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Octagon Solutions

We are a leading Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier & Exporter Following products offered by Octagon Solutions: Lutz Blade ,Teflon Dam, Cylinder Cleaning Solutions, GSM Round Cutter, Cabinet  Color Matching,  Brown Brass Brush with handle, Ink Mixing Roller,  Multicolor Pantone Shade Guide ,Nitto Tape,Doctor blade, Polymer Doctor Blade , Micron Doctor Blade, Steel doctor blade, Maple Corona Dyne Test Pen,  Dyne Test Pen, Corona Dyne Test Pen, Magnetic Ink Mixing Rollers, LED Hand Model/ LED Fixed/ U-Tube Stroboscope, DyneTest Pens, Viscosity Cup (B-4), Pantone Shade Guide, Teflon Dam, etc.nd whole-selling qualitative assortments of Doctor Blades, Wrapping Machines, etc. We are a well-known name in the market which surpasses the benchmark for perfection and our commitment to deliver on time. Our products are being exported to various countries. We have been in the market for over 25 years and strongly believe in building relationships.

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