Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Site or Blog from Joe Roman's blog

Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Site or Blog from Joe Roman's blogBest Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Site or Blog

Are you looking for the Best Google AdSense Alternative to help you monetize your website? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. There are many AdSense Alternatives for the new website. Let’s find out!

While AdSense is unquestionably the most well-known name in display advertising, it is by no means the only option. There are many Google AdSense competitors available in the market.

There are countless other services you can use to monetize your website, whether you are looking for a complete AdSense replacement or just another complementary advertising option.

AdSense is best suited for smaller sites or blogs, which is inconvenient if you want to grow or expand quickly. Getting approval to set up an account on Google AdSense is difficult. Aside from the difficult account approval process, Google AdSense does not offer a diverse range of ad types or customization options. Google considers a variety of other factors when determining whether or not your website is suitable for inclusion in the Google AdSense program.

If you do not want to use AdSense for whatever reason, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous Google AdSense alternatives to work with. Today, we will tell you some of the best Google AdSense alternatives, detailing everything you need to know about them so you can choose the best platform for you. It also includes AdSense Alternatives for low-traffic blogs or websites.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by displaying advertisements alongside your online content. It is a program that allows website publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve relevant text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements. These advertisements are managed, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can earn revenue by charging a fee per click or per impression.

The AdSense program differs in that it serves Google Adverts ads on your site. The ads that appear on your site are then compensated by Google based on user clicks or ad impressions, depending on the type of ad.

What is the Google Adsense alternative?

As the name suggests, Google AdSense alternatives are the alternative to Google AdSense. People usually look for ad networks better than AdSense because it is not easy to create an AdSense account and get approval. Some of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives are as follows:

  • 7SearchPPC
  • PropellerAds
  • Monumetric
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adsterra
Why Use an AdSense Alternative?

People who have trouble getting Google AdSense approval can go for an Adsense alternative. There are many different AdSense alternative programs that offer great features, allowing you to make additional income from your website. Top Adsense alternatives include sites like Bidvertiser, 7SearchPPC, Adsterra, etc.


Setting up takes only a few minutes; it supports all ad formats and has a seamless API integration. Adsterra is not recommended for publishers with low traffic. You will need a lot of traffic to realize its full potential.


7SearchPPC is a well-known pay-per-click advertising service provider which offers you benefits that have The best Adsense alternative for you is right here. Yes, it is none other than 7SearchPPC. It is a well-known pay-per-click advertising service provider which offers you benefits that have not been provided by Adsterra. It helps in providing an online advertising platform for advertisers and an AdSense alternative for publishers. They cater to many industries, including dating, porn, gambling, and others, making it easier to promote your business online. Here, you can get the market’s highest conversion rate for multiple payment options.

With the help of 7SearchPPC, advertisers can also expand their business fast and quickly. It is the Best Google AdSense Alternative for your business. 7SearchPPC provides many benefits such as:

  • Fast payout to the publishers
  • Multiple payment options for both advertisers and publishers
  • A referral bonus of 10% of your referred person’s income

Bidvertiser is another reputable ad network that specializes in helping publishers monetize their content. It monetizes your website through a variety of ad formats such as display banners, popunders, sliders, smart links, and programmatic ads.

Bidvertiser uses a bidding campaign system rather than automatically placing ads, Bidvertiser sells display ad space on your website to the highest-paying advertiser.

Consider which of these categories your blog falls into before actually trying Bidvertiser. If this bidding system works for you, you will appreciate Bidvertiser’s simple ad customization tool, no approval requirements, and payment for both clicks and conversions.

Users of Bidvertiser are paid monthly, with a minimum payout of $10 via PayPal. The Bidvertiser’s ad formats are all mobile-friendly and include the following: Native ads, banners, pop-unders, smart links, and sliders. is a major competitor to Google AdSense and one of the leaders in contextual advertising. It is a Yahoo and Bing contextual ad network used by bloggers and website owners worldwide. It can be considered the best Google AdSense alternative for bloggers as it provides many types of display ads and native ads for both desktop and mobile. These ads will pay you roughly the same as AdSense.’s targeting is accomplished through the use of keyword search terms. This technology adds to the highly contextual ads and encourages more clicks.

The most significant advantage of over Google AdSense is its high revenue per thousand impressions rate (RPM). Another significant advantage of is that it offers search results from the Yahoo and Bing networks. Furthermore, the platform gives you access to a client network, increasing your ad revenue and taking advantage of a rich search market.

In case you are looking for a service that compares to AdSense in terms of features, quality, and payout rate, is a good place to start. It is one of the highest-paying Google Adsense alternatives. PayPal’s minimum payout is $100, and payments are made monthly.

Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is a rapidly growing platform that provides monetization options for both new and old blog sites. It is well-known for its pop-under ads, which appear and load behind the current browser window when it is closed.

If pop-unders appear to be too aggressive for your blog, PropellerAds also offers non-targeted and targeted ad options for desktops, such as native ads, banner ads, and video ads. PropellerAds also supports mobile websites and applications, with a push notification ad type available.

PropellerAds is available to established sites, but it is also ideal for newer blogs. There is no minimum website traffic requirement, your account is activated immediately after creation. It can also be considered the best Adsense Alternatives for small websites. The payout threshold is as low as $5 via PayPal. These payments are made monthly.


BuySellAds differs from AdSense in that it does not display contextual ads automatically. You can instead list your ad inventory on the BuySellAds marketplace, where advertisers can purchase it directly. They offer ad formats, including banners, text ads, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and content sponsorships.

BuySellAds is extremely exclusive, which means in order to join, you must have at least 100,000 monthly page views. If you are capable of meeting this high standard, you will earn a 75% commission on each click. This is extremely competitive in the industry and far exceeds Google’s 62 percent commission rate per click. And the minimum payout with PayPal is only $20.


Monumetric is a blogger-focused ad network that prioritizes content creators and ensures that the ads that appear on your site are of high quality and relevant to your readers. They do this in part by speaking directly with their customers and making themselves available for help when needed.

Monumetric helps you make money by ensuring that your ad inventory is filled with the highest-paying CPM offers. It uses a cost-per-impression model rather than a cost-per-click model, which means you are paid when visitors see advertisements on your pages rather than when they click on them. While earnings from impressions are lower than earnings from clicks, Monumetric compensates with highly targeted ads.

While approval requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views, this is a lower threshold than certain other networks on this list and can be met by mid-sized blogs. Also, blogs with less than 80,000 monthly pageviews must pay a $99 setup fee.

The minimum payout from Monumetric is $10 via PayPal or direct deposit.


Taboola is one of the most popular alternative advertising platforms, with a 100% fill rate in any geographic location and a slew of fancy features like promoted product listings, in-feed units, customizable widgets, and much more. It helps you monetize your website by displaying article suggestions after your content.

Taboola can be used effectively in three places: Google’s ‘sponsored’ search area, social media and networking websites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like), and your personal website. Everything is managed through a central dashboard, but there is a minimum page view requirement of 500,000 to get started.


Adversal is a simple ad-serving platform that lets you create native ads in minutes. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to start, stop, and pause ad campaigns easily.

Adversal allows you to add native video ads, as well as display ads to your website or blog. A built-in tag management system filters ads and detects and prevents various types of fraud.

You must have at least 50,000 page views per month in order to open an Adversal account. Furthermore, in order to be eligible, your website must have its own domain name.


InfoLinks allows you to create effective video and banner ads. It is used by over 100,000 websites and blogs worldwide and operates in over 128 countries, including some of the world's leading brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, Netflix, and many more, making it extremely simple to monetize any website while maximizing engagement and not ruining its style. It is one of the highest-paying AdSense alternatives for your website.

There are different ad types to choose from, and they are also regularly updated, so you can be sure they are only displaying the most relevant and up-to-date content. All you have to do is to paste the HTML code into your website, and you are done!


Adcash supports almost all ad formats, ranging from standard display ads to more premium units such as pop-unders and in-stream video ads. Any ad unit can be easily placed and customized, and you can view real-time reports on ad performance via the admin panel.

Adcash operates on a pay-per-action basis. It accepts payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney. As a bonus, the $25 minimum payout is relatively low.


Skimlinks specializes in affiliate marketing, which distinguishes it from the other options on our list. It works by scanning your blog’s text for links to other websites. After a site visitor clicks on a link that takes them to one of the advertising partners of Skimlinks’, the link is converted into an affiliate link, and you receive a 75% commission. You also earn additional money when people buy products through your affiliate links.

Skimlinks is a great way for bloggers to monetize their text content without (or in addition to) display ads. Skimlinks has a very low $10 minimum payout. However, payments are only sent every 90 days.


Revcontent is a pioneer in native advertising, which is designed to complement the look and feel of your blog content. These ads are highly targeted to blend in with the pages of your website.

Revcontent also provides advertisements in other formats such as display, mobile, and video. The catch is that Revcontent is even more selective than Google AdSense. Your site must receive at least 50,000 monthly visitors and consistently produce valuable content in order to apply successfully. The publishers are paid on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout of $50.


RevenueHits emphasizes its advanced ad optimization tool, which learns from your ad performance and recommends the best places to place ads on your site.

Over 20,000 publishers worldwide use Revenuehits to make more money from their ad space. There is no minimum traffic requirement to begin using RevenueHits. However, it's important to note that RevenueHits ads are performance-based rather than cost-per-click. It means that visitors must click your ad and then complete specific actions on the advertised website for your blog to generate revenue.

RevenueHits makes payments every 30 days via PayPal and Payoneer. There is a minimum payout of $20.


PopCash, as the name suggests, is a popular popunder advertising network. These ads are aggressive, and they may or may not be appropriate for your website. However, if you are okay with the strategy, PopCash is one of the best ad platforms for this type of ad. PopCash provides quick approvals, daily payments, and low minimum payments of $10, so you can start earning money right away.

While the ads are popunders, PopCash has both internal and external monitoring processes in place to ensure that they are clean and malware-free.

The Best Google AdSense Alternative

So, these were some of the best AdSense alternatives for your websites. Each of these Alternatives has something to offer. 7SearchPPC is a good place to start if you are looking for something similar to AdSense. It can also be considered theBest Google AdSense Alternative. It can also be considered the Best AdSense alternative for websites.

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