on the process to get the student visa is that they have to run from pillar to post to get the work done as it involves a variety of small processes. However, if you have hired Abroad Gateway as your Canada Study Visa Consultants in Chandigrahthen you do not have to worry a bit for anything. They offer a lot of services to its clients so that they do not have to do the running around, be it for preparing the documents, application of student loan or preparing to clear the English language test and much more. Here is what all they do for their clients:

Counselling for visa:They provide no cost counselling to all their clients in which they analyse their profile and advice about the best course of action. They provide the list of documents needed for the purpose so that one can get them prepared in advance.

Coaching for IELTS/PTE/Duolingo:As the English proficiency test’s score is mandatory to apply for Canadian study visa, it has empanelled a team of expert English language trainers who prepare their clients to score well in the test.

Writing SOP for the Clients:Statement of Purpose is an essential document that universities prefer to have with the application forms as it conveys the need to study in that university based upon the facts obtained after thorough research and the implementation of that post completion of the course. Team Abroad Gateway prepares the SOP for their clients itself as they know better what and how the information needs to be written so that the university is convinced about the candidature. However, a little different SOP is needed at the time of visa application to the embassy, the team here writes that as well so that you are not troubled at all.

Assisting for Funds Availability:We all know that a certain amount of funds are required to be able to process it, the Abroad Gateway team helps out its clients in case of lack of funds by facilitating the student education loan through a reliable financer.

Applying to University:Once all the documents are ready along with the finances and English test scores, they apply to the university on your behalf to get the offer letter for enrolment so that you have a seat secured in your preferred educational institution.

Applying to Embassy:After you get the offer letter, they apply to the embassy for the student visa. It is imperative that your application and the documents are well presented so that the visa officer gets convinced and accepts your application to give you the visa. Abroad Gateway is the Best Canada Study Visa Consultantbecause it knows perfectly how to do that which is clear from its success rate.

Travel Arrangements:After you receive the visa, the next step is to make travel plan to go to Canada. This consultancy does even that for its clients, they book the tickets for you and assist with accommodation and pick-up facility at the airport.

Converting Indian Currency to the Foreign Currency:In Canada you need Canadian dollars to buy things; therefore you need to get your currency changed or money available in the CAD. Abroad Gateway get the currency converted for you at the lowest rates. 

Achieving high band score in IELTS test is the aspiration of most of the test takers but it is not achieved by all. It is indeed a very challenging task to score 8 bands and above, even for someone who has good command on the language but definitely not something that cannot be achieved. One needs to have the right strategy and support to be able to obtain that score. Eight bands and more are given to someone who is a very good user of English and makes minor mistakes in unfamiliar conditions only. The English competency of such people is really great.

Taking Orientation:Learning about the modules in detail is most important to understand the expectation of the examiners so that you can provide what they are looking for in a proficient English language user. In Abroad Gateway when a student enrolls, he or she is provided the detailed sessions on all the four modules and it takes almost a week to complete this because our teachers teach all the aspects of each of the modules at length. If you want to score high bands then it is essential that you do not skip these classes and pick everything that is taught. Many times students do not take the initial classes too seriously which is a big mistake as it makes the base of the upcoming preparation. The teachers also teach here the practical skills required to excel in the tests which are extremely useful in the exam and lead to great outcome.

Implementation of the Learning:Attending orientation is very important but it will be of no use if you do not implement the learning while solving the tests. That is the reason in Abroad Gateway you are made to practice the sample tests post the orientation classes where you get the opportunity to use all the skills and tips delivered by the teachers in the foundation class. In these daily practice classes, the skills and tricks taught before are tested and also revised so that students do not forget them.

Opportunity to Use The Language: Unlike most of the IELTS Coaching Center in Chandigarhwhere teachers only tell students to use the English language but do not do it themselves, the educators in Abroad Gateway believe in “Practice what you Preach” and therefore use the language themselves so that students are also encouraged to use it and they could practice Speaking it with the teachers while discussions and doubt clearing in the class. Sometimes the teachers write the samples themselves on student’s notebooks to show them how to write effectively rather than picking up samples from the internet which are not always correct and relevant.

Accurate Correction of the Tasks:In Abroad Gateway due to the vast experience the teachers correct the students’ tasks everyday accurately and provide the detailed remarks on the mistakes made by them so that they know where they have lost marks and what they should keep in mind while writing the next time. The same approach is applied for Reading, Listening and speaking as well. The doubt clearing on Reading and Listening is also detailed leaving no confusion. The feedback for Speaking is also very specific so that student knows what to do and what not to do. These are the actions which ensure great improvement in the language skills in theoretical and practical aspects resulting in a very high score in the final test.  IELTS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Vocab & Grammar Sessions: As lexical resources and Grammatical Accuracy are two of the main aspects of scoring Writing & Speaking, their significance in scoring eight and above bands cannot be neglected. To be a very good user you must have good range of vocabulary and sentence structures and to teach that in Abroad Gateway the teachers teach vocabulary and grammar daily so that you learn good words, idioms and their correct usage and different types of sentence structures to make you language impressive and effective so that you can acquire eight and more bands in the IELTS exam.

The aforementioned actions definitely make the students aspire and achieve high band score in the IELTS test so if you too want to do that then you must not go anywhere else.


How Do Students Benefit From Our IELTS Coaching

Taking coaching for English proficiency is in trend these days due to the rise in the number of students or professionals preferring to go to English speaking countries in search of a good life. It is the right course of action too because for something as important as this on which your future lies, it is best to take the help of professional experts. If you are reading this page then congratulations to you as you have reached the right place to pursue coaching to clear IELTS exam as Abroad Gateway is the Best IELTS Coaching Centerwhich is located in sector 42, though you should not blindly believe what is mentioned and therefore it is necessary that you read the reasons for that too, let’s look at it:

A Nice Mix of Theory & Practical:The teachers at this institute are experts of their field and have gained huge experience teaching aspirants to prepare them to score well in the final IELTS test. The long experience has provided the insight about the issues faced by the students while using the English language correct, fluently and comfortably. Due to this they follow a little different approach to teach students which involves teaching theory of the grammatical rules as well as their practical application in writing and speaking highlighting the difference between the written and spoken English.

More than Enough Practice Material:Abroad Gateway makes the students practice a lot so that they master the skills to attempt the test to obtain good bands. Having sufficient practice material is extremely beneficial for the aspirants to build and boost their confidence to face the test. All the latest tests are included in the material as and when they are launched in the market making them available for their students.

All the Aspects of Language Covered:A language has various aspects, some of which are not too visible but make a lot of difference. The expert trainers of this center cover all of them in the class to ensure that the students know what to do and when to do as per the situation or scenario in the modules. For instance, sometimes a student is clear with the grammar and makes correct sentences but lacks in generating the relevant ideas on a topic and explains it clearly, in such a case it is crucial for the teachers to teach the various ways a student can use to develop views on a certain subject which are rational.

Realistic Personal Feedback& Suggestions:There is no doubt that giving the honest and timely feedback to the students makes the learning process effective but how good is that if the teachers do not suggest the actions that a student could take or implement to work on the problem. Understanding this, the teaching team offers feedback coupled with the suggestions of the activities that a student can do to improve on the weak points. It has been observed that many of the IELTS coaching Center Near Mejust focus on attempting the modules and highlighting the mistakes but fail to give means to facilitate improvement and even when they do, the solutions are very unrealistic, so students fail to implement them leading to very less or no improvement.

Special Exam Practice: In this institute there is extra focus given to the students who had booked their test and are about to take the IELTS exam. These students get to practice the tests daily just like the exam and then are provided doubt clearing on them the same day ensuring better performance the next day. Also, there is special practice for the Speaking modules including all the latest Cue-card topics to have better idea generation on the D-day.

Extra Support:There is always extra support for all the students who enroll in the center in any aspect, be it grammar, vocal, writing skills and even visa counselling and filing so that they do not need to go anywhere else as this industry is full of fraudulent visa companies and it is hard to trust an organization. A lot of the students who prepare for IELTS choose to take the assistance of the proficient visa team for visa application filing to go abroad. In past many of our students have gone to their preferred countries and are living happily there which can be viewed on our social media accounts.

In conclusion, all of the above advantages make us the Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh, so if you are also planning to take the IELTS test, you know where to come for the coaching.

If you are planning to migrate overseas, you need to hire the best immigration Consultant in Chandigarh if you are living in Chandigarh and somewhere around Chandigarh. The best immigration consultant can tell you the best and the fastest way to migrate overseas. Abroad Gateway is one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh they will guide you on your abroad journey.

There are four ways to migrate to overseas:

Study visa

Tourist visa

Work permit


In this blog, we will try to give you information about the possible ways to migrate overseas so that if you are planning to move abroad you can categorize yourself and able to decide which way is best for you for migration.

Study visa:In this, we will try to give some information about the Canada Study Visa; it is for students who want to migrate overseas for higher studies such as they can migrate after the 12th class or after completing their graduation. For the student visa, you need to go through a process which is the same for the other ways of migration but with a few changes.

·        Firstly, you need to select the country where you want to migrate, and then university and course selection would be the most important factors of the entire process of applying student visa as the country and university should be selected after enquiring about all services which you want as an international student. Moreover, you need to choose the course according to your previous studies otherwise you might face refusal.

·         After that, you need to complete your educational documents such as previous studies certificates and gap justification certificate if you have any gap in your studies and need to manage LOR which stands for a letter of recommendation if it is required. If you are working you need to submit the work experience you have.

·         After receiving the offer letter, you need to submit the fee for one year and open the GIC account which you can open from any bank such as SBI, or CIBC. The GIC amount has increased from $10,000 to $20,635.

·         Then you can book the appointment for the medical test for which your consultant will provide you with dates, this completes your SOP and you can lodge your file on the IRCC portal.

·         After that, you need to go for the biometrics and then you need to wait for the final decision.

Tourist visa:This visa is especially for the person who wants to invite his parents or relatives abroad. This visa you might get for 6 months or the validity would be till the passport validity.

Visitor visa:In this, you will have a sponsor from overseas; he may be your friend or relative. In this type of visa, your sponsor will cover the accommodation and food expenses and he also needs to show funds from the respective country he is living. The duration of this visa would be till the validity of the passport, but you need to follow the rule that within six months country out.

Super visa:This visa is only for Canada in which if the child and grandchild is PR in Canada, he can call his parents and grandparents to him. The duration is till the passport validity and a single stay would be up to five years. In this visa, if both parents are going to their child in abroad they need individual funds in both of the parent's accounts.

Work permit:This visa is of two types open and closed work permit. In an open work permit your job is not specified, you need to search for the job. In a close work permit your job is specified, and you know the pay scale and the location of the job.

PR:This might be another way to migrate overseas as this is for the people who want to settle down abroad with their families. In this, there is a scoring system in which you will get points for different things such as your age points, education points, marital status points or language proficiency points. Moreover, you will point if you have anyone in the country with which you have first blood relation.


Is it tough or easy to get a Canadian visa for a consultant in Chandigarh?

Canada has become the leading destination among students to move to Canada for higher studies as compared to other countries. So they need to hire a Canada Student visa in Chandigarh, he will tell them to migrate to Canada for higher studies students try to fulfil the eligibility criteria such as:

Academic documents: In this, students need to complete their academic documents, the mark sheets and certificates of the last completed degrees or education. Moreover, if they have any gap in their studies they need to justify that gap by providing a gap justification certificate in which they can provide any valid certificate such as any add-on course or appeared for any competitive exam.

Language proficiency test:Students need to appear for the language proficiency test for which they need to meet the eligibility criteria set by the universities and the embassy as they need to get the overall 6 bands not less than 6.5 if they want to get admission in the top universities. If he appears PTE students need to score an overall 60.

If a profile has negative points such as an education gap, low academic score and low language proficiency score it is very difficult for them to get admission in the reputed universities and study visa for the Canada.

If students have not taken the major subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry or taken the vocational subjects such as physical education, fine and so on they might have difficulty in getting admission to universities and Canadian study visa.

 On the other hand, if students have good work experience such as you have white collar job experience in some reputed organization, have a high academic store, and study demanded subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and computers.

Canadian government has eased the process of getting a student visa in Canada as Canadian government started accepting PTE in the SDS category which stands for student direct stream students want to lodge their file under this category as it has a very high visa success rate.

Moreover, they require only 6 bands overall without any least requirement, previously they require overall 6 bands not less than 5.5.

In PTE as per new rules under SDS, they require an overall 60 score only.

As per new rules GIC amount has increased from 10,000 CAD to 20,635 CAD this amount has increased after 20 years as the living cost of Canada has increased due to which the Canadian government has decided to increase the GIC amount so that students will not suffer after landing in the Canada. But at the same they allow the students to refund 8000 dollars after landing previously student was allowed to refund 2000 dollars only, and the rest of the amount he can refund in the instalments within a year.

Moreover, it is rumoured that no of visas granted might be decreased in the upcoming time as the official embassy has not announced anything but if there are rumours you need to be alert if you want to migrate to Canada.

Being a consultant Abroad Gateway always suggests that students who want to migrate to Canada not opt for private colleges or universities which are in partnership with the colleges and universities for the pathway programs.

Pathway programs are programs such if the student is not meeting the eligibility criteria of the college or the university some private universities and colleges have tied up with the public universities so they allow these students to take admission in the same course in the private college with low fee and get some time to fulfil the eligibility criteria, after that studying one year in the private college he can shift to the public college in which he wanted to take the admission. However, there is a drawback to studying in the pathway programs as it creates difficulty at the time when students will apply for the work permit as the embassy is not giving preference to the students who have completed their studies with the pathway programs.

Abroad Gateway is one of the best Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh who always tries to give the latest and updated information to the students and the best guidance to the students as per the student profile.

From last few decades it has been seen that there is lot of craze in the students to go to abroad for higher studies. As per this scenario immigration industry has bloomed in last few decades, but every coin has two sides so some of the agents are functioning in the market in unethical way so numerous students suffered every day, here we come with solution in this blog as students need to be smart enough while hiring a consultant such as a best consultant should have white image in the market and good sustainability and dedication in providing services. We are proud to say that Abroad Gateway is one of the Best Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh. Canada is one of leading destination among students to migrate as they want to move to Canada for higher studies. As far as student visa is concerned we have two different profiles to migrate to Canada for students on study visa after completing 12th standard or graduation.

If a student want to migrate to Canada after completing 12th, he can choose diploma of two year. Advanced diploma of three year, associate degree of two years but you will find this only in British Columbia. If you choose the associate degree you will get extra education points at the time of the PR. You can also choose degree in bachelors of four year and three year.

If you are a graduate student and want to move to Canada for higher studies you can you can choose the Pg diploma of one year or two year and masters of two years.

Either you choose any of the profile but the process of applying student visa would be same.

Firstly, you need to hire the Canada Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh which is none other than Abroad Gateway.

Profile assessment:Your consultant will assess your file and suggest you the best location, university and the course which you opt for as if you select the wrong course you might face refusal.

Guidance:Your consultant will guide you about the best location as per your profile and the better job opportunities.

Presentation of documents:Your consultant will let you how to manage the documents as per the university and embassy norms.

Educational documents required:In this, your consultant will let you know that which documents you need to arrange. Moreover, LOR which stands for letter of recommendation if it is required.

Gap justification certificate:In this, if you have any gap in your studies you need to justify it by providing gap justification certificate.

Work experience:If you are working you need to provide work experience.

Offer letter:once you receive your offer letter, you need to submit the tuition fee for one year. In your letter you will detail explanation of course details such as duration of the course, starting and ending date of the course.

GIC account:After that you need to open a GIC account in which bank your consultant will let you know. In this you need pay the GIC amount which has increased from $10000to $ 20635, it should pay from the student account only. GIC is basically one year living cost of the student which he can refund in instalments within a year.

Medical Test:In this you need to take appointment for the medical test in the empanelled hospitals.

SOP:After that your consultant will write your SOP stands for statement of purpose. In SOP he will explain why you are migrating and the valid reason to come back.

File lodging:At this stage your file will lodge on the IRCC portal by GC key.

Biometrics:You will biometric instruction letter, and then you need to go for the biometric.

Final decision:Now you need to wait for the final decision, they will send you a PPR which stands for passport request.

Submit the passport:Then you need to go to VFS office to submit the passport.

Visa stamping: From visa office they will collect your passport and after visa stamping on it they send it back to you by courier although they charge you for courier charges.


What are the basic requirements and process of a Canada study visa?

The basic requirement for applying Canada study visa is you get to know the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh.


 PrPofile assessment:Firstly he will study your profile, and analyze your previous education such as in which stream you completed the 12th class examination in which board and with which percentage of marks.

·        Language proficiency test:  Then he will check your IELTS band score that it matches with university or college requirements or not.

·        Education Gap:If you have an education Gap then you need to justify that with a gap justification Certificate.

·        Preference:Then your study visa consultant will ask your preference, in which country you want to go and which course you want to study there.

·         Guidance:After that study visa consultant will guide you to the best course and country which you need to select to get better job opportunities.

·        Process to apply for Canada study visa:Firstly you need to hire the best Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh which is none other than abroad gateway because we provide the best services in the market in terms of consultancy.

·        Secondly, you need to select the course and university and submit your application to the university, in which you should take care of the presentation of the documents and admission SOP if it is required then you need to submit it.

·        Educational documents which you require to apply for the Canada study visa such as the mark sheets and the certificates of the previous studies such as 12th class or graduation.

·        LOR which stands for a letter of recommendation, some universities demand LOR so you need to submit it.

·        Gap justification Certificate:If you have any gap in your studies you need to justify it by showing a gap justification certificate your study visa consultant will help you with that.

·         If you are working, you need to submit the work experience.

·         After that, you will receive an offer letter, and then you need to submit the one-year tuition fee.  In your offer letter, all the details are mentioned such as the name of the course, course details, and the name of the college, the starting date of the course and the ending date of the course. Fees for one year and fees for the entire course are also mentioned in the offer letter.

·         At this point you need to open your GIC account which stands for guaranteed investment certificate it is a one-year living cost of the student which students can refund in one year in installments fixed by the bank. You can open your GIC account in any bank such as Scotia Bank, SBI Bank and CIBC Bank.

·         Moreover, the GIC amount has increased from $10,000 to $20,635.

·         After that students need to book the medical test in different kinds of body test which varies from country to country some of which are included in medical for Canada is not included in medical of Australia. You need to book your medical from empanelled hospitals only.

·         Then your file will be compiled and it's time to write SOP which stands for statement of purpose, abroad gateway is an expert in SOP writing in which we define your reasons with the clarity that the visa office will accept your application. Some students try to write their SOP on their own as they do not know the technicalities which are required to write a perfect SOP they might face refusal because an unclear SOP could be the main reason behind the refusals.

·         After that, you will upload your file to the IRCC portal by GC key.

·         Then after your biometric instruction letter is updated on the portal from which you will book the date of biometrics, you need to go to biometrics.

·         By checking your GC key you can track the process as everything will be updated on your portal so check the status of your file anytime.

·         Then after final decision will be updated on the portal in the form of PPR which stands for passport request.

·         Now you need to visit the VFS office to submit your passport.

·         In the end, they courier your passport after stamping on the given address.

·         To apply Canada study visayou need to follow each and every step mentioned above.