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When you work on one project for a long time, after a while you start to fall out of time and stop feeling it, this, as for me, shows how passionate you are about doing your job and how much you care, the same thing happens to me even with the bets dota 2, of course it’s completely different, this is my hobby, and my favorite, but my girlfriend doesn’t really like it, because I don’t devote much time to her when immersing myself in the cyber industry. But I tell him, "Baby, calm down, now a couple of minutes, I'll finish, and I'll be completely at your disposal," after which she calms down and everything is tip-top.
Every Friday the boys and I go to the bar after work, watch football, take mugs of beer, chips and dried fish, a real buzz, on top of that I also add overwatch league betting to everything, and then the evening starts to play with all its colors, I call it a real Friday when you can have a drink with friends and enjoy the evening.