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Traffic Monetization ad network is a platform that connects website owners or publishers with advertisers, allowing them to earn money by displaying ads on their websites. 

Publishers sign up for the network and place ad code on their sites. Advertisers then bid for ad placement on the sites, with the highest bidder winning the placement. 

Publishers earn revenue based on clicks or impressions generated by the ads. Traffic Monetization ad networks offer a variety of ad formats, targeting options, and tracking tools to maximize revenue for publishers and ROI for advertisers.

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Dating Adds

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Platform for Online Advertising for Advertisers and an Alternative to AdSense for Publishers

Popular Pay per Click Advertising Service Providers are We support advertisers in reaching their KPIs and increasing ROI while assisting publishers in maximising CPM.

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7SearchPPC allows an Advertiser to promote his Gambling Site. We provide you with the  Gambling advertisement network platform for Gambling apps or Websites. 7SearchPPC allows the publisher to promote the blog if it is related to Gambling sites. You can advertise your online gambling business with the help of our website.

Trust 7SearchPPC to help you promote your Gambling App and start earning from our alternative Ads Network for Gambling Bloggers. Gambling is sort of a financial adventure and many people want to try it. But your ads will only work if you have the right audience. To select the right audience you can start your online gambling marketing campaign. 7SearchPPC helps you in letting you bid on relevant keywords, so your ads will get to the people interested in your offerings. We provide you with the options to promote online casino businesses or promote online gambling sites.

Gambling Advertising For Advertisers

We provide the options of multiple ad formats, you can get relevant audiences who are interested in Gambling. You can start a low-budget Banner Ads campaign on our Ads Network, and it will be easy to manage your Return On Investment (ROI).

Gambling Ads Network For Publishers

You can get fast approval of your Gambling sites. You will get relevant ads according to your Gambling site or blog and get fast payment. We offer High CPC ads. You can also analyze your revenue easily on the dashboard. We provide on-time payments to the publishers within a week.

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Local Search Engine Optimization is an important factor to help you to get high traffic to the website due to local searches. Any local business which does not focus on local search would definitely lose the local audience. This article will give you complete instructions to improve your local search ranking.

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

A local Search engine optimization, also known as (Local SEO) will help your business to be visible in the local search engine results. The local Search Engine Optimization can easily be explained with the help of an example.

For instance, if You search for food online while you are at work, you will find various nearby restaurants, even if you do not provide Google with your location. On the other hand, if you search for the same thing when you are at home, you will find a completely different set of restaurants that are near your home. This is what Local Search Engine Optimization is.

Why Is Local Search Engine Optimization Important?

A large number of searches are based on the local requirements of the user. Therefore to not lose the local users, it is important for businesses to optimize local searches. Local search engine optimization can help the local services to rank higher in the search engine.
Some of the importance of local Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Through local SEO, you can drive in new visitors and customers.
  • People wanting to buy local goods and services would be at your store through online or offline mode, whichever is best for them.
  • You can drive more sales through local Search Engine optimization. 
  • This process of Search Engine Optimization advertising is less expensive and convenient. 
  • SEO is one of the easiest ways to advertise.
What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization plays a very critical role in a business to popularize your business locally. Thebenefit of local Search Engine Optimization services can be gained through a search engine platform when using the right techniques. A large number of users can use Google my business SEO benefits to know the advantages of using the Search Engine Optimization service for their local business.

Some of the benefits of local Search Engine Optimization for small businesses are:

  • Through the right Search Engine Optimization techniques, you can get more customers to your online business.
  • You get relevant traffic to your website.
  • You can build trust among the users for the products and services you provide.
  • The local Search engine optimization helps you to increase sales for your business.
  • Your local business gets quick popularity. 
  • Local Search Engine Optimization is the least expensive way to advertise.
  • Since everything is online, it is convenient for both businesses and consumers to take benefit from this new technology.
How To Do Local Search Engine Optimization?

To do local search engine optimization, you need to know the basic concept of Search Engine Optimization which you can read at the top of this article. Once you know what Search Engine Optimization is, you can now also practice Search Engine Optimization by yourself. 

To practice Search Engine Optimization yourself, you need to know different terms in SEO. There are two types of Search Engine Optimization concepts. One is on-page SEO, and the other is off-page SEO. 

On-page SEO:

On-page Search Engine Optimization comprises those elements of your website that you can control. The elements you can control are the title tag, meta description, meta title, alt text, etc. You can also use keywords that can help you rank in the search engine. Keywords are major factors to help you rank on a search engine platform. You can use these keywords on your home page or the blogs that will increase your overall website.
Placing internal links on your blog or website pages can increase the number of users navigating between the website pages and therefore reduce the bounce rate.

Off-page SEO:

Off-page Search Engine Optimization consists of links from other sites. You can add links on other sites of your website pages to increase the search engine ranking. Off-page SEO may consist of content marketing, brand building, citation building, link building, and social media.

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7SearchPPC allows an Advertiser to promote his Gambling Site. We provide you the Gambling advertisement network platform for Gambling APP or Websites. 7SearchPPC allows the publisher to promote the blog if it is related to Gambling sites. You can advertise your online gambling business with the help of our website.

Trust 7SearchPPC to help you promote your Gambling App and start earning from our alternatives Ads Network for Gambling Bloggers. Gambling is sort of a financial adventure and many people want to try it. But your ads will only work if you have the right audience. To select the right audience you can start your online gambling marketing campaign. 7SearchPPC helps you in letting you bid on relevant keywords, so your ads will get to the people interested in your offerings. We provide you with the options to promote online casino business or promote online gambling site.

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PPC Competitor analysis should be a regular and essential task for everyone involved in managing the PPC ad campaigns.

It is essential to know what messaging techniques your competitors are using and what keyword they are bidding on. Along with it, you should also know where your competitor is overlapping with you for keeping the campaign on point.

What is PPC competitor analysis?

PPC competitor analysis is the most crucial step in creating a successful advertising campaign. It can help you get valuable insights that will inform your targeting and bidding strategy. To do a PPC competitor analysis, you will have to identify the biggest competitors in your niche first. After that, you will have to figure out what keywords they are targeting so that you can create campaigns that are better than your competitors. PPC competitor analysis saves you the time of investigating each of your competitors manually.

PPC competitors can also be found with the help of the PPC competitor analysis tool. To find your competitor PPC data you can use the best PPC tools. Further in this article, we have discussed the PPC competitor analysis tools that would help you to do the PPC campaign analysis.

The Auction Insights sections in Microsoft Advertising and google ads offer almost every detail of information about where your competitors are bidding against you.

Accessing Auction Insights

As long as your account has enough data you can look at auction insights at the account level, by the campaign, by ad group, or by using keywords (or a set of keywords).

These segmentations can allow you to see what topics specific competitors care about, based on which ones show up on each campaign's radar.

Google Ads

In Google Ads, the auction insight report allows you to compare your performance with other marketers who are bidding on the same keywords. This comparison report can help you in future decision-making. The platform provides six different statistics for a search campaign, including overlap rate, impression share, position above rate, outranking share, top of page rate, and absolute top of the page rate. 

To get auction insights from your Google accounts, you can follow these steps when you enter into your google account-:

  1. Click on Campaigns, Ad Groups, or keywords that you want to analyze.
  2. Click Auction Insights.
  3. You can now take a look at your Auction Insight report.
Microsoft Advertising

To get Auction Insights in Microsoft Advertising, look for the "Auction Insights" tab on the top of the screen of your system, next to "Campaigns."

You can also access information about Auction Insights for individual campaigns/ad groups/keywords similarly to Google Ads, by selecting the ones you want to include from the table and then choosing Auction Insights.

Microsoft Advertising also consists of a graph that allows you to check how your competitor metrics have changed over the period in a bar graph format. Interestingly, this chart option is one feature Google Ads does not have.

What is PPC bidding strategy?

A PPC bid strategy can help you do the bidding for a keyword in the most appropriate way.PPC bids can be made in two ways one is manual bidding and the other is automated bidding.

To know the bidding strategy in PPC, you can read the below points:

  • Target Cost Per Acquisition by spending the stated daily budget to maximize the conversion.
  • Target return on ad spend(ROAS) is among the top bidding strategies as its main focus is to increase the conversion value instead of conversion volume.
  • PPC brand bidding strategy can consist of an important strategy that is to maximize clicks over conversion.
  • Target impression share.

These strategies can also be considered as the PPC bid management strategies.


Applying For Auction Insights

You often have a question about how can you make this report practical to your account management process? The following are a few tips to look at and apply the facts to the account: 

Identify New Competitors

Auction Insights are perfect for identifying the new competitors who are starting to scale up their advertising efforts.

If you see any new names you have not come across, you can bring those up with your client or marketing team to analyze what your competitors are doing online.

Often the people who compete with your brand most on search are not necessarily the people who are your top competitors.

You can also determine if brands that have existed but previously had not done much with the paid search are starting to put more budget into search.

If you observe your competitor suddenly having a high overlap rate compared to the past, you should know that they have most likely scaled up their budget in a PPC campaign.

You can also identify this if your competitors are expanding themselves by offering different products or services or even the regions where they grow their business.

For example, if you have separate campaigns for other countries, you may have seen a client overlapping in the US but not Canada.

By monitoring your competitors' Auction Insights, you can see if they are expanding their advertising efforts into Canada and flagging potential international expansion efforts.

Compare Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

The competitor list available in Google Auction Insights is often different from what shows up in Microsoft Advertising.

Usually, fewer competitors are active on the Microsoft end, and the ones who are spending the most on Google might not even be competing in Microsoft. Sometimes, you will find completely different competitors showing up in Microsoft than in Google.

Be sure to include Microsoft and Google in your Auction Insights analysis to potentially identify even more competitors and get a more clear picture of their cross-channel tactics and strategies.

Track Historical Changes

You can track all changes in bidding activity over time by month. Looking to see which brands have increased and which have decreased.

You'll need to remove words manually for various date ranges to get this data for Google Ads. But Microsoft Advertising makes this analysis more comfortable by showing the statistics in graphs directly within the interface.

By looking at the report from Auction Insights of a month, you can identify seasonal trends. Do other businesses increase or decrease their activity in search at the same time as you do?

You may also see responses to current scenarios.

Keep A Watch On Who Is Bidding On Your Brand.

Brand bidding is a frequently debated topic in the PPC industry. With many valid and logical arguments for or against it.

One benefit of brand bidding can be the auction insights report. Particularly in spaces where the companies frequently bid for each other's names.

By analyzing the auction insights report concerning your brand campaign, you can see a snapshot of the other companies bidding most aggressively on your brand name.

You may also see which ones are likely to allocate the most budget and the highest bids for competitor bidding based on their higher impression share in the report.

What is PPC keywords strategy?

Before knowing the PPC keyword strategy, you should know what is PPC keywords? PPC( Pay Per Click) keywords are those keywords that can be used to build a PPC ad. 

Some of thekeywords PPC strategies are given below:

  • Start with analyzing your business goals.
  • Take into consideration the user's requirement. 
  • Analyze your competitors PPC keywords.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Get the best keywords for your PPC campaign.
Best PPC Competitor Research Tools

Marketing or advertising plays an essential role in the growth of your business. But your competitors running ahead of you can be a great threat to your business. So it is the right time to use the best tools for PPC competitor research and the PPC analysis tools. If you want to run a successful PPC campaign, you must try the tools given in this blog for your PPC competitor research.

Why should you use PPC competitor research tools?



Using PPC competitor research tools can reduce the efforts and time of an advertiser or businessman. The tools can help you boost your advertisement, get keyword ideas, and stay updated about your competitor's strategies.

Reason to conduct PPC competitor research
  • Collecting more information about your competitors can help you to identify your competitor's next actions and the most effective keywords.
  • You can find out the most searched keywords.
  • It becomes easier to get the keywords your competitors are not bidding on.
Competitor research tools

A competitor research tool will help you to analyze your competitor's strategy and search how your competitors are ahead of you. Below are the best competitor research tools that would help you to save time and easily analyze your competitor.


Ahrefs is one of the most common PPC competitor research tools. You can find out the most relevant keywords based on the search volume. This tool provides multiple features like backlink analysis, keyword research, content marketing features, etc.

The tool provides four pricing plans: lite, standard, advanced, and agency. And is also known as one of the best PPC optimization tools.


SEMrush is a popular PPC competitor research tool. This tool is commonly known for its keyword and competitor research. Through SEMrush, you can easily find out your competitor and their performing keywords and ranked pages over the search engine. This tool is not only a PPC competitor analysis tool but also social media competitor analysis tool.


SpyFu is the best tool to analyze your competitor’s strategies and is therefore known as one of the best PPC analytics tools. With SpyFu, you can know all your competitor's keywords on which they are ranking on the search engine, monitor their backlinks, and monitor their top-ranking pages. It helps you analyze the ad variation which your competitor has used over time. You can start using Spyfu at $39 per month.

Se Ranking:

Se Ranking is also a PPC competitor research tool that works similar to the other tools given above. With Se Ranking, you can easily research your competitor on the basis of keywords, backlinks, and other SEO analyses. This is a cheap tool that can be used for low-budget businesses. You can start using this tool for $39 per month.


iSpionage helps you to get new keyword ideas, look into what your competitors are working on, and strategize accordingly. You can get your competitor's data across different search engine platforms. This is an easy-to-use platform for the users. You can start using the tool for just $29 per month.

Advantage of using PPC competitor research tool

Some of the advantages of PPC competitor research tools are:

  • You can quickly get the most relevant keyword ideas.
  • PPC competitor research tool can help you to detect and adapt to changes.
  • It can become easy for you to review your marketing benchmark.
  • You can track industry and market trends through the PPC competitor research tool.
  • Using a PPC competitor research tool, an advertiser can easily analyze its competitor, get ahead, and gain more benefits.
What is the Factor Affecting PPC Traffic?

Traffic can be affected by various means, but the major factor that can affect traffic isMiscellaneous tricks. Some of the miscellaneous tricks are given below:

  • Call to Action Cheat Sheet for preparing effective PPC ad copy.
  • Using negative keywords. 
  • Do competitor research for when and how they can bid for the keywords.
  • Changes in technologies can be an important factor.
Competitor PPC Banner Design

Competitor PPC Banner Design is part of competitor analysis PPC. While you are doing your competitor PPC analysis you should also work on thePPC banner ads. The PPC banner ads that you use should be more attractive than your competitors convincing the users to click on them. Before preparing your PPC banner ads you should always check your competitor PPC banner design to make a better PPC  banner than your competitor. 

Some of the tips to build better PPC banner ads are:

  • All of your banner ads should include a call to action. Such as order now, learn more, buy now, etc.
  • Give a clear message to the user.
  • Prepare clear images and banner designs for the user to connect more.
  • Always add your brand’s logo while preparing a PPC banner design.
Local PPC Strategy

Any business can do local PPC advertising with the help of a search engine or an App by targeting local keywords. Advertising through a search engine with the PPC techniques can assist a business to gain local popularity and even increase sales. 

Thelocal PPC strategy is given below that can help you to get good results for your business:

An advertiser of the local business can use the local language to target their audience.

  • You need to be specific with the target location. 
  • As an advertiser, you can do A/B testing to decide which ad is the best for your business. 
  • Analyze your PPC campaign on a timely basis.
  • Make regular changes in your PPC campaign. 
PPC landing page templates

Building the best PPC landing pages can bring new users and consumers to your business. You should prepare the best PPC marketing funnel to easily drive the users till the last step of the purchase.

To make the PPC marketing plan you can analyze the market and the user's preferences and take into account some of the popular PPC hashtags which can easily attract users to make purchases.

If you are unable to build the best PPC landing pages you can also buy the PPC website template or go through the PPC landing pages examples over the internet that can help you to create the best one for you.

The PPC landing page examples that you find on the internet can give you some ideas on how you can use keywords and attractive designs to get new consumers for the products and services you provide.

PPC Machine Learning

Machine learning in PPC is impacted by all factors in your campaign. In today’s technological environment all ad networks, factor machine learning in their algorithm. To make your campaign successful it is important to understand machine learning.  The algorithm is taught to process the data machine learning PPC

PPC AI is not just enough to build a successful campaign. You also need to useAI powered PPC tools to get the best results for your Pay Per Click ad campaign. AI for PPC definitely plays an important role in your ad campaign but the campaign cannot be successful without the AI powered tools and the best strategies.

Best PPC ad networks

As an advertiser, if you want to know thebest PPC ad network we are going to discuss the best PPC advertising networks below:

  • 7SearchPPC ad network: The 7SearchPPC ad network is one of the best PPC ad networks. You can get morePPC impressions when you start your PPC ad campaign with this platform. 7Search provides you with a PPCmultichannel campaign dashboard. You get multiple features such as a self-serve platform, 24*7 chat support, multiple ad formats, and multiple payment modes.


  • Bidvertiser: The Bidvertiser PPC is among thetop PPC ad networks. If you are an advertiser and you advertise with Bidvertiser you can get a goodimpression PPC ads for promoting your products and services. Bidvertiser can also be considered as thehigh PPC ad network as it provides high Pay Per Click to the publishers. 


  • When impression PPC is your goal you should take up as your PPC advertising network. can help you to get huge impressions on your ads by appl.


  • Infolinks: Infolinks is a PPC ads network that provides you with multiple features to advertise your business. 


  • Adsterra: Adsterra is one of the best PPC networks that can help you to generate new leads through their PPC ad campaign. 

Suppose you have already made monitoring Auction Insights a regular task in your PPC management process. Make a note to review the data that you have collected.

You will have the opportunity to identify core competitors and track their bidding activities month by month.

You can look into these reports within your accounts and see what you find from these Auction insights reports.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.) Why update your PPC campaign?

Ans.) It is important to update your PPC campaign to as not to lose consumers. Always do A/B testing at regular intervals to know which ads are more appropriate and help you generate leads for your business. Creating attractive PPC ads can help you get more clicks and also gain huge popularity for your business. Using the right keywords and updating the keywords can be a great help to your PPC campaign. 

Q.) How to track brand awareness on PPC?

Ans.) To measure brand awareness of your PPC campaign you can follow these steps:

  • You can track the impression to know how many users have come across your ads. Impressions are the best sign to know how much popular you can be and how many people know you. 
  • Measure the lost impression share to know how many time times your ads get not appear due to budget restrictions. 
  • Check the average position of the ads that you display. Make sure your ads appear in the top position or at least the first on Google to not lose the audience. 

Competitor PPCPPC Competitors AnalysisCompetitor PPC DataPPC Campaign AnalysisPPC CompetitorsCompetitor Analysis PPCCompetitive PPC AnalysisPPC CompetitorPPC Competitor Analysis

PPC Competitor Analysis ToolsPPC Analysis ToolsBest PPC ToolsBest Tools For PPCPPC Competitor Analysis ToolBest PPC Optimization ToolsPPC Analytics ToolsPPC Optimization ToolsPPC Competitor Tool

It’s as easy to entertain the traffic on Adult Sites, but it’s as tough to get them monetized as well. So, we are here with the promise that this will not happen anymore if you set out your journey on our footprints. And to make this job easier, total credit goes to the Best Ad Networks. They have always been there as a shield for Adult sites. Let’s get going with a step-to-step guide to take on the issue related to the Best Ad Networks to monetize Adult Sites. As the first shot of this bulletin, we will hit you with the big names without which it’s impossible to imagine the world of Best Ad Networks to Monetize adult ad sites.


7SearchPPC entertains a particular category for Adult sites. It’s a big name and becoming the well-known synonym for Adult Sites. Let me explain to you why it is so!

7SearchPPC has not gained its name and fame in a couple of nights. But it’s all because of the highly relevant tactics that this Best Ad Network adopts for its Publishers and Advertisers. And it enables the users to have an excellent experience.  
Our team has conducted a quick online survey. And its ground reality really pushed us to make it at first among the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites.


Exoclick claims to have +8.5 million impressions per day. That means it has always maintained its way to progress from the day it was born. And one needs to have the guts to do that. Yup! You heard it right. 
Exoclick celebrates an extraordinary success there in the world of Best Ad Networks. And it’s policies are very flexible in order to entertain Adult Sites on its platforms with on-time and multiple payment methods.


Juicy Ads, which rooted itself in 2006, has taken the form of a big tree. Currently, this Ad Network is one of the Best Ad Networks to monetize Adult Sites. JuicyAds is one efficient way to taste new traffic alternatives. A long way to the exclusive relationship with Publishers and Advertisers. It has made JuicyAds all set with its tools, targetings, and anti-fraud capabilities


Traffic Junky is a Canadian Ad Network committed to Monetize Adult Sites.  It aims to improve the performance of your Business through each online advertisement on its platforms. 

Its team is always there to help out with the best creatives performing outstandingly in the market. A great team is always behind the grand success story of a company. And it also rings true in the Traffic Junky case. On the whole, TrafficJunky is well to proceed among the tops of the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites.


Adsterra started itself in 2013. And now, after around 20 years, it owns a prominent name among the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites. You can be sure to use Adsterra for your Adult Sites as its story with Adult Sites Monetization makes it loud and clear.

Its client support system is ever-ready to take on your issues, and its dashboard makes you feel good while using Adsterra.


PopAds is the topper among the Best Ad Network to Monetize Adult Sites. It claims to be the single Ad Network to process the request of daily payment to its publishers. And the fact that is worth celebrating, PopAds guarantees to be the one in the market in the matter of generating the number of leads to Advertisers

So, now the ball is in your court. We have handed you the relevant information. It’s your turn to decide whether you want to Monetize Adult Sites with PopAds or not

Its primary features are-

  • Dynamic Market
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With ten years of experience, AdXXX is no longer a fantasy but has emerged as a dream-delivering Ad Network. They provide well-researched offers that you can find nowhere else. Mostly AdXXX is prominent for its CPA projects

The exclusive features of AdXXX are-

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  • Quick Integration
  • 24x7 Support

All these features make the AdXXX name among the countdown of the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites.


PopCash has made its name among the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites in a quick time. By and by, PopCash has summed up its value among Publishers and Advertisers in the virtual world. All the processes of PopCash are authentic, and PopCash has a way to go.

Exclusive features of PopCash that make it to count among best are-

  • Fast Payments
  • Worldwide Coverage 
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Eight plus payment options
  • Friendly Interface
  • Performance-Focused  

HillTopAds is one of the best if we analyze it qualitatively. Quality matters here most, not quantity. And this is what everyone wishes for. So, on your part, if you want to entertain HillTopAds to Monetize Adult Sites, you should be prepared for the long run with it. That would be important to know.

Exclusive Features of HillTopAds are-   

  • CPM (CPA per Request)
  • Traffic from direct Publishers
  • Advanced targetings
  • No blocked Impressions
  • Real-time detailed Statistics
  • Self Service for Advertisers
  • No Financial Transaction Fees
  • Ad Network rotation for Publishers
  • Own Ad Server Solution
  • Custom Solution for Valued Partners
  • 24/7 Qualified Support

PlugRush is an open and intelligent Ad Network for Advertisers and Publishers. It works on three motives. Those are-

  • Buy Traffic
  • Sell Traffic
  • Trade Traffic

So when we refer to our talk about the Best Ad Networks for the monetization of Adult sites, we are good to count PlugRush among them. PlugRush meets all the expectations that Advertisers, Publishers, and Users wish to see in the Best Ad Network. 

Benefits to Monetize Adult Sites with the Best Ad Networks

We stress, Best Ad Networks are the best way to Monetize Adult Sites. It’s all on account of the policies Best Ad Networks entertain to the Monetization of Adult Sites. They mainly publish and advertise on their platform. 

Ad Networks are sustainable to the Publishers due to their step-to-step availability of tech support. And they also entertain an easy and quick payment process. 

You can track a real-time engagement report of the audience to your website. That’s why we have come up here with this blog that deals with the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites

Here, we hand you very few features that the best ad networks never miss entertaining. So, we go!

Instant Approval to Your Account

Best Ad Networks try their level best to have their partners on board. And instant approval to your account is just a part of that.

However, they provide you with a step-by-step guide in every process you need to cross. That makes Ad Networks big cheese in the Advertising and Publishing Industry.

On Time Payment

That’s all that a Publisher always wishes for! Reasonable and On-Time Payment is ultimately all that matters to push Publishers to join their Ad Network. It’s the path under gaining name from an Ad Network to the one among Best Ad Networks.

High CPM & CPC

CPM and CPC vary from one Ad Network to another. But Yes! We can wrap up that Ad Networks comparatively pay better to Publishers than other platforms.

That makes Ad Networks high in demand. And they are the big name to be in tough competition with others. That makes them best for the monetization of Adult Sites as well.

User Friendly Dashboard

Best Ad Networks provide user-friendly services to its Advertisers and Publishers. And same is the applicability for Dashboard as well.

Dashboards are easy to go for Publishers and Advertisers. They can view real-time activities via Dashboard and plan their future accordingly.

All-Time Tech Support

A perfect team is always behind the great cause. Best Ad Networks do follow this rule as well. Their Tech Support is ever committed to serving its partners at best. It supports not only Partners but also Ad Networks. Best Ad Networks expand itself by catching every opportunity that comes.

How do Ad Networks Monetize Adult Sites?

There is a straightforward process that Ad Networks follow to Monetize Adult Sites. As you know well, Ad Networks work as a bridge between Advertisers and Publishers.

Advertisers pay to Ad Networks in order to have the engagement on their Ads. And Advertisers run those Ads on Publishers’ websites. Ad Networks pay a fixed part to Publishers that Advertisers have paid to them. 

What are the other ways to Monetize your Adult Sites?

Multiple ways are there to Monetize Adult Sites other than Best Ad Networks. So here, we have handed you quick tips regarding the matter. Let’s get going!

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sell Adult Products
  • Sell Premium Adult Content
  • Donations

Let me tell you that an infinite number of Ad Networks are there to boost to be the best to monetize Adult Sites. But here, we have handed you top tokens among them that really mean it. 
All in all, you are all set to monetize your Adult Sites with one of the best ad networks described over here. Let’s do it! 

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Q.1 What are the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites?

There are multiple nominees in the countdown of the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites. So we bring here a few that are above the best.
1. 7Search PPC
2. Exoclick
3. JuicyAds
4. TrafficJunky
5. Adsterra
6. PopAds
7. AdXXX
8. PopCash
9. HillTopAds
10. PlugRush

Q.2 What are the Best Adult Ad Networks?

Best Adult Ad Networks leave no stone unturned to benefit Its Advertisers and Publishers every possible time. However, few of them that really hold the crown in this domain are-
1. 7Search PPC
2. Exoclick
3. Zeropark
4. Push House
5. TwinRed

Q.3 How to Monetize Adult Sites?

Best Ad Networks are one of the efficient ways to Monetize Adult Sites. However, you can also adopt other ways like Affiliate Marketing and Advertising to Monetize Adult Sites.

Q.4 Can you Monetize Adult Sites?

Every platform entertains its policies. Nevertheless, there are not fewer numbers that allow you to Monetize Adult Sites like 7SearchPPC. So the complete answer is, Yes!

Q.5 Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites are rare to find. Why?

Multiple names claim to be the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites. But very few are there that really mean it. 

7Search PPC, ExoClick, JuicyAds, Push House, and TwinRed are a few that make it to the Best Ad Networks to Monetize Adult Sites.

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Adsense Alternatives

Best Adsense Alternative

Top 5 Adsense Alternative

Adsense Alternative For Advertisers

Adsense Alternative For Publishers 

Adsense Alternative For Small Websites

Best Adult Ad Network

Best Porn Ads Ever

Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Site or Blog from Joe Roman's blogBest Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Site or Blog

Are you looking for the Best Google AdSense Alternative to help you monetize your website? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. There are many AdSense Alternatives for the new website. Let’s find out!

While AdSense is unquestionably the most well-known name in display advertising, it is by no means the only option. There are many Google AdSense competitors available in the market.

There are countless other services you can use to monetize your website, whether you are looking for a complete AdSense replacement or just another complementary advertising option.

AdSense is best suited for smaller sites or blogs, which is inconvenient if you want to grow or expand quickly. Getting approval to set up an account on Google AdSense is difficult. Aside from the difficult account approval process, Google AdSense does not offer a diverse range of ad types or customization options. Google considers a variety of other factors when determining whether or not your website is suitable for inclusion in the Google AdSense program.

If you do not want to use AdSense for whatever reason, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous Google AdSense alternatives to work with. Today, we will tell you some of the best Google AdSense alternatives, detailing everything you need to know about them so you can choose the best platform for you. It also includes AdSense Alternatives for low-traffic blogs or websites.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by displaying advertisements alongside your online content. It is a program that allows website publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve relevant text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements. These advertisements are managed, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can earn revenue by charging a fee per click or per impression.

The AdSense program differs in that it serves Google Adverts ads on your site. The ads that appear on your site are then compensated by Google based on user clicks or ad impressions, depending on the type of ad.

What is the Google Adsense alternative?

As the name suggests, Google AdSense alternatives are the alternative to Google AdSense. People usually look for ad networks better than AdSense because it is not easy to create an AdSense account and get approval. Some of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives are as follows:

  • 7SearchPPC
  • PropellerAds
  • Monumetric
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adsterra
Why Use an AdSense Alternative?

People who have trouble getting Google AdSense approval can go for an Adsense alternative. There are many different AdSense alternative programs that offer great features, allowing you to make additional income from your website. Top Adsense alternatives include sites like Bidvertiser, 7SearchPPC, Adsterra, etc.


Setting up takes only a few minutes; it supports all ad formats and has a seamless API integration. Adsterra is not recommended for publishers with low traffic. You will need a lot of traffic to realize its full potential.


7SearchPPC is a well-known pay-per-click advertising service provider which offers you benefits that have The best Adsense alternative for you is right here. Yes, it is none other than 7SearchPPC. It is a well-known pay-per-click advertising service provider which offers you benefits that have not been provided by Adsterra. It helps in providing an online advertising platform for advertisers and an AdSense alternative for publishers. They cater to many industries, including dating, porn, gambling, and others, making it easier to promote your business online. Here, you can get the market’s highest conversion rate for multiple payment options.

With the help of 7SearchPPC, advertisers can also expand their business fast and quickly. It is the Best Google AdSense Alternative for your business. 7SearchPPC provides many benefits such as:

  • Fast payout to the publishers
  • Multiple payment options for both advertisers and publishers
  • A referral bonus of 10% of your referred person’s income

Bidvertiser is another reputable ad network that specializes in helping publishers monetize their content. It monetizes your website through a variety of ad formats such as display banners, popunders, sliders, smart links, and programmatic ads.

Bidvertiser uses a bidding campaign system rather than automatically placing ads, Bidvertiser sells display ad space on your website to the highest-paying advertiser.

Consider which of these categories your blog falls into before actually trying Bidvertiser. If this bidding system works for you, you will appreciate Bidvertiser’s simple ad customization tool, no approval requirements, and payment for both clicks and conversions.

Users of Bidvertiser are paid monthly, with a minimum payout of $10 via PayPal. The Bidvertiser’s ad formats are all mobile-friendly and include the following: Native ads, banners, pop-unders, smart links, and sliders. is a major competitor to Google AdSense and one of the leaders in contextual advertising. It is a Yahoo and Bing contextual ad network used by bloggers and website owners worldwide. It can be considered the best Google AdSense alternative for bloggers as it provides many types of display ads and native ads for both desktop and mobile. These ads will pay you roughly the same as AdSense.’s targeting is accomplished through the use of keyword search terms. This technology adds to the highly contextual ads and encourages more clicks.

The most significant advantage of over Google AdSense is its high revenue per thousand impressions rate (RPM). Another significant advantage of is that it offers search results from the Yahoo and Bing networks. Furthermore, the platform gives you access to a client network, increasing your ad revenue and taking advantage of a rich search market.

In case you are looking for a service that compares to AdSense in terms of features, quality, and payout rate, is a good place to start. It is one of the highest-paying Google Adsense alternatives. PayPal’s minimum payout is $100, and payments are made monthly.

Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is a rapidly growing platform that provides monetization options for both new and old blog sites. It is well-known for its pop-under ads, which appear and load behind the current browser window when it is closed.

If pop-unders appear to be too aggressive for your blog, PropellerAds also offers non-targeted and targeted ad options for desktops, such as native ads, banner ads, and video ads. PropellerAds also supports mobile websites and applications, with a push notification ad type available.

PropellerAds is available to established sites, but it is also ideal for newer blogs. There is no minimum website traffic requirement, your account is activated immediately after creation. It can also be considered the best Adsense Alternatives for small websites. The payout threshold is as low as $5 via PayPal. These payments are made monthly.


BuySellAds differs from AdSense in that it does not display contextual ads automatically. You can instead list your ad inventory on the BuySellAds marketplace, where advertisers can purchase it directly. They offer ad formats, including banners, text ads, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and content sponsorships.

BuySellAds is extremely exclusive, which means in order to join, you must have at least 100,000 monthly page views. If you are capable of meeting this high standard, you will earn a 75% commission on each click. This is extremely competitive in the industry and far exceeds Google’s 62 percent commission rate per click. And the minimum payout with PayPal is only $20.


Monumetric is a blogger-focused ad network that prioritizes content creators and ensures that the ads that appear on your site are of high quality and relevant to your readers. They do this in part by speaking directly with their customers and making themselves available for help when needed.

Monumetric helps you make money by ensuring that your ad inventory is filled with the highest-paying CPM offers. It uses a cost-per-impression model rather than a cost-per-click model, which means you are paid when visitors see advertisements on your pages rather than when they click on them. While earnings from impressions are lower than earnings from clicks, Monumetric compensates with highly targeted ads.

While approval requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views, this is a lower threshold than certain other networks on this list and can be met by mid-sized blogs. Also, blogs with less than 80,000 monthly pageviews must pay a $99 setup fee.

The minimum payout from Monumetric is $10 via PayPal or direct deposit.


Taboola is one of the most popular alternative advertising platforms, with a 100% fill rate in any geographic location and a slew of fancy features like promoted product listings, in-feed units, customizable widgets, and much more. It helps you monetize your website by displaying article suggestions after your content.

Taboola can be used effectively in three places: Google’s ‘sponsored’ search area, social media and networking websites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like), and your personal website. Everything is managed through a central dashboard, but there is a minimum page view requirement of 500,000 to get started.


Adversal is a simple ad-serving platform that lets you create native ads in minutes. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to start, stop, and pause ad campaigns easily.

Adversal allows you to add native video ads, as well as display ads to your website or blog. A built-in tag management system filters ads and detects and prevents various types of fraud.

You must have at least 50,000 page views per month in order to open an Adversal account. Furthermore, in order to be eligible, your website must have its own domain name.


InfoLinks allows you to create effective video and banner ads. It is used by over 100,000 websites and blogs worldwide and operates in over 128 countries, including some of the world's leading brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, Netflix, and many more, making it extremely simple to monetize any website while maximizing engagement and not ruining its style. It is one of the highest-paying AdSense alternatives for your website.

There are different ad types to choose from, and they are also regularly updated, so you can be sure they are only displaying the most relevant and up-to-date content. All you have to do is to paste the HTML code into your website, and you are done!


Adcash supports almost all ad formats, ranging from standard display ads to more premium units such as pop-unders and in-stream video ads. Any ad unit can be easily placed and customized, and you can view real-time reports on ad performance via the admin panel.

Adcash operates on a pay-per-action basis. It accepts payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney. As a bonus, the $25 minimum payout is relatively low.


Skimlinks specializes in affiliate marketing, which distinguishes it from the other options on our list. It works by scanning your blog’s text for links to other websites. After a site visitor clicks on a link that takes them to one of the advertising partners of Skimlinks’, the link is converted into an affiliate link, and you receive a 75% commission. You also earn additional money when people buy products through your affiliate links.

Skimlinks is a great way for bloggers to monetize their text content without (or in addition to) display ads. Skimlinks has a very low $10 minimum payout. However, payments are only sent every 90 days.


Revcontent is a pioneer in native advertising, which is designed to complement the look and feel of your blog content. These ads are highly targeted to blend in with the pages of your website.

Revcontent also provides advertisements in other formats such as display, mobile, and video. The catch is that Revcontent is even more selective than Google AdSense. Your site must receive at least 50,000 monthly visitors and consistently produce valuable content in order to apply successfully. The publishers are paid on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout of $50.


RevenueHits emphasizes its advanced ad optimization tool, which learns from your ad performance and recommends the best places to place ads on your site.

Over 20,000 publishers worldwide use Revenuehits to make more money from their ad space. There is no minimum traffic requirement to begin using RevenueHits. However, it's important to note that RevenueHits ads are performance-based rather than cost-per-click. It means that visitors must click your ad and then complete specific actions on the advertised website for your blog to generate revenue.

RevenueHits makes payments every 30 days via PayPal and Payoneer. There is a minimum payout of $20.


PopCash, as the name suggests, is a popular popunder advertising network. These ads are aggressive, and they may or may not be appropriate for your website. However, if you are okay with the strategy, PopCash is one of the best ad platforms for this type of ad. PopCash provides quick approvals, daily payments, and low minimum payments of $10, so you can start earning money right away.

While the ads are popunders, PopCash has both internal and external monitoring processes in place to ensure that they are clean and malware-free.

The Best Google AdSense Alternative

So, these were some of the best AdSense alternatives for your websites. Each of these Alternatives has something to offer. 7SearchPPC is a good place to start if you are looking for something similar to AdSense. It can also be considered theBest Google AdSense Alternative. It can also be considered the Best AdSense alternative for websites.

Adsense Alternatives

Best Adsense Alternative

Top 5 Adsense Alternative

Adsense Alternative For Advertisers

Adsense Alternative For Publishers 

Adsense Alternative For Small Websites