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The cushion cut has bigger facets and rounder corners. Compared to other cuts, it has the most fire (bright flashes of colour in the rainbow). This cut comes in a variety of length-to-width ratios, from completely square to rectangular elongated cushion cuts to match any style. When used in the appropriate way, Cushion Cut Diamondcan also give a vintage appearance. Discover the ideal cushion cut diamond right now!

One of the most popular fancy cutsis the heart, and this custom hasn't changed in more over 600 years. Heart Diamondswere given as tokens of goodwill by royalty in the 15th century. Even Mary Queen of Scots once gifted Queen Elizabeth a diamond ringin the shape of a heart.

Type 2 A Diamonds is another brand that we are offerings to our Retail Customers. These brands usually contain the ancient diamonds that we used to find in the times of King and Queens. And due to the old and ancient Diamonds and Stones, it has a very limited supply in the Diamond Industry. These stones and diamonds are more expensive than the other stone and diamonds in the Diamond Industry. These types of diamonds are very rarest available in the market but we Shiv Shambu try to deliver these diamonds to our end consumers. For more Details Visit our Official Website.

When you are looking to buy $5000 Diamondsyou have come to the right place because Shiv Shambu brings to its customers an exclusive collection of Diamonds worth $5000. Shiv Shambunot only gives you Diamonds in your budget but also gives you complete information about 4Csand also gives you GIA Certified Diamonds. If you also want to make Diamonds your own then visit our online store where you will get a complete collection of Diamonds.

If you are looking to buy Diamond Ringsfor engagement then you are at the right place because Shiv Shambuhas brought for you Asscher cut diamond ring which is very beautiful and attractive to look at. Asscher cut engagement ringsare highly preferred by couples due to the curved edges of the Asscher Diamonds. For more details on Asscher cut engagement rings visit our online store.

The shape of the Princess cut dimondis square, this diamond is one of the most sought-after diamonds. Due to the ladder cut in this diamond, when the light passes through these diamonds, it gets scattered in all four directions. This diamond is also used to express love, so people prefer to wear these rings in proposal ringsas well. To get the best princess diamond to visit our online store.

The pear cutis also known as teardropor pen lock cut diamond. A pear diamond can also be called a round diamondbecause this diamond is oval in appearance. These diamonds are one of the most preferred diamonds to be worn in necklaces. Pear Diamonds Priceare one of the favorites in engagement rings, wedding rings, and proposal rings. These diamonds are very beautiful and shiny in appearance.

You can now choose from all diamond shapeslike Asscher, Emerald, Oval, Round, Marquiseand engagement rings, wedding rings, and proposal ringswithin a Diamond $10000budget. Diamond ringsare very beautiful to look at and attract people towards themselves so now make your look and your love more beautiful with diamond-studded accessories.

Shiv Shambualways tries to give its best to its customer and that is why Shiv Shambu brings to you an exclusive collection of Salt and Pepper Diamond pricewhich has black and white spots in the diamond. Customers can buy these diamonds at a low price as per their wish. These stones are GIA certified. For more information on Salt & Pepper Diamonds visits our online store.

Find round and fancy-shaped diamonds Diamonds Under $500that are beautiful and made to meet your budget. This collection's loose diamonds are all accompanied by GIA diamond grading reports. When looking through Shiv Shambu'sgreat assortment of diamonds under $500, prioritise cut grade above brilliance to stretch your dollar further without sacrificing brilliance.

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