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IELTS test was launched in 1980 by British Council and Cambridge English Assessment to assess the English language proficiency of speakers. Later, IDP: Australia joined hands with them and since 1989 these are responsible for conducting the test. Each year a number of non-native English speakers take this test to prove their language skills so that they can go to an English speaking country for higher education or work. In India, this trend is very common in the states of Punjab and Haryana, due to which there are countless IELTS coaching centres in these states, however, the best ones are located in Chandigarh which is the capital city for both, thus you are able to get IELTS Classess in Chandigarh.

When you Google about the Best IELTS preparation in Chandigarh, you get a long list of coaching centres claiming to be the best. You must not waste your time checking out all of them; therefore it is best that you contact the leader straight away which is Abroad Gateway. Let us check you why they are the leaders in this field:

1.       Availability of Online & Offline Coaching: Abroad Gateway provides only

2.       He as well as offline training for IELTS preparation as it is the need of the hour. People have busy schedules these days, be it a student or a professional and it is impossible for them to take out time to come to the centre to attend the classes. Considering such issues, the online classes were started so that one can practice it as per their convenient time. However, if you do not have these circumstances and could come to the institute for classroom teaching, you can do that as well.

3.       Flexible Batches: This coaching centre does offer batches to suit your time if you are busy in one half of the day, for example; it runs afternoon and evening batches for people who are busy in the first half of the day. This makes it possible for students, professionals or home-makers to attend the classroom sessions.

4.       Mock Test Practice for Test Takers: It imparts Best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh by improving your exam readiness. IT makes you practice their mock test series which is especially designed for the students who are about to take the test in the near future. This is also available for both the students; offline and online. This ensures that you are well prepared to attempt the exam independently at the day of the final test.

5.       Individual Attention: The trainers of this institute pay attention to all the students considering their weak areas and accordingly conduct extra sessions. Not all the students who come to the centre have same language skills in English and that is the reason they believe in focusing on the students individually because their ultimate goal is to improve your language skills to crack the IELTS exam.

6.       Free Profile Assessment: Apart from getting the coaching in Abroad Gateway, you can get your profile assessed to know the band scores that you need to be able to go to the desired country so that you can have a clear target in mind while preparing for IELTS. Also, you will be able to know whether you need to take Academic test or General Training based on your profile.

7.       Other Services: It is always better to start the visa application process simultaneously so that once you have the Best IELTS scores in hand; you waste not a single day and proceed with the visa filing. The visa team of Abroad Gateway is of great help here as they could do all the research to let you know about the suitable universities and courses in the country you wish to go to and providing clarity about the whole process. Meanwhile you are preparing for IELTS, you will have time to prepare the required documents and make the funds available so that all the background work is done beforehand. The moment you clear your IELTS test, they could apply to the university for you and get you the visa at the earliest possible date.

The aforementioned features make Abroad Gateway your first choice to have the Best IELTS Classes in Chandigarh. So, without much deliberation you must contact them for your IELTS preparation.


Opportunities to Take IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

International English Language Testing System is the most preferred proficiency test to assess the English language level of people whose primary language is not English. It is the most popular tests among all the tests because it is accepted throughout the world as the system that gives most accurate results. Chandigarh city has earned the reputation of the best city to prepare for this test over the years owing to the high number of IELTS Coaching institutes having some of the best teachers coaching students. If you are residing in Chandigarh or are planning to move temporarily to Chandigarh for IELTS preparation then it is very important that you take admission in the best place, finding which is vital for the learning process.

There are certain areas where you will find cluster of IELTS Coaching Centers in Chandigarhlike sector 42, 17, 34 etc. all of them claiming to be the best but obviously that cannot be true. In contrast, there are few sectors which have just one or two of them, approaching them is the best idea as it takes you to the institutes who are actually focusing on the quality and not quantity. In the places which are a hub and have a lot of coaching centers there is competition on just enrolling students for the sake of numbers and therefore they focus less on the level of coaching and the results. One such institute is Abroad Gateway which is the only IELTS coaching in Chandigarh sector 42, this center was opened by a certified IELTS trainer with the aim of delivering quality coaching to the IELTS aspirants because she had observed the issues faced by the students and felt that there is need of a place to help students wishing to go abroad to clear the IELTS with the desired bands without milking them just for money.

Understanding the needs of the IELTS aspirants and the challenges they face, she has designed the curriculum with great precision and care which has proven beneficial for a large number of students taught here. Unlike other centers, here students are taught in detail about all the aspects of the IELTS test, not just the question types and how to handle them which makes it stand out. Let us look at the other aspects of IELTS that are focused here while preparing for IELTS:

Time Management:It is pivotal to the IELTS attempt and hence for practice too. All the modules have restriction of time in one way or the other, which is why it is essential that you learn time management so that you are able to attempt all the questions and tasks in the given time. For Writing and Reading modules you get only one hour, therefore it is imperative that you practice to complete them in one hour only. In Listening, at the end you get 10 minutes to write the answers on the answer sheet so you need to finish writing in that time. In speaking too you are expected to prepare for the Cue-card in one minute so you really need to be quick here.

Grammar:It is the base of any language as the language is a nothing but a compilation of words as per the rules of grammar. Thus, knowing the important rules of English grammar is must to improve the language level which happens in Abroad Gatewayby conducting the sessions on grammar topics based upon the need of the students.

Vocabulary: How can anybody express without the words? It is not possible to express the opinions, views and feelings without the relevant words making vocabulary the integral part of language learning. For this reason the teachers here teach new words on daily basis to students which can be used to express better in writing or speaking and to understand the context in Reading or Listening.

Content Generation:It is obviously important that what we speak must make sense to others and that is why it is essential that what we speak or write is relevant to the context and properly connected. Due to this it is needed that students learn to develop relevant ideas related to various topics which is needed for Speaking and Writing modules. In Abroad Gateway the trainers teach the students ways to think and create ideas as per the need of the task or questions.

The overall teaching model of Abroad Gateway makes it the best IELTS coaching Center in Chandigarh

Immigration is the term used for the migration of an individual to a foreign country for different purposes, sometimes temporary for short term and sometimes permanently. In distant past, people could do that without the need of authorisation from the governments. Then in 1905 the visa system was implemented by the British Government to allow non-British people to enter or work in their country and now it is made mandatory worldwide. The rules for getting visa to enter any country are specific to that country and therefore vary which makes it really complicated for anyone to apply fir it themselves. Thus, it is a must that you consult a good visa consultant like Abroad Gateway for the purpose.

Abroad Gateway

Abroad Gateway is a well-established consultancy firm located in sector 42 of Chandigarh city which is counted in the Top immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. Here are the reasons for them to be the best in the industry.

Deals in all kinds of Visa:The top immigration consultant in Chandigarh Abroad Gateway is the one that is efficient in visa application process for various types of visa people apply for like student visa for education, tourist visa for tourism, work visa to work as a professional and many more. Let’s know the variety of visa people apply for:

Student Visa:A big number of youngsters dream of studying in a foreign country in India and every year many of them fulfil that dream as well. For this they need to apply for student visa so that they get accepted by their preferred country to study there.

PR Visa:PR visa or Permanent Residency visa is the one that allows you to shift to that country permanently. In such case you also need all your family members to move as well.

Spouse Visa:It is the visa that is required for a spouse to go abroad if their partner or spouse is living in a foreign county and is a citizen of that country or has PR. You are required to show the evidence of your relationship with your spouse to convince the authorities that it is a real and genuine relation.

Tourist Visa:It is the type of visa that a tourist needs for tourism. Here it is necessary for you to provide financial proof and share the details of your itinerary for the time period you will be staying in their country.

Visitor Visa:This type of visa is for you if you have to pay a visit to a person living abroad for any purpose. This person will be required to sponsor your visit and will be responsible for you and your actions in the country.

Work Visa:It is the visa that one needs to be employed in a foreign nation. This is for the temporary residency for a limited period of time. In such case you cannot live there indefinitely.

Provides Services for all preferred countries:Abroad Gateway is the Best immigration Consultant in Chandigarhbecause it helps you to get the visa for all the aforementioned purposes in all the popular and preferred nations of the world. The visa team of this consultancy firm has mastery in applying different types of visa for you to the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom. These nations are the preferred destinations of people because they offer better opportunities for education, employment and exploration, due to this a lot of people from various nations like to go there and that is the main reason why they have made strict laws for immigration. Only an expert visa consultant in Chandigarh is proficient to get yourself accepted in any one of them.

High Moral Grounds:The immigration industry in Chandigarh is full of visa consultants  and due to this huge competition there are many firms which make false promises and misguide the aspirants who want to go abroad which we all keep reading in the newspapers every now and then. That is why it is essential that you consult the one which has strong morality as they will be the only ones to be trusted. High morals of the whole team at Abroad Gateway results in the complete transparency in their actions and communication. This is the most prominent factor for you to choose them as your visa consultant in Chandigarh.

How to Choose Student visa consultants in Chandigarh for Canada?

Canada is one of the most developed countries which is often referred to as the land of dreams for citizens of various countries. It promises great lifestyle and opportunities to immigrants who make it their residence every year. This trend is prevalent in India too, like any other developing country and most preferred in the states of Haryana and Punjab. A huge number of students from these places apply for student visa to Canada for all the intakes available and for that their chosen place is Chandigarh which is also called the immigration capital of India. The reason for referring it as that is that there are good counts of Student visa consultants in Chandigarhbut this also creates issues related to cheating and frauds. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the honest and reliable visa agent to represent your case to the embassy. Following is the process to finalise the one for you:

·        It is important that you take out the list of most successful and reputed Canada Study visa consultants in Chandigarh. To do so, you can search on google.com which is the best search engine available.

·        Once you have the list with you, it is necessary to read the reviews of the clients they have handled in past. You can watch the video feedbacks also on various social media applications like Instagram or Facebook. This will allow you to reject the ones which are not trustworthy and have not treated the clients well in past and will shorten the list for you.

·        Now you have a short list, the next action must be to give a call to each one of them to arrange for a meeting to have the first counselling session. Do not forget to ask about the charges for the counselling session with the visa counsellor. The tip for you here is – do not go to the ones who charge for it because the honest ones do not charge you for the counselling sessions, it is free from their side.

·        Visit the office of the student visa consultants in Chandigarhwho have offered free counselling session one by one. You must be aware of the things covered in such sessions to get the most out of it. Also, it will give you the clear picture about the most suitable candidate for you. Here is what you should expect in the counselling sessions:

1.      Assessment of the applicant’s profile:Any efficient visa consultant will first ask about your preferences regarding the country, course and university for further education. Then he or she will analyse your profile to understand it better so that the best offers could be provided.

2.      Suggestions regarding the Courses/universities available: Based on the profile, the visa agent will give you the options for the courses that you must pursue depending upon the subject or field of choice which will be best for your career

3.      Further Course of action after completion of the Program:It is important to know about the future application of the program you go for because the final aim is to have a rewarding career. Thus, your visa consultant must tell you about how to get the work permit to gain work experience in the same country post completion of your course and the procedure to apply for the PR if you plan to settle down there itself.

4.      The list of documents required: Documentation is the crucial part of this process, which is why the competent student visa agent will definitely let you know about the papers and documents you need to make available before the application process begins. The most prominent are the documents related to finances to support the education.

5.      Pre-preparation before application process:Apart from all the above information, they will be able to provide necessary coaching to prepare you for clearing the English language skills test because rest of the process begins once you have these scores in hand.


Pay attention to the details and ask as many questions as you have to clear the doubts, if the consultant is able to give the clear answers with explanations for all your queries, it means that he or she is competent and reliable, you must hire such Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarhto process your application.