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Attention spans are shrinking. In fact the attention span for humans has dropped to 8 seconds, from 12 seconds over the last few years. Companies such as Facebook and Snapchat argue that a 2 second/3 second video watch time should be considered as a "valid" view due to the fact that the attention spans of their platforms are very less. Isn't it scary?


Family distancing is where individuals who share the same space don't speak to each other but only to their own devices.


Loneliness and social isolation


Laziness is an indication of lazy living.


Technology is taking away satisfaction. It is the place where everyone is always seeking more and is not grateful for what is available. Here are some inspirational quotes.


Virtual experiences are getting more popular than actual experiences. Technological advances have enabled us to forget the difference between fake and real.


Technology's negative effect on work life


A large portion of the population are replaced by new technology, which results in joblessness in certain instances. Computers were used to identify the job titles that people were given.


Many people carry work laptops at home and checking their email at night, or in the toilet, there is a gap between the family and work.


Too much information, too little knowledge. Many people read thousands upon thousands of news articles every day. But nothing is kept long enough to become knowledge.

Technology's influence on society

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The way people communicate, think and learn is influenced by technology. Technology improves the quality of life for society and influences the way people interact. Technology plays an important part in our society. It has both positive effects as well as negative effects for the world. It affects our daily lives. The advancements in technology are ubiquitous. The internet and cell phones are some examples. But, with the advancement of technology however, there's a drawback to it all.

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The impact of technology on learning is one of the most significant aspects. It makes learning more interactive and collaborative. This makes it simpler for people to understand and engage with the material. This also allows you to have more access to resources. It gives us instant access to information, and can be accessed at any time of the day.

This makes it much easy for students to complete their work. Online classes and quizzes make it easier for students and can make it more efficient for teachers. It allows for self-paced learning and extends the limits of the classroom. YouTube and other social media can be used to assist people learn. This lets students learn more quickly rather than sitting in lecture halls and reading books. The technology helped make learning more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Another way that technology has impacted society is by enabling the way we communicate. We communicate worldwide via text and phone. There are numerous ways technology has allowed electronic communication to be more effective. Social networks, emails Skype, Facetime, and videoconferencing allow you to hold electronic conference.

The health industry is also seeing technological improvements that have helped keep people safe and well. There are many applications that let people track their weight, calories, heart rate and other health information from anywhere they choose. Healthcare accessibility is improving, with more people being able to access it. The hospitals are using modern technology in their surgery rooms.


Technology: A Good Thing or Bad Thing

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