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Only the Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint Department can receive and handle complaints regarding the Rock Johnson Foundation. Nothing to worry about. You can now file a complaint with the Rock Johnson Foundation without any reservations. Please get in touch with us.

We presently provide two distinct methods for submitting your Dwayne Rock lottery concerns in order to safeguard the comfort and security of our consumers. You can now contact us by calling our toll-free number at +91-784-790-6924 or by completing the online complaint form on the Rock Johnson Foundation's official website. The two legitimate and authorised ways to file a complaint against Rock Johnson lottery fraud or scam are as follows.

First you can submit complaint by calling or through WhatsApp chat on official WhatsApp live support of Rock Johnson Foundation @ +91-784-790-6924.

Second, you will have to visit Rock Johnson foundation official website at Where you will find a complaint form. You can submit by filling out this form. If you are victim of Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Fraud or Scam, submit your complaints at  Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint Office. Our officer will take necessary action as per rules.

We have established an official Rock Johnson Foundation helpline number for the convenience of our clients. Our clients can reach this number via WhatsApp at any time. Call us at +91-784-790-6924 if you need assistance with the Rock Johnson foundation Lottery. It is the Rock Johnson customer service hotline's official number. You must get in touch with us via our official number if you want any information regarding the Rock Johnson Lottery.