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ashley Oct 20
How to Soundproof a Room ?
  1. Hard surfaces like tile, plaster, and drywall reflect and amplify sounds. It makes perfect sense that soft surfaces absorb sound, making rooms quieter. You can cover walls with blankets, tapestries, quilts, or moving pads. You can use any soft material, but thicker materials absorb sound better than those with a thinner texture. You can give the room an industrial feel by attaching sound-absorbing panels to walls and ceilings.

  2. Noise can make your bedroom and surroundings noisy. It doesn't matter if your dog is barking at the trees outside, or your teenager insisting that their music must be played at maximum volume. All the noise can make it difficult to get good shut-eye. These are seven simple ways to reduce the noise and finally fall asleep in sweet, artificial silence. You get two benefits from soundproofing curtains: a soothing, soothing decorative touch, and soundproofing that blocks traffic noises.

To make a room as soundproof as possible, you will need to address the walls. If you don't want to install a system like IsoTrax, you can also blow insulation into an existing wall by drilling a hole in the wall and using specialized equipment. This will help reduce vibration and noise.

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