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The Port Angeles Arts Council invites artists who reside in the Olympic Peninsula (Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, and Grays Harbor counties) to submit their work to the


Art on the Town exhibition of public art


Our goal is to bring an ever-changing and ongoing art exhibition in downtown Port Angeles. Art on the Town is an outdoor, all-year-round exhibition that takes place in the center of Port Angeles' downtown.


Port Angeles. Exposure has been a huge success. 40 works of art have been ordered and purchased by the artists since its inception.


Art on the Town. Art on the Town will be hosting the outdoor event, which will feature work by selected artists in downtown waterfronts and sidewalks, pocket parks and many other locations.


Art on the Town supports multiple galleries by offering guided tours and second Saturday gallery openings and receptions. Self-guided walking tours


Guides for sculpture tours could be used to advertise tours. The diversity of the visitors to the sculptures creates a a valuable market for the promotion

There are 62 US National Parks. A fee of $20 is required to enter the park.


R Gallery will be displaying photographs from ALL 62 US National Parks in an online permanent exhibit. The images are to purchase on our website.


In our downtown Boulder gallery of art. R Gallery will sell prints of selected artists. Artists will receive 50% of the sales proceeds. R


Gallery will also make an album using these images as well as promoting the exhibition and sale of prints.


Artists are encouraged to submit original artwork to the "National Parks Exhibit." We're looking for digital or film images for this exhibition.


All types. The photos must have been taken in or at any of the all 62 US National Parks and not previously published in any commercial publication. A small portion


All profits from book and print sales will be donated to the National Park Foundation.


DEADLINE: 17 October 2021


FEE: $20


WHO: International, Photography (Film, digital, all styles)

For Art Winter Exhibition Call For Art Winter Exhibition


We are delighted to offer creatives a an opportunity and platform to shine. We will only succeed when we work together as creators.


flourish. A non-competitive call for Art looking to support you on your journey whatever level you are on.



Calls & Submissions: Public Art Exhibition

 Click on the blue arrow beside the report's title that you want to share. Select the blue arrow next to the report's title Click Share'

 Find the contact that you'd like to send your report. Write a short message to explain why you're writing and personalize the email. After that, click


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 You are also able share your contacts with all Contact Groups. Choose the group you want to share with from the drop-down menu. After the report has been shared, it can be shared with the group, click Share.

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 If the group is an Share Record the group will be noted on every person's contact record.

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 If you share a report, the Share Record is noted in the report's page right next to the report under Info'

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 You will also find all Share Records that are associated with a particular contact. This includes all private rooms and the reports shared with the individual.

 Keep it brief. The length of the average business plans is shorter now than it was in the past. It's possible to convey all the information you need in 20-30 pages and an additional 10 pages of appendices. It's impossible to summarize a plan for more than 40 pages in length.

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 Of of course there are some exceptions to the general rule. The design for a chain or coffee shops included photos of the proposed location as well as sketches and maps of the different places. While the plan was more extensive than expected, the graphics were of great value. Location shots, product photos, menus, blueprints, logos, floor plans and signage photos are useful.

 Use business charts. Use business charts to make your most important numbers easy-to-find and easy to comprehend. Highlight the main numbers using simple business diagrams and summary reports. Appendices should be simple to locate the relevant information. Also...

Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi

 Bar charts are useful for displaying, at a minimum gross margin, net profits by year, cash flow and net worth.

 The three-dimensional bars appear smoother while two-dimensional bars can be easier to read. It is important that numbers are clear.

 Stacked bars make it easier to view totals. If your sales are divided into segments, stack the bars to show the total.

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 Pie charts can be used to display market share and market segments.

 Show tasks and milestones as horizontal bars with labels to the left, and dates on the top or bottom. This is what most people refer to as a Gantt diagram. Show only the major tasks and milestones, because too many details make these charts difficult to read.

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 So that readers can quickly look them up and recognize the numbers on the charts, it is a good idea to include the sources in a table of summary. A business plan reader must never be unable locate the source numbers in charts. That's frustrating.

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 11. Diversify and broaden your offer selection.

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 Diversifying your offerings is a good idea. What complementary products or services or information could you provide in your business? To expand, you must think about expansion. Find new niches. Find out the pain points. What other products can you offer your clients? What else could you do to make money from the exchange

 12. Build passive income streams

 Growing an enterprise requires a lot of effort. You should think about making passive income streams for those with tight margins. This way, you don't have to worry so much about keeping your lights on, so to speak. The passive income will let you make mistakes but not have to lose your job. It will help you stay operating and gives you the opportunity to quickly grow, market, and expand your business with plenty of resources.

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 13. Other businesses can be acquired

 Sometimes, buying other businesses is a quick method to expand your business. If you discover businesses and competitors that complement yours, you can use these to grow quickly. Look around your industry and even beyond it to discover potential for potential opportunities.

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 14. International expansion

 Are you able to expand internationally? Can you expand internationally on your existing products? What is the cost you to start a new business in Canada, Mexico or Europe. If your proposal is converting to international, it could be a good method to expand. You'll incur some costs. Sure. However, there is a huge potential for profit.

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 15. Create an online webinar.

 Webinars offer a great method of promoting your service or product. It can also help you grow any business relatively fast. Webinars can be used as a sales tool that is automated to bring any product or service to market quickly and reach a large audience. Webinars are a potent method of capturing the attention of audiences and clinching sales after sales.

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 Step 3. Design and create your site.

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 Once you have identified your market, product, and a selling process, you are in the right position to design your small-business web design. It's crucial to keep it simple. You only have five seconds to grab their interest. Otherwise, they will be gone forever. Here are some tips:

 Select one or two simple fonts with a white background.

Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di 

 Your navigation must be clear and easy, and the same for every page.

 Use graphics, audio and video only if they can improve your message.

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 It is possible to include an opt-in option to gather e-mail addresses.

 It's easy to purchase. Just two clicks is all it takes to take a potential customer to checkout.

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 Your website can be considered your online storefront.

 Step 4. Utilize search engines to bring targeted buyers to your site.

 However, don't confuse the simplicity of wording and format with simple thinking. You haven't fully developed your concept, therefore it's essential to keep it simple. Keep it simple to ensure that you get your point across quickly to everyone who reads it.

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 Let's look at some of the details to help you simplify your plans.

 Rein in your prose. Effective business writing is simple to read. People will quickly skim through your plan. You can save the long prose for the classic American novel. Here are some tips to consider to consider when you're planning your strategy.

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 If you need to convey meaning do not use long, complex sentences. They are easier to comprehend and are suitable for short sentences.

 Avoid the use of acronyms, jargons and buzzwords. Although you might be familiar with NIH which means "not invented here", and KISS which stands for "keep it simple and stupid", don't assume that anyone else knows.

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 Use simple and straightforward words like "use", instead of "utilize", and "then", instead of "at this moment in the future."

 Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm 

 Bullet points are more effective than lists without bullet points. They can be helpful in aiding readers to understand the details better.

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 Avoid "naked" bullet points. When necessary, give short explanations. Fascinating bullet points that aren't explained well could be confusing.

 7. Develop strategic alliances

 Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm

allow you to reach a large number of customers quickly. Finding those partnerships could be a bit more difficult than you think. You can find businesses that have a commonality. Let them know if you are looking to collaborate.

 Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm

 Strategic alliances with the top companies could be the key to success. This can

 8. Use global platforms to benefit

 Are you in the business of selling items? Amazon's FBA is a possibility. If you're selling services, Why not consider Upwork? In the rental of holiday houses? What do you think about hosting HomeAway, InvitedHome or HomeAway to your business? Make use of a platform that's already saturated to help expand your business.

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 9. Licensing deals

 It's a great method to grow your business without putting in any effort. If you own an item that you could license to others and share the profits, it's an ideal way to grow quickly. It is possible to reach saturation quicker by licensing a successful product to an organization which has a large presence.

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 10. Think about the possibility of a franchise model.

 If you're running a profitable company, and are seeking to expand quickly, consider franchising your business. Although franchise costs are high and moving into a franchise system can be complicated and requires an extensive amount of knowledge in marketing and experience, it can be a huge advantage if you're truly seeking rapid growth.

 Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm

 11. Diversify you offer a variety of options

 Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm Lm

 Diversifying your offer is an option. What other complementary products, services or information can you offer to your customers? Expanding is key to your expansion.

This budget will guide your financial decisions throughout the year.


If you need to update your budget, it could be a living document. If something changes, you can update and revise your budget. Once you are clear about your goals, it's easy to update and revise your budget.

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The most reliable and strongest revenue sources are the most reliable and most reliable. They are also the biggest expenses you can make educated decisions when you have to alter your budget over time.

Stay on track by using financial tools


A system such as Artwork Archive, in addition to the worksheets can help you keep track your sales and expenses. Artwork Archive accounts allow you to:


You can create a revenue report with the Revenue and expense feature. It includes sales of artwork, non-sale revenues and both kinds. The report will give an overall.


and break down your revenue by line item. In just a few clicks you can access a complete record of your sales and revenue.

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Artists: The Breakdown of the Business Models


We all wish we could be in the studio, being in a bubble, and creating for the rest of our lives. However, to make sure you have enough, you need to create the foundation.


business with the formal business model.


We strongly suggest that you hire professional legal counsel before you make any decision regarding your business's legal affairs. But, here are some simple steps to get your ball rolling.


You might have an existing online store, started selling on Artwork Archive or sold your artwork directly to family members and friends. The government could be reached at this time.

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This makes you "sole owner". You are able to continue selling this way without legal repercussions or without filing for a business formation however, you're not


You are protected from any potential liability


The requirements for business creation and identity will decide what you need to protect your assets and what you should think about to tax-related reasons.

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Artists often use certain business structures to establish their art-related business. We will provide information specific to art-related needs.


You'll need to be aware of the following five structures

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs
  • Cooperatives
  • S Corporation

A lot of artists choose to use an organization structure like an LLC. This separates the personal assets of you from your business assets. Without separation of your personal assets,


If you were sued by your business for an accident that caused you to slip and fall accident in your studio, you would be personally liable. Your personal property would be used as a payment.


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 It may be necessary to have experience, training and licensure

 The hull needs to be cleaned on boats that are removed from the water for repairs in winter or just to maintain. And, depending on the kind of boat, it's an ideal time to give a major cleaning of the decks, sleeping quarters, the head, and the holds. Contact homes that have boats that are still in their yard. The marina might be interested in your services and contract you to clean their boats.


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 Has expansion possibilities

 Offering a soup-to–nuts business plan. This includes the market research, financial reports and the business plan narrative. Set your price based on the most important thing that your client will want and offer the others as add-on services. Clients can choose to either provide an electronic version and allow them to access it, or you can keep the business plan on file so that they can make changes as necessary. You can provide business plan samples for clients to view, and make sure you include your own.

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 Driving is a great job that can earn extra money. Although it won't replace the full-time job, it could provide a substantial extra income stream. NerdWallet reveals the following breakdown of income potential: "To earn an annual income of $50,000, Uber drivers need to provide 60.21 rides per week, Lyft drivers need 83.76 Sidecar drivers require 72.03 rides and Lyft drivers require 83.76.


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 There are a variety of ways to go about this business. If you want to work during hours when no one else does and you want to concentrate on your office customers. You can focus on retail businesses and keep your customers clumped in two or three blocks. Restaurants must be cleaned frequently and can be a great source of customers who are steady. Maybe housekeeping appeals to you. There are many cleaning services that don't require you to spend much money advertising or marketing. Customers will simply come to your house by word-of-mouth.

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