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celebrateit Oct 12

Best Halloween Costume:Hats, Accessories & More!


If you’ve got an idea in mind but aren’t sure how to bring it to life then we are happy to help you. We have props, wigs, accessories and trinkets to realize almost any idea or concept. Where is a cowboy without their hat? A police officer without their badge?

Some good places to start with are hats and wigs. Together these frame a face and are how great themes are displayed.  To help with this we have wigs in almost any color and style. Blonder, black, red, blue, brunette to say just a few along with just as many styles. It’s enough to match with and help really bring the spotlight your ideal costume deserves.

Next step would be to pick a hat of which our range is rather varied. From cowboy hats to top hats, crowns to farmer’s caps. We have something from every walk of life and theme that works great with all the other accessories.

Finally the way to add the finishing touches to the costumes is with props and tools. We have many different make up kits on offer alongside fake weapons, canes, staffs and all manner of accouterments. From noble knights, to detectives and sailors we have a enough to make sure everyone comes out with what they were hoping for.


Themed Costumes!

We have a wide range of costumes perfect for any event, but a way to really make a gathering or party a lot more fun is to fit into a theme. 


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