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Argan hair oil is one of the newest and greatest beauty solutions. It is widely marketed, recognized by stylists and loved by customers. This rare oil comes to us from the desert southwest of Morocco. In fact, Moroccan women, particularly the Berbers who live in this region, have been using argan oil for their skin, hair and nails for hundreds of years. Over the past decade, the growing awareness, popularity and demand for this product has had a major impact on the region.


What are the benefits of argan oil for hair?


This enriched oil contains vitamin E, omega 9, various fatty acids and antioxidants that have been shown to provide hair with the nutrients it needs for a silky and manageable texture. The oil, which has a light, non-greasy consistency, absorbs quickly into the hair to heal previous damage and protect the hair shaft from environmental damage and repeated heat styling. The oil locks in moisture and seals the cuticles for a smooth, frizzy look.


This nourishing oil has been compared by some to the very popular jojoba oil. Many have found it to be very beneficial on colored hair, and in fact it is credited with prolonging the life of color or other chemical treatments. It works best when applied to wet hair after  髮尾油shampooing and is also known to detangle hair. By adding argan hair oil to your beauty regimen, you're adding an organic substance touted as a miracle cure.


Where does argan oil come from?


Argan oil comes from the argan tree. It is a very hardy tree that can withstand the heat and drought conditions of the desert in this part of Morocco. This is the only place in the world where the tree is currently native and growing abundantly. It used to grow quite frequently in other parts of the African continent, but has disappeared in most other regions. This was largely due to demand for the tree as fuelwood, charcoal, and building material. In addition, cattle and goats that like to climb the trees have devastated some areas through overgrazing. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see these goats high in the trees, balancing on the unique twisted branches of the argan tree.


The tree is known for its slow growth and therefore takes many years to mature. Some programs have been started to reintroduce the argan tree in regions of Israel and Algeria.


How is the oil made?


Argan oil is extracted from the almond-shaped kernels or seeds inside the argan fruit. The production of the oil is a rather complex process. The fruit is a bit like an olive as it is green and fleshy on the outside. The argan fruit is larger than the olive and slightly rounder. Inside the fleshy fruit is a hard-shelled nut. This shell is broken open, often using large stones. Once it has broken open, the seeds are removed and left in the sun to dry. After drying, the kernels are pounded into a paste and then pressed to extract the oil. It is said that this traditional oil-making process takes 20 hours of labor to produce one liter of oil.


In addition to the traditional method of extracting oil, there are also methods that use machines or hydraulic and hand-held presses. Even in the Berber region, the process is being studied to see how best to increase production time.


What impact does this production have on this region of Morocco?


The popularity of argan hair oil, as well as the increased demand for the oil for cooking and other beauty products, has raised some concerns about the crop. Many wonder if it will have a negative impact on the environment and the argan trees themselves.


It appears that the growing demand is actually benefiting the region and the future of the trees. A local Berber women's cooperative oversees and produces the oil from the fruit and has launched a project to reforest the ecosystem. This allows the trees to be protected from deforestation or destruction, and the oil product represents a commodity that is currently helping the people of the region. Fair trade practices seem to exist to ensure people get a fair wage for their work and product.


The discovery of this Moroccan beauty secret is spreading to the rest of the world. And argan hair oil takes its place among many of the high-quality ingredients currently offered in products coming to market.


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