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Technology: Is it a good thing or a negative thing?

Nowadays it is fashionable to talk about technology as a bad thing. There are corporations who violate our privacy and harvest our personal data without our consent the truth; personal assistants who record us without our consent; and other breaches that reveal our personal data. Are these all negative? The tools we're worried about could also make our lives better--from connecting doctors more quickly than ever before to data on patients to digital bus routes that make transport more efficient. What's the conclusion? Technology isn't always a good thing or a negative thing. It is the way it's utilized.

There are pros and cons when it comes to collecting data

We recently wrote about Big Tech collecting huge amounts healthcare data to create one platform that would allow healthcare professionals to search for patients records. The platform would provide healthcare providers with complete patient records. This could help them offer better healthcare and improve outcomes. On the other hand there's a concern that Big Tech could use the information without the consent of patients or permission.

These discussions go beyond the realm of healthcare technology. AI is now a part of our everyday lives. It has affected our social media feeds, our commute to work by providing traffic suggestions and also analyzed our bank transactions for fraudulent transactions. People are worried about the kind of data AI demands and the ways that their data could be used (for instance facial recognition, which could mean you're being monitored all the time). AI could assist in improving many aspects of our lives including aiding people with disabilities to communicate and monitoring the wildlife.

What are the positive outcomes of these techniques?

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It's the method in which it's used that counts

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Technology isn't necessarily good or bad, it's the way we construct our culture around it and how we use it. Case in point: VPNs, which can safeguard your privacy, or depending on the VPN--could be harvesting your personal information. Technology that collects information could be used to make lives better by implementing the appropriate regulations. However, it is a question of whether there's a push for these regulations that holds groups who violate these regulations--and people's privacy--accountable.

Google as well as Facebook both were affected by faulty Chips that silently corrupt data

Google and Facebook, two of the largest internet companies have found out that their computer chips are not working properly. This can cause data corruption or cause it to be difficult to access encrypted files. Facebook advises hardware makers to be aware of the issue that has developed due to the large quantity of computing resources utilized by the companies.

Google was alerted to the issue when engineers from multiple teams reported difficulties with their calculations. However Google's diagnostic tools did not show any problems. A thorough investigation revealed that the issue was caused by specific chips.

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