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  1. The positive effects of technology for the work, personal and social life

  1. Ease of Access to Information


The World Wide Web, abbreviated as www, has transformed the world a social village. Because all information is available on the internet from all corners of the world It is simple to access.

While the majority of news reported posted on social media sites is factual there are images results for specific news. There's more news to be found than ever, and all of it is accessible.

  1. Saves Time


Do you remember ever having to navigate in areas that were not familiar to you? This is a common problem for those who move to a new location. It could be an official business trip or holiday, modern technology lets you to enjoy your outings by helping you navigate to wherever you want to go.

One can search for specific locations and determine the exact place of residence. The application itself takes care of.

It will not let you miss a single turn or turn, and it now displays the traffic conditions along your route.


  1. Mobility made simple


Imagine life without cars or a bike. The advancement of technology has made these things possible.

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It is easy to see the significance of a vehicle when you consider the distance between Australia and the United States of America at nearly 15,187 kms. However, it can be traveled in just 16-17 hours.

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It's not possible to do it all in one day, but you'll not regret the 16-17 hours. This is all possible because of the inventions of electric trains, airplanes, and cars each and every day.


  1. Improved communication means better communication


It's an established fact that technology has replaced old technology. And we cannot think of our lives without this replacement. While letters were the most popular means of communication in the past century (and are still) but no one would ever think of writing one. Why not use a parchment for video conferences?

The disadvantages of technology on privacy Security, Information, and Privacy

Many data breaches occur due to the fact that excessive amounts of data are shared, and not all businesses fully take responsibility for the way user data is handled.


Anonymous and fake people and split personalities and anonymity


New types of crime and terror have been created by technology and the ease of accessing information at an accessible place.

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