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In a game that has so many cosmetic options and items, it’s hardly surprising that Rocket League trading is a pretty huge thing in the car-football title. In case you’re unfamiliar with the prospect, there are some sites out there that allow you to state what Rocket League Items you’re after, and what you’re willing to trade in order to get them. It’s a handy feature, so long as you can find people that are willing to swap with you.

What is Rocket League trading?

Rocket League trading is a feature that allows you to swap something from your inventory with another player. It’s a great way to get what you need, so long as you know how to bargain with your fellow traders.

How to Get Items

There are various ways to get Rocket League items. The easiest one is just to play the game. Every Rocket League season comes with unique challenges. Some of the challenges reward players with item orbs. You can open these orbs to obtain completely random items for your vehicle.

You can also take part in competitive tournaments hosted by Psyonix. The further you compete in a tournament the more tournament-credits you receive. You can trade these credits for items.

Trading your items with other players or buying them directly from a Rocket League trading website are also viable ways to get your hands on some rare items.

How to Trade on Rocket League on PS4

These are the steps for trading on Rocket League for the PS4.

Invite a player to your party.

Select the “Invite to Trade” option.

Come to an agreement for the trade.

Select the items you want to trade.

Accept the trade.

How to Trade on Rocket League on Split Screen

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to trade on split-screen Rocket League. This is particularly inconvenient for people using the same device to play. However, it’s possible to use a third player as a middleman.

The third player will temporarily hold the traded items and transfer them between the first two players. By following the process outlined above, this can be done. It’ll take a lot of time, but it’s the best solution.

Until Psyonix adds split-screen trading to the game, it’s not an option.

Third-party RL Trade, Buying and Selling APPS

Besides the RL garage trading guide we shared, if you aren’t one who enjoys doing research on mere skins, there are also trustworthy sites that do the trading for you. Notably, the best-looking interface of them all is the Rocket-League site, where you can do a quick search on specific buys and sells.

Other sites, such as RL Trades and RL Insider, are also on par when it comes to the interface and reliability. Hence, what we recommend would be to review various trade offers across these sites to find the best deal available. Along the way, you might just get a good overview of the item prices and perhaps predict them from a glance.

Trading in Rocket League is a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance. If you’re lucky, you might find someone who has the wheels or chassis that you want, and perhaps you have what they’re looking for too. You also earn credits if you offer something rare! That's all information, if you want to know more information, please visit you can Buy Rocket League Credits from us. You orders will be fully prepared in a short time.

If you are looking for information on the Rocket League Season 9 Release Date then this article is for you. Are you someone who is interested in playing games that are different from mainstream games? Then you are in for a treat as we are going to talk about one such game that, being different from the mainstream ones, has made quite an impact on the gaming community in a good way. Here, we will be talking about none other than the Rocket league game and specifically about its upcoming season.

Season 9 release date

As for the release date of Rocket League Season 9, know that it is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7. So you only have a few more days to wait, during which you can try to achieve a better ranking, to unlock the Season 8 rewards.

When will a Season 9 trailer be revealed?

There definitely will be a season 9 trailer revealed by the developers of Rocket League; however, we do not know when this will happen. When a trailer goes live for Rocket League Season 9, we will show it right on this page.

Rocket League Season 9 Trailer

There is no denying the situation of whether we will have the season 9 trailer or not. There definitely will be one, and a season 9 trailer will soon be revealed by the developers of Rocket League; however, the exact time duration of the trailer is not known right now. However, you don’t need to worry as you will soon come across the trailer as the new season is about to get released.

Rocket Pass: New Tiers & Rewards

As always, one of the biggest changes will be the Rocket Pass, which will be updated with the launch of each new Rocket League Season. There will be a free Basic Pass again, as well as an enhanced Premium Rocket Pass – this one comes with additional tiers and rewards, but you have to purchase it using RL credits.

New Rocket Pass

The Emperor muscle car comes to Rocket League with four different versions. While the base car is available immediately with Rocket Pass Premium, working through the Tiers will unlock the upgraded Emperor II.

Two more Special Edition versions will be available in the Pro Tiers. Emperor II: Frozen brings chill vibes to your sweatiest matches, or you can light up the Arena with Emperor II: Scorched. All versions of Emperor will use the Breakout Hitbox and are available in Rocket Pass Premium.

After you’ve got the new car, you’ll need some Items to go with it. Fans of the Interstellar Decal will be starstruck by the constellation-inspired Constella Decal, while the fire and ice theme continues with two sets of Special Edition Wheels. Equip the Piercer: Crystalized Wheels to freeze out the competition, or slip into the Forerunner: Roasted Wheels for your next barn burner.

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Today we will explain how to get Rocket League Credits in Rocket League? Rocket League’s in-game cash enhances the pleasure of the game. This post will be very helpful to you if you want to learn how to increase your credit balance so you can improve your vehicle or purchase some amazing products. You will learn how to obtain credits in Rocket League for real money, for nothing, and by trading in this article.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released in July 2015 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports following later. In June 2016, 505 Games collaborated with Warner Bros to sell a physical retail version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What are Credits?

Credits are a currency in Rocket League that can be purchased from a player’s specific platform marketplace. The currency can also be earned from the Rocket Pass, Rocket League’s iteration of the modern-day Battle Pass. Credits are typically used to purchase items from the Item Shop or unlock Blueprints. Rocket League Credits are usually bought from the game’s official Item Shop where they come in sets of 500, 1100, 3000, and 6500 Credits. However, for those that want to get Credits that don’t come in those sets or just want a specific amount, they also have the option to avail the currency in marketplaces that specialize in dealing/trading in-game assets.

How to get credits for free

Thankfully, there are other methods in the game besides purchasing credits every time you need them. Players must purchase a Rocket Pass, but only once per season, to gain credits without buying them. To do it, follow these steps:

Navigate to Rocket Pass on the game’s main menu.

Then select Get Premium.

Upgrade for 1000 Credits ($10) by clicking on it.

The payment page will be displayed to players.

Choose a method of payment, then finish the transaction.

After purchasing the Rocket Pass, they can begin accumulating credits.

Players will receive credits for each game they play, plus more credits for each level up and victory.

Finally, buy rocket leagu credits

Credits are used to purchase neat cosmetics in Rocket League. This guide will help players learn how they Buy Rocket League Credits in the game. Players can also BUY Rocket League Credits from . It will provide cheap prices and fast delivery. You orders will be fully prepared in a short time.

If you are new players to Rocket League game and looking for the best way to improve in Rocket League and top the leaderboard, here are some easiest-to-learn Rocket League beginner tips to help new Rocket League players improve quickly. Large stock of cheap Rocket League Items are also available here on this website.

Understanding basic movement

Rocket League features some of the most satisfying movement mechanics in any driving game. Throughout your first few dozen games, you’ll start mastering jumping, turning, boosting, and dodging. Although these things can feel hard to control at first, with time and practice you’ll find yourself zipping around the field, dribbling the ball, and pulling off insane wall shots and ridiculous saves without even breaking a sweat.

Dodging can be accomplished by jumping in the air and then jumping again while pushing in any direction. You can dodge forward, backward, diagonally, and sideways. There are many uses for the various dodges. You can use the dodge to build speed and momentum by dodging in the same direction multiple times. Dodging can be used to shoot the ball and to pull off defensive saves. When combined with the other movement elements in the game, dodging provides nuanced and calculated ways to control your car.

If you jump twice without pushing your movement analog stick in any direction, you’ll perform a double jump instead of a dodge. These are useful in the early game for hitting the ball while it’s off the ground or for defending your goal. As you start to master Rocket League’s mechanics, double jumps become a launchpad for big aerial plays. While in the air, you can hold your air roll key to control your car’s orientation. When you do eventually learn how to aerial, this control in the air will help you master aerial shots.

Learning how to use your power slide early on is also a great idea. Power slides can help you turn around more quickly or make slight adjustments to your position when trying to the hit the ball. To use the power slide, simple hold the power slide input while turning.

Double Jumps, Flips, and Powerslides

Chances are you will have figured out that holding jump gives your car more height, and flicking the analog stick and jumping jets you forward. However, there are a few other handy tricks that can benefit you when all four wheels are off the ground. Hit jump again and you'll perform a double jump, which is particularly useful when defending. Jumping a second time and holding the analog stick in a particular direction will have the car perform a flip — perfect for gaining momentum when you're all out of boost.

Mastering the flip will also enable you to change direction at a moment's notice, which is ideal for when the run of play changes unexpectedly. When you're on the ground, powersliding is the best way to head back from where you came.


While it’s more fun to throw yourself into RL game after game, it’s more effective to spend time in Free Play and training packs when you want to improve your abilities.

While nothing can prepare you for real game scenarios, a player only gets so many chances to attempt a specific shot or save mid-game. In training, a player can brush-up on the essentials first so that, in a ranked game, you’re more capable and confident.

In Free Play, a player can hit the ball around the field to their heart’s content. This is great for new players who need to get used to controlling their car and the physics of the game.

There are three training scenarios built by Psyonix themselves. These are fundamental packs focusing on aerials (Aerial), defending (Goalie) and shooting (Striker). You should aim to complete all of these.

The Custom training zone is a library of training packs created by Psyonix and the RL community. Players can find “Featured” packs that are cycled regularly or “browse” for packs using training codes (as shown above). And, a player can even “Favorite” and “Create” their own.

Camera settings

Turn off camera-shake. This is a setting that adds more of an action-packed feeling into games. When players make a touch on the ball, the camera will shake to suggest there was a hard impact. This is unnecessary and should be disabled to help players stay focused on the game.

The default camera settings of Rocket League are tuned to make the game more action-packed. However, these camera settings make it much more difficult to keep track of surrounding—teammates, opponents, the ball and boost pads.

It’s also advisable to change the default camera settings to what is considered the standard by professionals now. These are the settings of Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant, a three-time RLCS World Champion and five-time European Regional Champion.

Rocket League Credits are used to purchase neat cosmetics in Rocket League. This guide will help players learn how they can earn credits in the game. In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about the items available within Rocket League. You just have to put in place the procedures outlined in this guide to get the Rocket League Credits . is a safe webiste to trading rocket league itmes, you can try.