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The immigration industry has bloomed in the last few decades, as youngsters have craze to move Abroad for higher studies Students need to hire theBest UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh so that they can help them to make their dreams come true. Moreover, you have numerous countries options to select from, which you should select as per your profile, what your previous study was what you want you want to study in the in abroad and most importantly what is your budget. If you are also struggling to choose the right country to pursue for higher studies this blog is for you as we going to recommend the best country to continue the higher studies even if you have a very low budget still you can make your dream come true to study abroad. In this blog, we are going to guide you about the country in which you can get the quality of education at affordable prices. As per the current scenario and visa success rate, we will recommend you move to the UK for higher studies as other countries have changed their rules and regulations which has made the process of getting student visas of these countries very difficult.

Let's discuss how much it will cost you to get the UK student visa:

At the first step, you will be surprised to know that the UK is allowing you to apply the application free of cost as other countries charge for the file application process.

Fee Structure: the UK is helping you a lot with paying the fee, first of all, they have a very economical fee structure, moreover it is the only country which allows you to pay a minimal discount and you can pay the rest of the amount later but in other countries, there is a restriction to pay the full fee before flying Study in UK.

The fee structure varies as per the courses you select to pursue in the UK: As there are two types of courses graduate and undergraduate courses.

In the specialized courses we have courses such as Nursing, Information technology and engineering for which fee structure is very high ranging from 18000 to 22000 pounds on the flip side we have general courses such as business, hospitality etc which have fee structure low as it starts from 15000 to 19000 pounds.

If we compare to other countries they have a very high fee structure which is not affordable to many of the students but they do not need to lose hope as they have the option to study in the UK and make their dreams come true.

Living expenses:In the UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh, in outer London, we have living expenses very low which students can easily manage but in other countries living expenses are very high so it is very difficult for the students to manage the living expenses with their college fees.

If your university is in London you need to maintain 1334 pounds per month in your account for nine months and if your campus falls outer London, you need to maintain 1023 pounds in your account per month for up to nine months this is the living cost for nine months in the UK and the remaining one-year fee which should be 28 days old.

Funds:In the UK you need to show the above funds which can be in any form as it can be savings in the form of an FD or education loan or funds can be in the parent's account with a proper source of income.

IHS: IHS stands for the immigration health surcharge which students need to as per the duration of their study for the undergraduate course you need to pay 776 pounds and the same for the graduate course also.

Embassy fee: The embassy fee depends on the demand of the decision in the standard case you need to pay 363 pounds, in the priority case you need to 363 standard charges and 500 pounds extra and in the super-priority case you need to 363 standard charges with 1000 extra pounds.

Tuberculosis test: You need to pay 2500 INR for this test as this is compulsory to get a UK visa.

So in this way, we have explained to you the cost which you need to bear to get the UK visa. Abroad Gateway will help you in the entire procedure as this is considered the best UK study visa consultant in Chandigarh.


Which documents are required to apply for the USA Student visa?

If you are dreaming to move overseas for higher studies, you can opt for USA as per current scenario of the immigration industry, Canada has become the overcrowded city, moreover Canadian Embassy has made few changes in rules and regulations regarding student visa, student visa rate has dropped in the Canada. So USA would be the great option if you want to get experience the education from the foreign universities, as USA is known for the Quality of education since ages. You can find the world’s topmost and oldest universities in the USA which will give you numerous research facilities. To achieve this you need to hire the bestUSA student visa consultant in Chandigarh.

·        Documents required applying USA student visa: In this, if you are in interested to get admission in the undergraduate course, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

·        Standard: In this you need to submit the mark sheet of 10, 11 and 12th standard mark sheets is 12th standard mark sheet is not available, you need to submit a predictive mark sheet and if 12th standard predictive is not available, you can submit the mark sheet of 9Th standard.

·        For IB boards the school can send the official email to the respective universities, moreover IB students do not need to appear for the English Proficiency test for admission but should be given for the scholarships.

·        You need to submit the English proficiency score card.

·        You need to submit the colored scanned copy of first and last page of the passport.

·        You need to submit the LOR which stands for letter of recommendation, in some universities, it is compulsory for the students to submit LOR, but in some universities, you will get the admission without submission of LOR.

·        You need to submit SOP which stands for the statement of purpose in which the person who writes your SOP will state the reason for which you are moving to USA and the valid reason to come back to the home country. Your big chunk of visa success depends on your SOP in which you need to take care of many technicalities only an expert consultant can write the appropriate SOP for by keeping in the mind the demand of the university and embassy.

·        You need to submit the SAT/ACT scores, if university demands as most of the university accept the PTE and the IELTS score but some universities demand the SAT/ACT score which you need to submit it.

·        Requirements for the Graduate level: These are the requirements which you need to fulfill, if you want to get admission in the universities of the USA.

·        Standard: In this you need to submit the 12th class mark sheet, Bachelor’s individual marks sheets, consolidated mark sheets, Degree certificate, in case you do not have 7th semester mark sheet, student may provide mark sheets till sixth semester along with Bonfire certificate.

·        You need to submit the English proficiency score card.

·        You need to submit the copy of colored scanned copy of the first and the last page of the passport.

·        You need to submit the LOR which stands for letter of recommendation, some universities demand LOR, but some give you admission without LOR.

·        You need to submit the SOP/ essay in which you need to submit the purpose of moving abroad and reason for coming back to the home country.

·        You need to submit the GRE/ GMAT scores if university demands.

·        Some universities might require financials at the time of the application.

·        Portfolio required for students applied for design programs for example, Masters in fine arts, architecture programs.

Steps to apply for the USA are as follows:

·         Apply and get acceptance/I -20 from the US University/ college.

·         Complete the nonimmigrant online visa application form DS-160 available on the CEAC.

·         Pay visa application processing fee and schedule interview.

·         Offsite facilitation center for biometrics and digital photograph.

·         VAC which stands for visa application center.

·         US embassy or consulate for personal interview.

·         Pay SEVIS fee.

Study in USA | US Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh | USA Visa Consultant in Chandigarh





A complete guide to apply for the USA student visa which is also known as F-1 Visa.

These days, studying from abroad is the dream of every other student as there are many opportunities to choose from, so you need to select the country which is best for you as per your profile for which y you need to hire theBest USA Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarh no matter if you are not living near Chandigarh as we are providing pour services online as well offline so that you can contact us as our contact details are mention on our website.

Why you should choose USA for the student visa:

As from last few decades’ students are hoarding towards the Canada which has made the Canada the most overcrowded place due to which Canada government has change few rules and regulations to manage the crowd. So as per the current scenario you need to look for some other country to migrate, as per current visa success rate we will recommend you to choose USA if you want to migrate overseas for higher studies as USA has become the number one country in terms of education, as they provide quality of education to the students moreover they provide high scholarships to the students. To apply for the student visa of USA you will pay the complete tuition fees after getting visa as before visa you need bear least expenses only. USA provides diverse educational opportunities to the students in which they provide vast array of course and fields, excellent post- graduation options in which they provide optional practical training option to its international students in which they can stay in the USA for additional 12 to 36 months.

Let’s look t the process of applying USA student visa: To apply for the USA student visa you need to follow few steps:

·         Firstly, you need to shortlist the universities as there are different type of universities available in the USA such as public and private in which you can choose as per your wish.

·         Once you done with the university, you need to appear for the language proficiency test which depends on the university you choose suppose if university accept IELTS you need to appear for the IELTS but if your demands GRE or TOEFL you need appear for them .

·         Now, after appearing for the language proficiency test you need to appear apply in the  university for the admission for which you need submit the documents in which you must include the language proficiency test result, previous  pass out academics mark sheets and proof of funds.

·         After accepting your application university will notify you by sending you I-20 which again depend on your profile as sometimes it is free of cost and some its cost can vary up to 20 dollars.

·         After that you are eligible to apply for student visa of USA in which you can for your visa by lodging your file on the portal.

·         Visa interview: Your visa approval is depends on your visa interview, in which you will visit the embassy which is available at the various locations, at which consulate will ask you few questions regarding your documents if he finds everything is genuine your answers match with your documents and they will submit your passport and then after they send it back to you by courier by visa stamping on it, on the other if they do not convince with documents and interview they will not submit your passport you get visa refusal.

Visa interview: As visa interview plays a major role in applying for the student visa, so your consultant will help  you to prepare for the interview by taking care of the technicalities and the demand of the embassy so that you can clear your interview for the first time.

Abroad gateway is considered as the TopUSA study visa consultant in Chandigarh by the students as they have got their USA student visa I n the very first attempt without any refusal as we follow the transparent process to apply for the USA student visa prepare how to answer the questions asked by consulate in the interview, so you can clear the interview in the first attempt.


Course suggestions for the Post- graduate and the graduate course.

If you have also made your mind to move USA for the higher studies, you might be confused to choose the appropriate course for you as course selection plays a vital role in getting USA student visa, as the course you want to pursue in the USA and the studies you completed from the home country should be interlinked with each other so that your file work seems genuine to visa officer at the day of the visa interview. In USA, you will have array of courses and fields from which you need to select a particular field and the course, for which you need to hire the bestUSA study visa consultant in Chandigarh who will help you to choose the appropriate course and the field as per your profile as they know that which course is in demand in the USA which will give you education points at the time when you apply for the PR.

Broad classification of the courses:

For the commerce without math and the science students can choose any course from the list given below:







Journalism and media

Language and Communication

For the commerce students with math:

Computer science


Information systems

Data science

Business analytics

For Arts students:







Journalism and media

Language and communication

Now we will have look at the courses for the students form science field with the Physics, chemistry and math:

Pure science: Physics and chemistry

Engineering:  Electrical, chemical, civil, industrial, mechanical, mining and petroleum.

Computing:  Computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, data science, information systems and management information systems.

Engineering courses are divided into three categories:

Electrical /computer engineering:In this, we have courses such as VLSI, embedded, microprocessor, artificial intelligence, communication, robotics and nanotechnology.

Mechanical engineering: Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics and renewable energy.

Civil engineering: Structural, environmental, transportation, surveying, remote sensing, sustainable energy, construction management and project management.

Courses for the science students with Physics, chemistry and biology:


Biological science





Marine science

Cancer biology



Pharmaceutical sciences

Courses for the students in the health department:

Health administration

Clinical research

Public health



Community health


Courses for the students in arts and design:

Creative arts:  Painting, sculpting, music, dance, film and acting.

Design:Digital cultural, media arts and design, visual communication design, studio art, theatre production, apparel and merchandising, Visual communication and design, theatre studies, design and merchandising, graphic design, textile design and fashion design.

Courses for the students in the architecture and building:

Bachelors of architecture

B.s in interior architecture and design

B.A in design studios

Bachelors in landscape architecture

B.A in history of art and architecture

Master in architecture

Master of landscape architecture

Master of interior architecture

M.s in integrated architecture and design

Master in urban designing and planning

Course in the accounting, financing and economics:

BBA in accounting

B.s in business administration

B.A in business

BBA in finance

B.A in global business

B.A in economics

M.S in accounting

Masters of accounting

M.S in finance

BS in information system

BS in actuarial science

MS in statistics

MS in financial engineering

MS in financial economics

MA in financial economics

Courses in the computer science:

BS in computer science

BS in computer science with artificial intelligence

BS in data science

BA in computer games design

BA in cloud computing

BS in data science

MS in computer science

MS in artificial science

MS in robotics and AI

MS in software development

MS in machine learning

MS in cyber security

MS in information technology

Courses for the students in the education: BS in secondary education, B.S in special education, B.S in middle childhood education, B.s in physical education B.s in elementary education, B.S in community health education.

 So above we have given you all the information regarding different courses in the different field, abroad gateway provide all the above information to the clients as they have tie up with the numerous universities and the colleges which is the reason students consider them as abestUSA Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarh as other consultants do not provide all these kind of information to the students.














It is a well-known fact that in the current time a number of people, students as well as working professionals seek to go abroad for better options and lifestyle and for that they take help of the immigration consultants. In the northern part of India, usually aspirants come to Chandigarh to fulfil this dream. However, many of them are unable to do so because they can’t find a reliable Visa Consultants in Chandigarh. 

Finding a reliable TopVisa Consultant in Chandigarh is not everybody’s cup of tea, this is due to certain factors. Let us look at the reasons why it is such a difficult task:

Presence of High Number of Visa Consultants:

The first and foremost reason is the availability of a huge number of firms offering visa consultation services in Chandigarh. As the city beautiful is the immigration capital of northern part of the country, there are a lot of organizations present there which provide services related to visa filing and submission. Identifying the most reliable one from this long list is truly a big challenge as it is a time consuming and laborious process.

Lack of transparency:

A lot of the visa firms do not provide correct and clear details about their functioning to the clients, therefore the applicant is never aware about the options and the services offered. That is the reason this sector is negatively popular for many fake people and fraudulent activities.


Ways to find the trusted visa consultants in Chandigarh:

Research:The initial step is to pull out the list of the Top 10 immigration consultants in Chandigarh from google.com. Based upon the clients’ ratings, google selects the topmost options and does the job for you. It is the easiest part of the process.

Word of Mouth:Once you have the above list, you need to check the google reviews and the comments left by the old clients as word of mouth provides best picture. You can watch the feedback videos too by visiting their social media accounts on Instagram or Facebook. Depending on this, you must shorten the list of visa consultants in Chandigarh from 15-20 to 10.

Checking Credentials: Once you are through with the above step, it is time to check whether these are authorized by the authorities to provide consultation regarding the immigration or not. You Cando that by visiting their websites and finding about it. A genuine consultancy will definitely present this information on their official website.

Paying a visit:Now is the time to visit their physical office but prior to that you should call to fix the appointment for the first counselling. The trusted and honest visa consultants in Chandigarh will be more than happy to call you to their office for a face to face counselling, so keep your ears open to assess that. Be there at the scheduled time for the consultation.

Ask about the Charges for Counselling:Do not miss to ask about any charges that they have for the counselling sessions. A genuine Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh does not ask you to pay for it. It is a service they offer free of cost to their potential clients as they just share the knowledge here.

Attend the Counselling: Be prepared for the counselling session. Gather some information from internet about the obvious and necessary questions and ask as many questions as you have to clear your doubts. A proficient and transparent firm will not hide anything and will give the answers swiftly. Only someone who is non-reliable will not give you straight and clear answers, so observe such things and do not miss the verbal and non-verbal clues.

Make the choice:After going through the aforementioned process, you have everything to make the right choice and choosing the most suitable Visa Consultant in Chandigarh for your immigration journey. You must pick the firm that has the maximum checkboxes ticked as that is the most reliable one for you.

To summarize, choosing right is the most significant aspect of any important matter of life, so it cannot be overlooked in the process of going abroad for any purpose as it involves funds and most importantly a paradigm shift in the life which definitely matters the most.

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