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This budget will guide your financial decisions throughout the year.


If you need to update your budget, it could be a living document. If something changes, you can update and revise your budget. Once you are clear about your goals, it's easy to update and revise your budget.

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The most reliable and strongest revenue sources are the most reliable and most reliable. They are also the biggest expenses you can make educated decisions when you have to alter your budget over time.

Stay on track by using financial tools


A system such as Artwork Archive, in addition to the worksheets can help you keep track your sales and expenses. Artwork Archive accounts allow you to:


You can create a revenue report with the Revenue and expense feature. It includes sales of artwork, non-sale revenues and both kinds. The report will give an overall.


and break down your revenue by line item. In just a few clicks you can access a complete record of your sales and revenue.

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Artists: The Breakdown of the Business Models


We all wish we could be in the studio, being in a bubble, and creating for the rest of our lives. However, to make sure you have enough, you need to create the foundation.


business with the formal business model.


We strongly suggest that you hire professional legal counsel before you make any decision regarding your business's legal affairs. But, here are some simple steps to get your ball rolling.


You might have an existing online store, started selling on Artwork Archive or sold your artwork directly to family members and friends. The government could be reached at this time.

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This makes you "sole owner". You are able to continue selling this way without legal repercussions or without filing for a business formation however, you're not


You are protected from any potential liability


The requirements for business creation and identity will decide what you need to protect your assets and what you should think about to tax-related reasons.

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Artists often use certain business structures to establish their art-related business. We will provide information specific to art-related needs.


You'll need to be aware of the following five structures

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs
  • Cooperatives
  • S Corporation

A lot of artists choose to use an organization structure like an LLC. This separates the personal assets of you from your business assets. Without separation of your personal assets,


If you were sued by your business for an accident that caused you to slip and fall accident in your studio, you would be personally liable. Your personal property would be used as a payment.

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