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It’s a rocket-propulsion-car-eat-car-world out there, and ranked play is now incredibly competitive. While you won’t be playing against hardened PS4 players on Switch, you could come up against some tough challengers on PC and Xbox One. The best tip Dunham can offer: watch what they do. Players should learn from opponents, and incorporate their skills."You’re seeing different techniques,” he explains. “There’s been this evolution over time as good players watch other good players compete, where they start adopting each other's techniques and styles to create a new style together.”

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Rocket League developer Psyonix recently announced a sponsorship deal with the WWE, and after that was inked, Woods found himself on the other end of the Cosmic show match. He revisited the game shortly beforehand to get prepared and learn a few sharp moves, including the half flip, but playing against pros is no small feat."Without that airborne strategy and being able, with pinpoint accuracy, to knock the ball out of the air from across the field into the goal, it is hard," he admits.

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Recovery is key in carball. You need to be able to get into position as fast as possible from any situation - flying into the back of one of the goals, for example. A lot of the time, the fastest way back out and into play is to boost through the bottom of the net, around the curve at the back, and onto the roof of the goal. 

If you keep your momentum going, you’ll actually have a large window to dodge once you fly out the front (upside-down, of course), allowing you to dodge in the direction you need to go to get back into position. Alternatively, you can jump off the roof and have your normal dodge - this is beneficial because you get to the ground quicker thanks to the jump sending you down.

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I’ve always wanted to shoot a Rocket League goal and scream “Here we go!” into the field! Now I get to somewhat live that dream in what looks like some awesome cross-promotional stuff. As Psyonix works their way toward putting Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, the company will be introducing three Nintendo-themed skins exclusive to the Switch version. These include two designed after the Super Mario Bros. (Mario & Luigi) and one designed to look like Samus from Metroid.
You can check out the full preview video below of what the cars will look like, but just from the preview alone, these look like awesome additions to the game and I kind of wish there was a full roster of characters to choose from, much like you would see in Mario Kart. Along with the fact that these cars are only in the Switch version, the skins will show up depending on the team you’re playing for. So the Mario and Samus versions will appear if you play for an Orange team, while Luigi will show up if you’re playing for a Blue team. The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League is set to hit sometime during the holidays this year.

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