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Change your price paradigm with ESL.

Price labelling days on paper have gone, but now everyone (retailer or wholesaler) is using Esl electronic shelf label which elaborate the price digitally on a data screen. This helps your customers and employees have up-to-date information at any time. With this ESL, you can save time and money on information changes, price changes, and displays of promotions and status messages.

ESL is for digital signage and typical applications are price labelling of products, signage of buildings, shelf locations and production processes. Data is transferred to the Electronic shelf label within a few seconds via WiFi.

ESL is a flexible solution for digital labelling and it is designed to increase efficiency, save time, multiply sales, and charm customers. Electronic shelf edge labels are cost-effective as they are more in demand and are a great way to differentiate your brand name from the competition, enhance your image, and give your logo to artwork a more up-scale, appealing look. You can buy ESL from Elabels, an Australian owned company that was formed as a result of extensive research and investigation into the changing nature of retail and warehouse technology as we move into the future.

Retail Electronic Shelf Labels

Our customers, retailers, and wholesalers have manufactured these shelves to help our customers, retailers, and wholesalers display the price digitally to their customers. The product pricing is automatically updated whenever a price is changed under the control of a central server. Electronic display modules are attached to the front of retail shelving.

The pros of electronic shelf labels are

·         Real-time in-store display

·         Information control and standardisation

·         Promotions and advertisements are displayed.

·         ROI and time savings

·         highest level of customer satisfaction and experience

·         Inventory management

·         Perishability management

·         Error reduction

·         Practicability

Electronic shelf labels offer numerous benefits to both consumers and store managers. With ESL, retailers now have the ability to dynamically update prices across their network at the touch of a button with 100% accuracy.

ESL Australia now provides retailers with a simple and cost-effective method of updating pricing on the shelf edge. It not only displays the price, but it also helps to reduce labour and printing costs involved in price changing.

Elabels is bringing a revolution in retail store technology which is designed to increase efficiency, save time, multiply sales, and charm customers. We aim to help retailers thrive with Electronic Price Labels and descriptors. We are the first ones to bring ESLs to Australia. It is a technology you can trust and a product you can vouch for. With this labeling, it is made easy. 


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