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In a game that has so many cosmetic options and items, it’s hardly surprising that Rocket League trading is a pretty huge thing in the car-football title. In case you’re unfamiliar with the prospect, there are some sites out there that allow you to state what Rocket League Items you’re after, and what you’re willing to trade in order to get them. It’s a handy feature, so long as you can find people that are willing to swap with you.

What is Rocket League trading?

Rocket League trading is a feature that allows you to swap something from your inventory with another player. It’s a great way to get what you need, so long as you know how to bargain with your fellow traders.

How to Get Items

There are various ways to get Rocket League items. The easiest one is just to play the game. Every Rocket League season comes with unique challenges. Some of the challenges reward players with item orbs. You can open these orbs to obtain completely random items for your vehicle.

You can also take part in competitive tournaments hosted by Psyonix. The further you compete in a tournament the more tournament-credits you receive. You can trade these credits for items.

Trading your items with other players or buying them directly from a Rocket League trading website are also viable ways to get your hands on some rare items.

How to Trade on Rocket League on PS4

These are the steps for trading on Rocket League for the PS4.

Invite a player to your party.

Select the “Invite to Trade” option.

Come to an agreement for the trade.

Select the items you want to trade.

Accept the trade.

How to Trade on Rocket League on Split Screen

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to trade on split-screen Rocket League. This is particularly inconvenient for people using the same device to play. However, it’s possible to use a third player as a middleman.

The third player will temporarily hold the traded items and transfer them between the first two players. By following the process outlined above, this can be done. It’ll take a lot of time, but it’s the best solution.

Until Psyonix adds split-screen trading to the game, it’s not an option.

Third-party RL Trade, Buying and Selling APPS

Besides the RL garage trading guide we shared, if you aren’t one who enjoys doing research on mere skins, there are also trustworthy sites that do the trading for you. Notably, the best-looking interface of them all is the Rocket-League site, where you can do a quick search on specific buys and sells.

Other sites, such as RL Trades and RL Insider, are also on par when it comes to the interface and reliability. Hence, what we recommend would be to review various trade offers across these sites to find the best deal available. Along the way, you might just get a good overview of the item prices and perhaps predict them from a glance.

Trading in Rocket League is a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance. If you’re lucky, you might find someone who has the wheels or chassis that you want, and perhaps you have what they’re looking for too. You also earn credits if you offer something rare! That's all information, if you want to know more information, please visit https://www.igv.com/Rocket-League-items you can Buy Rocket League Credits from us. You orders will be fully prepared in a short time.

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