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5052 aluminum sheet is a commonly used product of 5000 aluminum magnesium alloy series. 5052 belongs to Al-Mg series alloys and has a wide range of applications, especially the construction industry, 5052 is regarded as a promising alloy. 5052 aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, good cold workability and medium strength. The following is a detailed introduction of the 5052 aluminum sheet.

The features of 5052 aluminum sheet:1, Aluminum alloy with Mg as the main alloying element. The magnesium content is between 3-5%. It can also be called aluminum-magnesium alloy.2, can not be heat-treated.3, the density is small (2.68). The weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other alloys in the same area.4, has higher strength than 1000, 3000 series aluminum, is a medium high strength aluminum alloy, has good fatigue resistance and welding performance. 5052 has high tensile strength and high elongation.5, resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion is better.6, 5052 aluminum sheet is a hot-rolled aluminum plate series, so it can do oxidation deep processing.The application of 5052 aluminium sheet are various auto parts, sheet metal parts, mechanical parts, automobiles, aircraft fuel tanks, warships, submarines, containers, household appliance use, refrigerator liners and so on. Performance of 5052 aluminum sheet: Tensile strength (σb): 170~305MPa, Yield strength (σb): 0.2 (MPa), Elastic modulus (E): 69.3~70.7Gpa, Annealing temperature: 345°C.

A number of the tempers from O to H32, the most not unusual mood of the 1100 aluminum sheet is h14, we referred to as it aluminum sheet 1100 h14. The H mood is tough representation, H is accompanied by way of 2-3 digits, indicating the subdivision mood of the H.

Take 1100 aluminium sheet as the instance,  the primary digit shows the processing fame of the 1100 aluminum sheet:H1: work hardened mood, indicating that the aluminum sheet has now not been warmness treated, and the required energy is acquired most effective by means of paintings hardening.H2: work hardening and incomplete annealing nation, indicating that the 1100 aluminum sheet has been paintings hardened and the strength exceeds the required requirements. After incomplete annealing, the electricity of the aluminum sheet is decreased to the standard electricity.H3: The state of labor hardening and stabilization remedy indicates that the aluminum sheet is subjected to heat treatment at some point of warmness remedy or processing, and the mechanical residences are stabilized. H3 is only suitable for aluminum sheets that are certainly aged at room temperature.H4: paintings hardening and painting treatment country, indicating that the aluminum sheet is subjected to painting remedy after work hardening, resulting in incompletely annealed.The second one digit suggests the electricity of the aluminum sheet and the degree of labor hardening. Normally, the diploma of hardening is divided into eight grades, 1 is the lowest, eight is the best, and 9 is the superhard nation which is higher than the Hx8 paintings hardening degree. E.G:The aluminum sheet 1100 H14 shows that the aluminum sheet is best subjected to paintings hardening and now not been subjected to warmness remedy and has the moderate strength.

The performance of the 1100 h14 aluminum sheet affects the software, because of the h14 mood, 1100 aluminum sheet can be applied to chemical system, inland watercraft system, numerous packing containers (tenks, strain tanks, tea stoves, and many others.), conductive materials, chemical equipment, units and meters, signs and symptoms (gadget signs, toll road signs and symptoms, motor car licenses, etc.), constructing ornament substances, hardware cookware, gadget components that aren't pressured.

Aluminum coil for thermal insulation 1060 3003 zero.2-8mm needs to have a clean surface, can suitable for wrapped on the pipe for cladding and with moisture barrier. The surface first-rate requirement are not any oil, no shade difference, no oxidized spots and different problems. The 3003 aluminum coil for insulation cladding need to be better press the edge and wrap the pipe, and there may be no cracking throughout the crimping manner, The thickness distinction of the aluminum coil need to be controlled inside zero.02mm, handiest this type of product can become incredible insulation aluminum coil.

The insulating aluminum coil we produce specifically consists of 1060 natural aluminum and 3003 aluminum alloy. They're characterised through anti-corrosion and warmth maintenance, and 3003 aluminum coil has a great anti-rust impact. The packaging of the insulated cladding aluminum coil is particularly product of timber-based totally plastic material, woven cloth, paper-shell steel strip. Further to the pure aluminum coil, for enhance the insulation effect, the aluminum coil may be laminated with other material like paper, kraft paper, surlyn and polysurlyn movie.

Aluminum coil for thermal insulation is broadly used inside the thermal insulation cladding assignment of power plant and chemical vegetation. Similarly, inside the thermal insulation undertaking, the energy plant mainly makes use of 1060 aluminum coil cloth. Because of its corrosive surroundings, the chemical plant chooses rust-proof aluminum alloy, that's 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy fabric.

5083 and 5086 H116 H321 aluminum marine plate is broadly used for shipboard due to its advanced performance. With the development of economy and technology and generation, aluminum alloy ships additionally occupy an area within the market. Ships made from marine aluminum are greater low-cost and environmentally friendly, marine grade aluminum sheet for ships are extra immune to corrosion in seawater and extend the provider life of ships. In comparison with metallic ships and metallic-aluminum alloy ships, the aluminum deliver is lighter in texture. Underneath the same horsepower engine, the ship velocity may be better, that could keep a whole lot of prices for the owner, and on the equal time achieve the impact of electricity saving and environmental safety.

HUAWEI Aluminum can produce aluminum marine plate. Marine aluminum plates are mainly 5083 aluminum plates and 5086 aluminum plates. 5083 and 5086 aluminum plates have strong tensile stress and sturdy corrosion resistance. On the same time, HUAWEIi Aluminum's marine aluminum plate have handed the certification of CCS category society. It is licensed by means of DNV Det Norske Veritas and has surpassed the twin recognition of domestic and worldwide markets, and the product satisfactory is more dependable and assured. HUAWEIi Aluminum has cooperated with Yacht factory and ship manufacturing unit, and so forth., that's deeply trusted through customers.

5083 5086 aluminum marine plate is an aluminum sheet product with excessive brought price. In latest years, it has emerge as the strategic direction of many big aluminum sheet manufacturers. There are an increasing number of 5083 marine aluminum plate on the market, and the first-rate is uneven. Because of the noticeably high performance requirements of marine aluminum plate, This additionally increases the necessities for customers when purchasing 5083 marine plate, and they should choose remarkable 5083 marine aluminum plates to gain higher financial blessings within the later production.

Most of the main aluminum tread plate factories in China, HUAWEI Aluminum offer excessive great product and occasional charge! The aluminum tread plate is one of the greater common building substances. The aluminum tread plate has right oxidation resistance, higher corrosion resistance, mild weight and robust plasticity. The usage of diamond aluminum sheet may be very huge. 3 bars, 5 bars, and diamond (1 bar), stucco embossed patterned aluminum tread plates are all common sorts. The aluminum checker plates may be seen inside the fields of production, transportation, decoration, and refrigeration gadget.<p class="wp-caption-text">aluminum tread plate factories

We recommend you to buy from dependable aluminum tread plate factories. The aluminum tread plate not simplest has obvious ornament and clear texture, but also has a strong anti-slip characteristic. It is the most suitable anti-slip decorative cloth for warehouse workshops. The thickness, power and oxide film thickness of the selected super aluminum tread plate must meet the country wide requirements: aluminum plate thickness ≥1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157 N/mm2, yield strength ≥108 N/mm2, oxide film Thickness ≥10 microns. If it does now not meet the same old, it's miles inferior dappled aluminum.

The aluminum tread plate factories sell high excellent aluminum checker plate for wide utility. The aluminum tread plate produced with the aid of a huge everyday aluminum tread plate factory is made of terrific substances, the surface is easy and vibrant, the markings are clean and tidy, the plate is flat, and the floor is free of oil, scratches, and breaks. The aluminum tread plate produced with the aid of a small manufacturing unit makes use of waste aluminum because the fabric. The surface is stupid and stupid, the pattern isn't always clear, irregular, the board floor isn't always flat, the performance is not up to standard, and the best is terrible.

Excessive excellent 5052 aluminum circle on the market: aluminium circlers are also ubiquitous in our lives, which includes diverse family home equipment in our lives, as well as a ramification of digital products and automobile merchandise. The weight and power of alloy aluminium circle is not excessive. Even though the strength of aluminium alloy circle isn't always high, it may be doubled by means of cold working. Moreover, the strength of alloy aluminum circle may be similarly reinforced with the aid of adding alloy elements and warmth remedy, that is similar to that of excessive best alloy metal.

Aluminum circels have properly plasticity. They can be rolled into aluminum sheets and foils, drawn into aluminum pipes and filaments, and processed by numerous machine equipment.

Aluminum circels are usually packaged inside the way of derrick. The derrick is basically made of wood. The top and lower components are product of two wooden squares. For the height of the decrease element, it is able to meet the operation requirements of forklift vans.

The commonly used aluminum circle disc thickness is 1.0mm and 1.2mm . Amongst them, the kitchenware enterprise has a large demand for aluminum wafers, specially overseas, due to its light-weight, easy processing, aluminum circle kitchenware products are increasingly famous with customers. The zero.8mm aluminium circles produced by means of Huawei Aluminum are hot rolled and bloodless rolled. Among them, 1060 and 3003 aluminium circles are very popular.

The thickness of aluminium circle is 0.5-five mm.Which may be processed and custom designed to different diameter of aluminium discs. The outer diameter range can be from eighty mm to 900 mm. Specific specifications of the die may be consulted with relevant personnel.

Aluminum circle manufacturing and processing, commonly divided into punch processing and guide processing: for instance, 8.5mm thickness of aluminum circle manufacturers

Punch Processing: 1. Blank slicing (reducing square) 2. Blanking (slicing into the circle aluminum you want)

Guide processing: in particular for some special specs for guide punching.

A way to calculate the load of aluminium circle?

Within the trade with overseas clients, foreign clients typically want to purchase consistent with sheets, so the calculation of the fee of every sheet of aluminum circle is barely difficult, so a way to calculate the weight of the aluminum circle disk?

Weight (sheet/KG)=(three.1415926)* radius square (m)* thickness (m m)*2.71 (density)

Weight of a ton = a thousand/as above

1. Aluminum foil class:

① in line with the shape points, it could be divided right into a roll of aluminum foil and a sheet of aluminum foil. Foil products delivery techniques - like the giant majority of the quantity, best a handful of customers to apply artisans packaging sheet of aluminum foil.

② Press thicknesses may be divided into thick foil, unmarried zero foil, double 0 foil 3. Thick foil is a foil thickness 0.1-0.2㎜, unmarried 0 foil with a thickness of zero.01 mm and less than zero.1 mm foil, double 0 foil, there are  zeros after the decimal point while the foil thickness mm for the gadgets of size.

③ via kingdom, fundamental difficult for the complete kingdom of foil, foil gentle kingdom, semi-rigid foil state sector and 3-quarters of a difficult foil tough foil.

④ Press the floor kingdom may be divided into single-sided and double-sided foils foils.

⑤ in keeping with zoning, divided foil packaging, household foil, electrical equipment and construction with foil with foil.

Coloured aluminum foil

2. Foil residences:

Skinny and mild, than strength, suitable gloss, high thermal and electric conductivity, high moisture resistance, non-poisonous, tasteless, suitable cover optical, thermal insulation, properly corrosion resistance.

Aluminum foil metallic

Three. Aluminum and aluminum alloy grades and standing:

Within the beyond it's miles based on country wide unified representation that Pinyin plus a sequence number, given that 1996, this illustration has been disabled, is currently used in 4-digit illustration of the global gadget. Alloy uses a 4-digit gadget of illustration, wherein: the first consultant of the alloy series, inclusive of the primary digit is 1, represents pure aluminum series, the first digit is 2-8, the consultant of a the principle alloying elements of different series of aluminum alloys. 1 department represents aluminum, its ultimate two digits imply the minimal percentage quantities of aluminum in two after the decimal point. Shows manipulate of alloying elements or impurities limit the content of the second one grade. Instance: 1100 represents an aluminum content material of ninety nine.00%, 1235 represents aluminum content of 99.35%, 8011 Chemical composition: silicon content of zero.50 to 0.90, the iron content of zero.60 to one.0, manganese copper content of 0.10 Mg zero.20 0.05 zero.05 chromium content material nickel content zero.10 Ti 0.08 Zn content material, different content material zero.05, general content of other zero.15, the balance aluminum content of 8011 (H14), mechanical properties: tensile strength: a hundred twenty five to a hundred sixty five yield strength: one hundred ten elongation: 2 ~ 5.

Four. The reputation of aluminum and aluminum alloys and code:

Baseline: F- unfastened machining reputation, O- annealed situation, H- hardening state, W- solution heat remedy, T- warmness remedy.

Subdivision status: state foundation at the back of to pick out 2-3 digits, the first digit is 1, 2 shows a simple processing program of the nation, the fundamental country of the second one digit indicates the diploma of hardening merchandise, virtual eight suggests a difficult kingdom for kingdom eight among O (annealing) and H &instances;, must add a number of from 1-7 indicates the alloy species and limit using aluminum foil, the principle nation O state respectively after H × code, H1 and H2 fame state, different states not often used.

HUAWEI 5052 aluminum sheet on the market is one of the consultant excessive magnesium alloy of 5000 series aluminum, it has the traits of accurate rust resistance and high hardness. 5052 aluminum alloy is extensively used in system look, grinding device stamping and other fields. The 5052 aluminum sheet plate is an AL-Mg alloy aluminum, Magnesium is the main alloying detail, it's far the most broadly used kind of anti-rust aluminum.

5052 aluminum sheet for sale is specifically used for high plasticity and right weldability. It is also generally utilized in sheet metal components of site visitors automobiles, ships, meters, avenue lamp brackets and rivets, hardware merchandise, electrical enclosures, and many others. It is able to additionally be used within the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and aerospace aluminum alloy materials. It is an ordinary antirust alloy material.

The most normally used temper of 5052 aluminum sheet is H32, and the maximum usually used mood of 5052 aluminum plate is H112. These two states are the maximum broadly used.

5052-H32 aluminum sheet is a warm-rolled aluminum sheet, that's more often than not used for skinny plates. Relying at the production procedure, it is commonly 1-2 times cold-rolled, annealed, and finished into a completed product after hot rolling on a hot-rolling mill.

5052-H112 aluminum plate i5052-h112 aluminum plate is warmness labored and hardened, which is typically used for thick plates.

5052-H24 aluminum plate belongs to hot-rolled aluminum plate. There are few applications of aluminum plate on this kingdom, so few producers produce it.

The 5052-O kingdom aluminum plate belongs to annealed aluminum plate, and is usually called gentle nation.