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VS2 Diamondsare a popular choice among diamond buyers due to their high quality and affordability. These diamonds have small inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye, making them a great option for those who want a high quality diamond within their budget. To learn more about Very Slightly Included Diamonds (VS2 Diamonds) and find the right diamond for you, visit our online store.
If you're in search of diamonds, you've come to the right place. ShivShambuoffers an exclusive collection of VS1 Diamondsat the best prices in the market. Very Slightly Included diamonds (VS1)are a popular category of diamonds with minor inclusions that are only visible under 10x magnification. With their high clarity grade and stunning appearance, VSI diamonds are a perfect option for those seeking a high-quality diamondthat is within their budget. Visit our online storefor more information and to purchase your VSI diamond today.
If you're searching for diamonds, you've come to the right place. ShivShambuoffers an exclusive collection of VVS2 Diamondsat the best prices in the market. Very Very Slightly Included Diamonds (VVS2)are a popular category of diamonds due to their minor inclusions that are barely visible even under 10x magnification, making them rare and valuable. They offer a brilliant sparkle and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a stunning, high-quality diamond that is sure to impress, consider a VVS2 diamond. Visit our online storeto learn more and purchase your VVS2 diamond today.
Explore our beautiful collection of VVS1 Diamonds. Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1) diamonds are a rare and highly valued class of diamonds known for their exceptional clarity. These diamonds have microscopic inclusions that are barely visible under 10x magnification, making them incredibly sought after for their pristine appearance. To buy Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1) diamonds, visit our online store.
H Color Diamondsare part of the "near-colorless" grade, which ranges from G to J on the GIA grade scale. H-colored diamonds are a great choice for any engagement ring. Our store brings you H-color diamonds at the most reasonable prices in the market. ShivShambu gives you GIA-certified diamonds. To buy H color diamonds visit our online store.
Shop our selection of European cut diamonds. The European Cut Diamondsis one of the rarest diamonds. These diamonds are round in shape. European cut diamonds are widely preferred for ringsand other jewelry. ShivShambubrings to you an exclusive collection of European cut diamonds that are beautiful to look at and fabulous. ShivShambu offers you the best prices in the market for European diamonds. Visit our online storeto buy European Diamonds.
Explore our wide selection of Asscher cut diamonds. Asscher cut diamonds can be more expensive compared to other diamond shapes, but not necessarily the most expensive. The Asscher cut diamond is cut with 74 facets and is entirely squared, allowing light to be absorbed from every angle. It is highly popular for engagement rings. Visit our online store to purchase Asscher cut diamonds.
If you are looking for Diamonds then you are at the right place as Shivshambhu brings to you a special collection of Heart Cut Diamonds which are very beautiful and amazing to look at. Our store provides GIA certified Diamonds at best price from the market. To purchase heart cut diamonds and for more information, visit our online store.
Explore our collection of marquise cut diamonds. The marquise diamond is a classic and historic diamond shape. Marquise Cut Diamonds typically feature 58 facets, showcasing their brilliance. With their elongated and narrow shape, marquise diamonds create an illusion of larger size. Symbolically, one end of the marquise diamond represents internal strength while the other end represents external strength. Visit our online store for more details and to purchase marquise diamonds.
Pear Cut Diamonds, also known as teardrop and pendelok cut. Pear diamond is 15 to 20% cheaper than round diamond. The Pear diamond shares a similar shape to the oval diamond, but it features acorner that distinguish it from the oval diamond. Pear diamond is also very much liked for jewelry other than rings. For more information and to explore our exquisite diamond collection, visit our online store.
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